The Daily Express reviews Apple’s new iPad: ‘World’s greatest tablet just got more affordable’

“If your old iPad feels like it’s running out of steam or you are thinking of buying a tablet for the first time, Apple may have the ultimate answer,” David Snelling writes for The Daily Express. “The US technology firm has just launched an updated handheld computer that packs plenty of punch at a price that won’t give your credit card nightmares.”

“Simply called iPad, this new tablet lands in your hand at an affordable price but with all the features and quality design you’d expect from Apple,” Snelling writes. “For your money you get a stunning Retina display which packs an impressive 3.1 million pixels in to its 9.7-inch size.”

“Powering this latest iPad is Apple’s A9 processor which, despite being a few years old, still provides a slick performance. During our time with the new iPad we’ve found it to feature plenty of power for surfing the web and playing the latest apps,” Snelling writes. “his processor is also pretty efficient which means you’ll get around 10 hours of continuous usage without the battery running flat.”

Apple's new 9.7-inch iPad, starting at just $329
Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad, starting at just $329

“It may not have all the power and bonus features of an iPad Pro,” Snelling writes, “but at just £339 it’s really hard not to recommend.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Winner! This all-new iPad should also do wonders for Apple’s iPad unit sales.

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  1. Bought mine a couple weeks ago to replace my hugely disappointing 3rd Gen iPad. I’ve been very pleased at it’s performance. I think I’ll avoid doing iOS upgrades for a while though, that’s what killed my 3rd Gen’s performance and is causing my iPhone 6 to run somewhat like shit.vFor example – “Siri, open Key Ring” – 8-10 seconds later screen unlocks and app starts to launch. Lame.

    1. I have an iPad 3 too I desperately want to replace and went in to the Apple Store and played with the newer cheaper iPad (and was ready to buy) and while faster sure it didn’t slay me with lust & desire. So I didn’t buy. Bottom line is now I’m waiting to see the expected 10.5″ iPad Pro and see how that stacks up.

      1. Indeed thigh it’s still with me and working fine my 3rd generation took a big hit within a few months of purchase with its ivery first OS upgrade from which time each upgrade has been a bit of a roller coaster from almost unusable to gradual improvements, though the latest has actually improved its performance better than all but the one it came with so put off me getting a replacement this past year or so. So might go for this new one at the price but will wait for the Pro updates check them out against my current bank balance and decide then.

        1. I get a lot of weird & unfathomable Safari errors entering text from time to time which drives me bonkers, and other abnormalities. Don’t know why. When I checked into the new iPads I wasn’t overwhelmed by the speed difference hence the reason I’m waiting too for an iPad Pro 10.5″. I just hope its sometime this year. Once again Apple always seems a year behind (or more) desirable upgrading curves on anything besides the iPhone. Or maybe it just seems that way. Currently I’m flush and could buy an iPad Pro and 2018 Mac Pro, but they’re not for sale yet. D’Oh!

    2. I concur, iOS updates can slow down iOS devices significantly. I forget if three major upgrades is the limit of how far you can go before your iOS devices slows down to a crawl, or if that’s the one that makes them slow down to a crawl.

    3. The first iPad that I bought was the 3rd gen iPad, and it has been great. Yes, it was the heaviest 9.7″ iPad model ever made, as well as the thickest. But it continues to work well for me years after my purchase. And I have kept it upgraded to the latest iOS releases, too.

      I don’t know why you are disappointed, but I have received great value and utility from my iPad 3.

  2. The world’s greatest tablet has yet to be built. Pure hyperbole by the writer.

    I say that as an owner of an iPad Pro, a Windows 10 convertible, an Android Tablet and every generation of iPad from launch to the Air 2. Considering an iPad Pro princes higher than far more capable laptops or Windows 10 convertibles it needs a price cut or a spec upgrade.

    Other than the extra size and improved sound output the Pro has been a waste of money as an upgrade from the Air 2. The problems largely lie in self imposed limitations like keeping the file system off limits to users and the (still) not ready for Prime Time printer support.

    Apple is also selling apps that are going to not be supported with the next version of iOS. They should make developers upgrade them or pull them now.

    1. So you’re saying that of all the tablets that exist, none of them are the best? Wouldn’t one of them have to be, or at least a tie? If you’re saying there will be better ones in the future, well, yeah, but so what?

      1. The Android Tablet is mostly for the munchkins to play with when they are over- I would rather them trash a throwaway Android Tablet. I have a cheap convertible Windows 10 for similar usage.

        For all the Fanboi commentary, Windows has been improving and Mac OS has been getting creakier, less stable and S-L-O-W-E-R.

        My preference is a Mac, but Apple is steadily pushing me away from their products as they chase every shiny object other than their Mac customer base.

    2. To be fair the world’s greatest tablet of indeed anything is always in the future. You can only compare current iterations. Otherwise I agree with you how rediculous is it that you can’t even back up an iPad to an external hard disc without having to pay through the nose for a wireless or non standard type or other simple things you take for granted on a computer yet pay computer prices. Fact is Apple sat far too long on its laurels despite flogging this as the future and then when they saw competition rushed out a Pro model that’s little more than a re label of the existing concept. I thought they were supposed to think different not think like Microsoft did for 30 years and gloat over the cash mountain their short termism generated you guised it short term.

      And while I’m at it either improve the damn auto correct or at least let us tab forward or back spaces to make for easy manual correction when you can never quite insert with your selection in the correct space. It’s damn annoying having to delete whole words to retype them… Or restyle them as the auto check wanted to say.

      1. I’ve long said this, and your argument supports it. “Apple is your IT department”. They make the rules over you. Period.

        Now, I own Apple devices too, they are among many devices I own. Let me assure you, they would NEVER be the only one in their type of device that I own. Will not be beholden.

            1. Just because I’m paranoid does not mean I’m NOT being followed. Anyway, what does that have with the facts of the matter, do you think having TRUMP in your handle absolves you from facts?

    3. The ultimate tablet has not yet been built. But there is arguably a “best” tablet model at any given time in the history of tablets

      Refrain from hyperbole, DavGreg.

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