Beijing cyber regulators to summon Apple over live streaming apps

“Internet regulators in China’s capital plan to summon Apple to urge the American firm to tighten its checks on software applications available in its Apple Store, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday,” Matthew Miller and Catherine Cadell report for Reuters.

“The Beijing Cyberspace Administration, together with the Beijing Public Security Bureau and Beijing Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Team, has already met representatives from Apple about the examination of live streaming apps from its app store, Xinhua said,” Miller and Cadell report. “The Beijing Cyberspace Administration and the other two departments separately ordered three domestic live-streaming websites to rectify management loopholes, Xinhua said.”

Miller and Cadell report, “China’s fast-growing live-streaming market produced revenues of more than 30 billion yuan ($4.36 billion) last year, according to investment bank China Renaissance Securities, even as regulators have clamped down on sites that provide illegal content, including pornography.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.

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  1. Advanced technology will either bring down the communist Chinese government or, in the longer term, solidify its control over its populace. It may be a race against time as the Chinese government attempts to create their version of “1984”. My personal belief is that the massive unrest in China will lead to revolution in the next two decades as their economy collapses.

    1. Since the current leadership of the USA and a good part of the commenters here prefer one party rule and strong government interference in the market, it is just as likely that China will prosper and the rest of the world will tip even further into totalitarian leaning regimes in a pathetic effort to compete economically. Through systematic propaganda, the low knowledge voters will back the fascist strongman who promises to fix everything if you simply give him more power, as opposed to the candidate who wants modest reform to ensure all citizens have a voice — the inconvenience of a democratic system always looks uneconomical. So they crumble. Most democracies have already turned over most governance or electoral systems to unelected corporate entities already, supposedly because bloated multinational companies are more efficient. The only remaining step is to allow monopoly, which is happening by degrees. Feudalism is back in vogue, with CEOs instead of kings and Trumps instead of court jesters. The FCC, once looking out for the public but now dedicated to corporate profit maximization, has decided that telecoms can do whatever they want, competition or not. There are a million more examples of where consumerism to placate the plebians is deployed instead of proper government ensuring fair play by all participants. The casualties, as always, will be individuals and small businesses. The winners will be the consolidated corporate elites and their publicity branches, the political parties that enact their gerrymandering and misinformation campaigns.

      Its all happened before. And as usual, the deniers will say it can’t happen to me, not here. We’re exceptional. Just like Romans said 2 millennia ago.

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