How to keep your Mac efficient and well maintained

“Macs, like any machine, are prone to break down eventually,” Rahul Saigal writes for Envato Tuts+. “With continuous use, its efficiency can degrade and the machine may start behaving erratically.”

“This may be a failing physical component such as a logic board, RAM, or an internal fan,” Saigal writes. “Files may no longer open due to errors in filesystem, search may become slower or irrelevant, apps may start misbehaving and more.”

“You can minimise both the number and the severity of problems with a maintenance regime,” Saigal writes. “This tutorial shows you the maintenance steps to follow to keep a Mac efficient and well maintained. Consider these instructions as a set of guidelines to determine your own maintenance regime.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A little bit of maintenance goes a long way on a Mac!


  1. These articles are nearly always clickbait, especially when one of their recommendations is, “Remove Apps, Junk and Unneeded Files.”

    Files sitting unused in storage don’t cause any harm or slowdown to a computer. They sit there, taking space, nothing more.

  2. I was dealing with way too frequent spinning beach balls. I did all the maintenance tricks and substantially added RAM.

    Finally some bits must have been dropped and it no longer would make a usable internet connection.

    So I made sure my time machine was current and backed up, wiped the hard drive, and reinstalled MacOS. After a time machine restore, my old Mac has regained it’s youthful vigor.

    1. Hmm. Gotta agree. Problem is reinstalling all those apps and settings is a pain in the ass.
      I recently did that with my iPhone. Fortunately, if you back up using the encrypted settings, restoring after wiping the phone brought it back almost identically.
      Not sure if Time Machine would get it right to that level.

    2. My Mac mini needs mouth-to-mouth and I’m soon to have a funeral for my iPad 2. For both, I dream of shiny & new…esp something to live on in place of the mini. May this yr contain more than a grand iPh introduction.

  3. It would be a lot better if Apple made user serviceable Macs instead of throwaway junk.

    A Mac Pro Tower user can swap out a Graphics Card, add eSATA or USB 3, add memory or a sound card in less than 5 minutes.
    You can order an upgrade kit from OWC and swap out the CPU as a unit by sliding out the old tray and replacing it with the new one.
    Also in about 5 minutes.

    Try that with Jony’s Trashcan, an iMac or any Apple laptop.

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