Analyst: Apple will win an Oscar within the next five years

“Apple hasn’t even released an original program yet, but analysts are already speculating about when the company will bring an Oscar back to its Cupertino headquarters,” Emily Bary reports for Barron’s. “‘We think Apple will win an Oscar in the next five years,’ wrote Andrew Murphy, a former Piper Jaffray analyst who now works at venture capital firm Loup Ventures.”

“Apple is finally wading into original content and plans to come out with two shows in the spring. These shows are nothing special and most likely not particularly expensive,” Bary reports. “The company hasn’t even gotten started on movies yet.”

“But Murphy expects that Apple will ramp up its content spending in the next few years in hopes of being competitive with Netflix and Amazon,” Bary reports. “Netflix may spend $7 billion on content in 2017, Murphy estimates, and that number could reach $10 billion in five years. He expects Apple to spend $5 billion to $7 billion on programming five years from now, up from less than $200 million today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mighty oaks from little acorns grow – especially when steeped in manure as potent as Planet of the Apps.

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    1. Obviously the author knows nothing about the motion picture industry. The time from concept to theater ready content of an Oscar worthy film is greater than 5 years. IF Apple produced isn Oscar quality film, it wouldn’t happen for at least 8 years.

      Any Apple produces will go directly to iTunes as pay per view, available on your iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. Apple TV will play to 60″ UHD 3D televisions. This model will cut several middle me allowing Apple to keep all of a guesstimated #15 per view charge, while reaching a much larger market when the its convenient for the viewer. Oscar quality content may be released to theaters in order to generate quick interest and meet award criteria. After the first couple of such releases I see Apple eschewing theaters entirely.

      1. Yes considering development time of projects, the right project, pre-production, principal photography, post production and the requirement to show in a theater before the end of an eligible year. What will the motion picture Academy do when and if theaters become relics? There already is a television academy. 4K home systems and even HD home systems, cheaper snacks, no crowds, less sticky floors, crappy projection, shrinking theater-to-downloads-&-discs time are giving people less of a reason to visit their local Bijou. IMAX and other temptations notwithstanding. Unfortunately 3D seems to be vanishing from new sets from manufacturers looking to newer technologies like HDR instead. Which is not even the same thing or tradeoff!

    1. Now, Now… We are talking Apple here. So, the “Oscars” in five years, with the help of Apple, might be supplanted with Artificial Intelligence versus the no intelligence we put up with now.

  1. Hahahaha. Apple can do anything that it has zero expertise at (big eye roll). They can’t even get iOS to play nice with OS X, build a decent Apple TV, or even make iTunes better. Oh I forgot, the new type of Einsteins at Apple think that they can wave around a stick with a star on the end of it and people will tremendously overpay for it. Apple better smarten up and fast. Amazon is coming hard out of nowhere and suddenly could become a force to reckon with. At the very least, they’ll have their oscar light years ahead of Apple.

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