Apple on track to become first ever $1 trillion company

“Apple’s market cap is surprisingly only 40% away or so from reaching $1 trillion,” Brian Sozzi writes for “Don’t laugh, the milestone could very well happen.”

“Shares of the tech giant have been on a tear lately amid expectations for a blowout iPhone 8 unveiling, which is expected later this year,” Sozzi writes. “Also helping power the stock was a solid holiday quarter and expectations around President Trump enacting a tax holiday, which would be great for Apple as it holds more than $246 billion in cash overseas. Some of that repatriated cash could be used for sweeter dividends and stock buybacks. ”

But first, Sozzi writes, “Several things need to happen before Apple’s market cap can reach $1 trillion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we’ve heard this one before.

Could the next-gen tenth anniversary iPhone and Apple’s burgeoning Services business finally power Apple’s value to $1 trillion?

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  1. And they’ve done this on the back of the iPhone and iPads. Macs have been ignored. Especially the Pro Mac. The Apple TV has been ignored. How long can this continue?

    1. I would think it would be easy for Apple to build an awesome Mac Pro if they really wanted to. The technology is readily available. Look at all the Intel gaming motherboards that came about in recent months. Is it that Apple can’t contract a motherboard company to help build the most powerful Mac Pro ever? How hard could it be. It just seems as though Apple doesn’t care about that stuff anymore.

      None of us know for sure what Apple is interested in besides iPhones and services. It’s just a huge unknown. Thinking Apple CAN’T do more if it wanted to really doesn’t make any sense. If they can build a device like an iPhone, a world-class Mac Pro should be a piece of cake.

    1. ” It also tells how much they milked us.”

      Referring to yourself as a fat, stupid cow that could be milked, seems to be a bit harsh. Perhaps utter-ly true in your case.

      1. Well, stupid or not, when a company takes majority of the profit share in the industry with much smaller market share, that shows they are running wild for pursuing profit. Where is that profit (majority of it) coming from? Well, it’s us, iPhone buying consumers. I love Apple but not the current management. Forget about rainbow movement or other political statements. But have a vision of where Apple should be going, rather than making frantic effort to pursue maximum profit. Tim (id) Cook is not an engineer but a bean counter. Steve Jobs was a technical person, always seeing something occurring ahead of him, thus creating NeXT, Pixer, and involvement in Disney etc. He said this “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. He knew what to show us, and created it. He was seeing where a hockey pack was going, not where it was. Phone market is hitting plateau now, but we keep hearing that Apple has a surprise in their sleeve for quite some time. Well, show us the money. I say this because I love Apple and want them returning to their roots, a visionary and exciting company.

        1. “that shows they are running wild for pursuing profit”
          No, it REALLY means they’re running a profitable business. There are folks that wish they’d sell stuff at cost or at a loss, but that’s not usually good business sense. If you make sure that everything you make is profitable enough to sustain its development, this is where you eventually end up. It’s not hard for them to make the most profit when al the competition is focused on lower and lower costs, squeezing out their profits completely.

          Part of it is with Apple is doing right, the other huge part of it is what the entire rest of the industry is doing wrong.

          1. Yes, running a profitable business (skill/good practices), but Apple has long, a decade plus, been at the top of the list in respect to customer satisfaction. Yes, costs a bit more, but you get what you….

          2. What are you complaining about, KenT?

            For a start – other seeminglly comparable phones have a cost like the iPhone. So there is NO possible sane complaint of anything like, “Apple charges double compared to other companies for the same thing.”

            And analysis and surveys show over and over that:
            – Apple’s customer satisfaction is highest
            – And the whole eco-system is markedly superior to anything else.

            So no “running wild for pursuing profit”. Just offering a superior product at at comparable price — which, therefore, captures almost all the higher end of the market.

            1. “What are you complaining about, KenT?”

              Don’t you realize that I was sarcastically teasing (and yes, partly condemning) Apple? Don’t get too serious.

          1. Hahaha, thank you for pointing these out. I immediately became aware of “pack” thing but could not edit it. Well I am too lazy. I am not a native speaker and hope you will forgive me a bit, LOL. PC gamer? Absolutely not :-). I am not any kind of gamer at all. I have been using Apple products for more than a quarter century but lately, certain things strated bothering me.

    2. “One trick pony”

      I don’t think you know that means? A one trick pony is something that can and has ONLY done one trick. Apple has been around for 40 years and has had many “tricks”. The IPhone is currently their largest trick, but by no means is it their only. They sold more Macs then THEY EVER HAVE. They sell more smart watches than any other company on the planet. They sold 3 times as many iPads as they did Macs. Their services business jumped to over $7 billion.

