Apple files for entertainment-related trademarks for new Apple Music TV programming

“We first learned about Dr. Dre’s Vital Signs series last February,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “Yesterday Apple filed for two entertainment-based trademarks in London, England.”

“The first trademark covers ‘Planet of the Apps’ which Apple describes as ‘an ongoing Reality based TV Program,'” Purcher reports. “The second trademark covers ‘Vital Signs’ which Apple describes as ‘an ongoing series featuring drama.'”

Purcher reports, “Apple is preparing to expand their Apple Music subscription service later this year that will include a TV element to it.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As per “Vital Signs,” no thanks due to Dr. Dre’s past abuse of women.

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  1. This seems just weak. If Apple is going to fiddle around with original content, they need to kick ass with something like Game of Thrones or House of Cards. I’d settle for something like Firefly.

    1. Related to this pursuit of content creation, Mr. Jimmy Iovine (1 of 2 Beats) recently stated, “We’re going to do whatever hits popular culture smack on the nose.” What the hail does that mean? To me it speaks of sensationalism and calling it real content…at the expense of something with real cultural meaning, statement, or substance. Sounds like Think Same, not Think Different. General speaking, our pop culture is vapid and more of same isn’t needed.

      1. Tim Cook brought Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre onboard hoping to spike a drab Apple culture with a dose of irreverence missing since Steve Jobs departed. It has turned into irrelevance, I’m afraid. Peddling pop culture was never Apple’s thing. Inventing it was.

        1. Herself: Your last sentence says what I should have said. Also, Irreverence attracts (so does sh_t), but doesn’t endure. Irreverence easily/quickly morphs into irrelevance.

  2. I don’t give Apple a chance of succeeding if they think “going Hollywood” is the future of Apple.

    I remember the Seagram’s heir, Edgar Bronfman, Jr., who thought he could expand the fortune of the family by pouring funds into movies. Didn’t work.

    Out of hundreds of movies made each year, a handful make serious money.

    I’m detecting an “heir” of unreality about the stories coming out of Apple these days. If Cook thinks Apple can succeed in movies, I think it is time for the board to find a new CEO.

    1. Agree with you a 100% BO. Cook lacks the vision and charisma to lead apple. He doesn’t have the fire to be an Apple CEO. The board should replace Cook before too much damage is done. I would like a visionary, energetic, and bold CEO like Elon Musk to lead apple.
      Look at how embarrassingly dumb Siri is. Despite being the first AI, Siri is falling behind. Siri has the potential to make the iPhone a dumb phone.

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