Julian Assange says WikiLeaks will share CIA hacking tools with tech companies

“WikiLeaks will provide technology companies with exclusive access to CIA hacking tools that it possesses, to allow them to patch software flaws, founder Julian Assange said on Thursday,” Dustin Volz and Eric Auchard report for Reuters.

“The anti-secrecy group published documents on Tuesday describing secret Central Intelligence Agency hacking tools and snippets of computer code. It did not publish the full programs that would be needed to actually conduct cyber exploits against phones, computers and Internet-connected televisions,” Volz and Auchard report. “‘Considering what we think is the best way to proceed and hearing these calls from some of the manufacturers, we have decided to work with them to give them some exclusive access to the additional technical details that we have so that the fixes can be developed and pushed out, so people can be secure,’ Assange said during a press conference broadcast via Facebook Live.”

“WikiLeaks’ publication of the documents reignited a debate about whether U.S. intelligence agencies should hoard serious cyber security vulnerabilities rather than share them with the public,” Volz and Auchard report. “President Donald Trump believed changes were needed to safeguard secrets at the CIA, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told a news briefing on Thursday. ‘He believes that the systems at the CIA are outdated and need to be updated.'”

“Two U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials told Reuters on Wednesday that intelligence agencies have been aware since the end of last year of a breach at the CIA, which led to WikiLeaks releasing thousands of pages of information,” Volz and Auchard report. “The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said contractors likely breached security and handed over the documents to WikiLeaks. The CIA has declined to comment on the authenticity of the documents leaked, but the officials said they believed the pages about hacking techniques used between 2013 and 2016 were authentic.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Excellent. This would obviously help to protect innocent users from getting hit by a barrage of zero day exploits.

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  1. Great article, you go and share that stuff Assange, it’s the moral high road to defend against those that are clearly not a bastion of truth and integrity and a threat to the free and civilized world.

    1. The moral high road has always had the hazard that the slightest navigational mistake can make you plummet to the low road. You can get hurt. Smarter travellers start out on the low road. They can work their way up the slope when it’s safe, and may even become the leader of the Queen’s Navy.

      1. The ting about taking the plummet to the low road is that it can be counterbalanced by dusting yourself off and getting back on the right path, as opposed to taking it out on others, and taking the path back to the cave fear.

        Looks like a beautiful weekend coming up.

  2. Julian Asante is a scumbag, disguised by reining transparency on anyone other then himself. He is an enemy of the state,and his virtues should not be extolled because he steals state secrets. He is not one of the good guys. Where is Putin’s transparency or Trumps. He is using Wikileaks to try to destroy us and needs to be brought down as the weasle he is.

    1. OK Michael,

      You don’t know shit how Wikileaks works. You should read instead of write.

      Your paranoia is the result of listening to too much poor TV.

      Stay in your mom’s basement!

      And, most of all, stay in school!

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