Spotify hits 50 million paid subscribers

“Spotify is continuing to persuade music fans to hand over cold, hard cash in exchange for access to a massive library of tracks,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends.

“The streaming giant on Thursday revealed it now has 50 million paying subscribers, an increase of 10 million in five months,” Mogg reports. “Spotify announced the news in a short and sweet tweet thanking its growing army of paying subscribers for their loyalty.”

The “Apple Music streaming service, which launched in June 2015, reached 20 million paying subscribers toward the end of last year,” Mogg reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Don’t worry, Eddy Cue is on the case. Just wait until Planet of the Apps debuts! (smirk)

Note also that this week, Apple hired Steve Savoca, formerly VP of content at Spotify, to head up Apple’s NYC label-relations.

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  1. And Apple after $3 Billion, plus cleaning up the recall of defective Pills, plus giving away 3 month subscriptions to anyone with a pulse, plus endless promotion and hiring DJs to host a radio station nobody listens to is still sucking hind tit.

    Like I said earlier this week:
    I Googled ‘Overpaid Clueless Motherfucker’ and Eddie Cue popped up. If you push the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button you get a picture of Iovine, Dre, Cue and Cook.

  2. I don’t get Spotify. For the same price or less, Apple and Google Play Music upload your stored music as well as having access to everything else. I guess this appeals to people who’ve never owned a CD, bought music, or built years of playlists.

  3. Spotify is a dead man walking. They keep inflating their “paid” stats with customers who either get subscriptions free with phone service or pay discounted rates as little as one dollar a month. They aren’t anywhere close to being profitable and they have no clear path to get there other than to inflate their numbers and hope they get bought out by Google.

  4. An Apple Music trial nuked the metadata on my 13 year, 11,000 track iTunes collection. I had iTunes iCloud and match off but my album art started being replaced and more.

    Once I saw that Eddie Cue said the focus of Apple Music is hip hop, I immediately got a Spotify Premium family account. It’s like crack.

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