Apple to unveil a new MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook at WWDC early next month

“Apple Inc. plans to announce an update to its laptop lineup at an annual conference for app developers in early June, a move that could help offset new competition from Microsoft Corp. as well as declining iPad sales,” Mark Gurman and Alex Webb report for Bloomberg.

“Apple is planning three new laptops, according to people familiar with the matter. The MacBook Pro will get a faster Kaby Lake processor from Intel Corp., said the people, who requested anonymity to discuss internal planning,” Gurman and Alex Webb report. “Apple is also working on a new version of the 12-inch MacBook with a faster Intel chip. The company has also considered updating the aging 13-inch MacBook Air with a new processor as sales of the laptop, Apple’s cheapest, remain surprisingly strong, one of the people said.”

“The updated MacBook Pro would look much the same as the latest model and mostly differ in internal architecture, one of the people said,” Gurman and Alex Webb report. “The planned upgrades wouldn’t mark a major step forward for Apple’s notebook lineup, but they will demonstrate the company’s dedication to a product that has been criticized by the Mac faithful over the past few years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is shaping up to be a blockbuster WWDC!

And, those new 12-inch MacBooks are likely going to find their way into our backpacks posthaste.


  1. I’m glad MDN is excited because many of us aren’t, not getting the Mac we want in our stocking. And will this new MBP address the problem of topping out at 16Gb RAM and no 32Gb option?

    1. The only reason the MBA sales are strong is because they’re the only MB under $1000. It’s a price point machine… sales would be stellar if they put a proper display on the machine.

  2. What?!?

    Apple is going to update the current MacBook Pro to a processor that has been shipping in quantity for ONLY MORE THAN FIVE MONTHS?!? Wow, everyone should surely be amazed! /s

    “…has been criticized by the Mac faithful over the past few years…” Yes, that will certainly continue.

    Much smaller companies can get their new, refreshed, updated systems out the door within a couple weeks, if not a couple days, of Intel shipping such chips in full quantities. Not so Apple — even for a simple update/refresh.

    Flogging will continue.

  3. Who cares. Candyass marginal upgrades, probably with even less utility so that Apple can ‘insult its best customers’. Read where they may be discontinuing the iPad mini too. So, no iPad mini, no Mac Pro, no Mac mini, no Airport, no Cinema Display. Maybe they will discontinue moron Cook.

  4. I would buy a seriously upgraded MBA, because I need some friggin’ ports. And I need a keyboard. I was never on board with iPad, as phones keep growing larger.

  5. Yawn. My MacBook needs replacing. In less than a year it has become unreliable. The always HORRIBLE keyboard responds to less and less keystrokes – I have been eying cheap Korean USB keyboards with actual key travel.

    But the screen goes blank every now and then when it’s tilted at a specific angle. I think. Who knows really – exceotvygst it’s mega bucks to get it fixed.

    The other drama is the single USB-c port. No maglev but I have tripped over that cable so many times. It pulls out without dragging the MacBook with it. But the connection has become unreliable. My 2TB backup drive disconnects if I look at the cable. That’s a big deal if you are doing a big backup to an encrypted drive. Sometimes my iPad says it is not charging when connected via apple’s dongle.

    It’s a bit over a year old. That’s really crap value for money in my book.

    It’s very pretty but it’s pretty useless as a work tool.

    And it’s my last Mac.

    1. You do know computers have warranty’s, correct? If you are having these kinds of issues with a $1,200+ machine, common sense would tell you to look into.

      Also, the new keyboard and single USB-C port were heavily promoted. Why would you spend so much money on a computer without researching these things? This sounds more like an issue on your end than Apple’s end.

      I’m not saying this to insult you or to be mean, it just seems strange that you haven’t investigated this further. In addition to my MacBook Pro, I use a Chromebook for work. Even though the Chromebook was only $200, I would have issues like you are seeing fixed if they arose.

    2. Awww… Sob. Sniff. You turning blue yet, microsoftian Russian troll?… So many whiners. I have my own frustrations, but I don’t make bitterness and misery a Way of Life… As if That would change the world.

  6. This is going to be the best WWDC ever!
    Tim Cook will be crowned the most innovative and spiritual CEO Apple ever had. Steve Who? It’s all Tim Cook.

    1. I hear ya Max! Let there be ports. Maybe Apple is paying attention to the deficiencies in its laptop lineup afterall.

      My 2013 11″ MBA is in need of replacement. 13″ is too big for me, but I think i could live with 12″. However, up to now, the 12″ ‘macbook’ has less processing power than my MBA, which is already strained by my needs. I guess i could live with a dongle or two, though i’d rather not.

  7. Hmmm… I dunno, in recent years Apple has never released hardware at their software developers’ conference. Love it if they did this year though – long overdue.

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