      If you feel like you were milked, then that’s your fault for letting them jerk you off. Stop your whining and go get a cheap P(o)C and an Android “smart” phone. You’ll be much happier letting them rape you of your time and privacy.

  2. Only 40% away from becoming the first $1T company? When have I heard this nonsense before. Oh, yeah, back in 2015 when Apple was worth about $755B supposedly on track to reach $1T in market cap and then suddenly collapsed into a heap for two long years.

    Listening to this sort of crap sickens me. If Apple had a P/E like most tech companies, it would have happened long ago, but knowing how stingy Wall Street is with Apple I wouldn’t count on Apple reaching that figure. Without a large acquisition and its lone dependency on the iPhone for revenue, it’s going to be very hard to attract big investors who see more value in companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, Alphabet, Priceline, Intuitive Research and the list goes on. The big investors can move any of those other companies easier than they can move Apple. Most of those companies don’t need the revenue Apple does to move higher. Elon Musk only needs to flash his smile. Jeff Bezos only has to ask his filthy-rich friends to push his stock up higher daily, no matter what.

    Apple has nothing but increased revenue and profits to move the stock higher and that is going to keep the P/E rather low. Apple has no dynamic CEO to make miracles. No miracles are said to be coming from Apple’s pipeline so there’s no huge pot of gold at the end of Apple’s rainbow like those other stocks have. If Apple had at least gotten into the cloud business like Microsoft, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. had, Apple might have gotten a bit of a free pass based on the supposed unlimited revenue potential Wall Street keeps praising those companies for. Instead, Microsoft has a P/E of 30 while Apple will struggle to hold a P/E of 16. Forget Amazon with its P/E of 170. Wall Street’s biggest investors believe that’s Amazon’s perfectly natural state of value. Crazy stuff.

    As it is, there’s no $1T market cap to look forward to. Apple can easily collapse just like it did before with stories of Apple’s lack of innovation in daily headlines meant to scare off potential investors. Microsoft’s total mobile collapse didn’t even matter to investors because of the Azure cloud business. However, if an iPhone collapse is mentioned, Apple can’t fall back on anything else to hold up the stock value.

    1. “like most tech companies”

      Most REAL tech companies are about where Apple is right now. You’re talking about Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Hardly “tech” companies. Two of those are advertising companies and the other is retail.

      Microsoft’s mobile collapse didn’t matter because it was never that big to begin with. Microsoft remained as it was because of Windows and Office, not Azure. They have what’s called a monopoly in those two products which is very difficult to topple.

      The iPhone is not going to collapse anytime soon and thinking it will is just ignorant.

      1. “Most REAL tech companies are about where Apple is right now. You’re talking about Amazon, Google, and Facebook.”.
        Amazingly, to my surprise, most of the comments could not differentiate among those companies, comparing Orange to Apple. Each of them has different business models. Google, Facebook revenues are depended on advertisings, Amazon is a E-commerce, retail company which sales on kind of products online. Apple is a different company selling computer products.

    2. Tesla is one trick pony, depends so much on cars. Google, Facebook depends so much on ads. Amazon is E-commerce selling all kind of products online. What is an outstanding products that consumers could buy from Microsoft?.
      Anyone who doesn’t like Apple as a company should invest with Google, Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft and stop trolling Apple. No-one forced you to invest with Apple. We have had enough of constantly bashing Apple day in and day out.

  3. …only 40% away or so from reaching $1 trillion

    Shut up please Brian Sozzi who writes for There are real concerns about Apple’s future. Going gaga over this ridiculous long shot goal is a total waste of time and consideration. What are we supposed to do IF this long shot happens? Have a collective orgasm of ‘GEE WHIZ!’?

    Back to the real world please…

    1. “There are real concerns about Apple’s future.”

      Totally agree. Apple is rapidly losing, or have already lost, once dominant market such as education and graphic etc. They were achieving their long time dream of beating PC, and was making M$ concerned. Apple now is running madly to maximize iPhone profit, which is important but they have earned cash to re-invest. Don’t sit on it but be more forward-looking. Otherwise, as soon as this phone craze starts going down, so does Apple’s fortune.
      M$ for example, with much more able and visionary CEO now, have been making shrewd moves.

  4. Because the the current management, I believe Apple is in the “harvesting” phase of a companies life. Unless something really happens in the way of innovation and being more than a phone company, this is just where they will stay until decline happens.

  5. I’m still waiting for a wrist curved, thin watch that doesn’t look like a bulky square iPod chocolate smore on the wrist. Tried it on when they came out, and tried it on again this weekend. It’s just a terrible form factor compared to normal Apple design and Steve would’ve heaved it across the room.
    It’s not the guts, its the thick form factor.

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