Apple debuts new Apple Watch Series 2 television ad ‘Live Bright’ starring Olympian Michael Phelps

Apple has debuted a colorful, new 60-second television ad for Apple Watch Series 2 on U.S. broadcast and cable networks, set the the song “Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” by Beyoncé.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history. The American swimmer ended his career after his fifth Games, in Rio in 2016, where at the age of 31 he won a further five gold medals and a silver, taking his tally to 23 Olympic titles and 28 medals! A record unlikely to be beaten any time soon.

He also wears an Apple Watch Series 2 and, appropriately, uses Apple’s Breathe app.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: The world’s best and best-selling smartwatch, by far, is set to sell even more!

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  1. I’m all for ads, for pushing new stuff like the Watch

    but where the Mac ads?
    no even cheap web, social media marketing.
    Only Mac ad for years was the ‘bulb’ ad.
    There are dozens of Watch ads.

    Last quarter Macs made near twice the revenues of Watch, Apple TV, iPod, Beats, accessories like Airpods etc COMBINED (Apple financials ‘Other Products’ category)

    It also made more revenue than iPad, 7b vs 5b, and iPad has just got another bunch of ads.

    Some people say Mac is ‘fading’ and the ‘future is iOS’ but maybe it’s just because Apple is neglecting it? Msft. has moved 300-400 million Win 10 licenses and claim their target is 1 billion and Mac market share has dropped to 7%, maybe it’s time for Apple to get serious again with it’s SECOND LARGEST hardware money maker? Ads, hardware updates, Macs more inline with what users want etc…

    1. I smell desperation on Apple’s part. After bombing in the fashion circuit and the usual “it makes me more productive” pitches, Apple is now trying hard to convince people that an Apple Watch will make them healthier.

      IDC (I know, MDN hates shipment trackers, but it ain’t like you’re providing better data of your own) shows Apple Watch sales dipped 57% in Q4 2016.

      So obvioiusly Apple is pushing ads hard to get the Watch to take off. Apple’s $70 million investment in Angela isn’t paying any dividends, so they dumping millions into advertising health instead. After all, healthcare is a highly googled word these days, obese Americans must finally be ready to do something about their pathetic states of physical wellbeing. Except they aren’t. The health tracker fad came and went. Admit it, your awesome standup paddle board that was going to make you fit is gathering dust in the garage. Nobody likes the taste of kale and quinoa either. The flashbulb attention span of the American consumer is already onto the next fad, planning to buy another exercise bike with different size wheels this year perhaps.

      Like all the other fads, Apple falls short of showing why a $350 device is a value add to a nation that has untold millions in credit card debt from past diet & fitness fads.

      Like any other, this celebrity endorsement feels cheap. Phelps was an awesome swimmer who didn’t use an Apple Watch for any of his training. He endorses Omega Seamaster watches too.

      Are we supposed to get an Omega for one wrist and an Apple for the other? Would that make us all twice as fit?

      If Apple wants a slice of the $1.7 trillion healthcare market in the USA, it’s going to have to deliver something better than these pathetic ads.

        1. As a swimmer, I would expect swimming functionality if Apple chooses to use an olympic swimmer to endorse the product. But the celebrity doesn’t use the Apple Watch, and objective assessment of the Apple Watch shows that it just doesn’t work well for swimming fitness tracking at all.

          But that won’t stop the Apple fashion police from insisting that it’s a required part of your wardrobe. Thanks for explaining how Apple is serving a market need with its latest bauble, Seanchano.

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