Eight reasons to buy Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus over Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus for business

“No matter how many exciting and interesting Android smartphones I test, my SIM keeps finding its way back into the Apple iPhone 7 Plus on a regular basis,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet.


1. Operating system updates
2. Dual cameras
3. Responsive performance
4. 3D Touch
5. Free of bloatware
6. Local support
7. Front fingerprint scanner
8. iMessage

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MacDailyNews Take: If you want a less capable camera, fits of unresponsive performance, no 3D Touch, bloatware, no local support, a badly-placed fake Touch ID, a fake, incapable Siri, and no iMessage, get Samsung’s latest flagship iPhone knockoff.

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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  1. And don’t forget the Apple iPhone doesn’t have the unpopular and unpredictable exploding feature all beleaguered SamSplode phones have natively. No extra charge (except when it goes off)!

  2. Got to be more rational view than a previous attempt at ZDNet suggesting the opposite viewpoint including advantages, Bixby despite the fact it isn’t even available as yet, security (yes you heard it here first Android and security in the same breath) because it has a Retina scanner despite other reports complaining of its flaky performance oh and SamsungPay which again despite all the evidence to the contrary, is apparently more popular, widespread and yes again supposedly more secure than ApplePay. You couldn’t make this twaddle up, oh they did simply to gain your attention no doubt and then publish the exact opposite a few days later. Desperate for readers clearly.

    1. It’s not a Retina scanner, it is facial recognition. Haven’t heard about the flaky performance but it has been demonstrated that you can gain access with a photo of the user. I can’t imagine a scenario that would compel me to buy and use the latest ScamScum phone.

      1. Facial unlock (I suppose a lighter version of facial recognition) has been available in Android for at least 3 versions now. I wouldn’t consider it a ‘new’ tech for Android at this point, which lends credence to the “Retinal” scanning tech being somehow better than that which already exists for Android as a whole for a couple years.

  3. Why limit the choice only between the newest (and priciest) flagships of Apple and Samsung? If this is a comparison article for business markets, neither phone would be first choice of most businesses that are rather cost conscious.

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