Ming-Chi Kuo says Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is great news for Apple’s iPhone 8

“Typically, when a company is on the verge of releasing a new product that is shaping up to be a smash hit, it’s bad news for the company’s rivals. The logic there seems fairly obvious,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “LG, for example, is in a world of hurt because its sleek new G6 flagship phone is about to be completely eclipsed by Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Interestingly, however, the world’s top insider issued a new report [from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo] on Wednesday morning that suggests the opposite will be true for Apple.”

“Kuo breaks down early reactions to the Galaxy S8, explaining that the response from consumers has been better than expected because of the device’s bezel-less design,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The analyst explains that the full-screen design has offset other concerns relating to the Galaxy S8, such as its rear-facing fingerprint sensor and the lack of a dual-camera.”

Miller reports, “All in all, KGI still predicts that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have a full-screen design, something that will accelerate its adoption.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Also, iPhone 8’s display won’t be flawed with red tint or Apple won’t accept them from the slavish copier.

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  1. Are most end users of iPhones really upset with having wide bezels? I wonder if analysts just have a tendency to make up things. All the people I know who have iPhones have never complained about the bezels. They’ve never said anything negative about there being a drawback to the TouchID button being on the front. Maybe they simply don’t have any other smartphone to compare it with. Most of the users thought it was necessary to have the bezels as it protected the display somewhat when dropped or there was circuitry or something under the bezels.

    I don’t know why analysts believe all consumers think the same way about these things. Many consumers simply accept things the way they are as being there for a purpose. I’m certain most of the users I know never thought bezels were a major hindrance in using a smartphone.

  2. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is not really all that relevant to Apple, either in terms of the iPhone 7/7+ or the upcoming iPhone 8. The vast majority of people who want an iPhone will purchase one, regardless, even if they have to wait for the iPhone 8.

    It is Samsung who is the slave to Apple’s performance. The only way for Samsung to gain significant ground on Apple is for Apple to make one of those big, flaming, exploding Samsung-esque mistakes. Until then, Samsung remains the “me-too” slavish smartphone copier that dreams of becoming the real thing.

    1. Only Samdroids give a flying fcsuk about the useless blimmin’ Samsung S8 and S8+ copies. Scamdingdong even copies the ‘plus’ designation of the larger device.

      It really is appalling – Samsung’s blatant IP theft and the samscum who buy the company’s shirty products.


  3. Yes, there is!
    In fact, it’s the culture of that whole country too. They stole Li-ion technology that was invented by Sony who once dominated the world, then made it a national project, pouring government money to foster the industry. Sam has the same mentality, but the problem is that when they copy, they do so in such a blatant and shameless way. And they somehow get away with it.
    They have little or no ability to create or innovate on their own. It’s really sickening. Is the day or reckoning approaching fast?

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