Foxconn-Sharp considering LCD plant in USA, plans in response to President-elect Trump’s ‘Make in America’ call

“Hon Hai Precision Industry and its Japanese subsidiary Sharp have begun studying the possibility of building a liquid crystal display panel plant in the U.S., a Sharp executive said Friday,” Jun Iiyama reports for Nikke Asian Review. “The plan is ‘on the table,’ the executive said.”

“The Taiwanese electronics contract manufacturer, also known as Foxconn, and its Japanese alliance partner SoftBank Group reportedly told Donald Trump they would jointly make significant investments creating new jobs in the U.S. when SoftBank Chairman Masayoshi Son met the President-elect in New York last month,” Iiyama reports. “With Trump urging American manufacturers to bring operations back to the U.S., Hon Hai is considering production in the U.S. due to its huge market for TVs and other home appliances.”

“Details of the possible new U.S. plant, including the amount of investment and the date for the launch of operations, have yet to be decided. But people familiar with the plan said approximately the same amount may be spent on the U.S. project as it would entail the construction of a similar facility to to the one in Guangzhou [1 trillion yen ($8.69 billion)],” Iiyama reports. “Hon Hai, a major producer for Apple, is also considering iPhone production to the U.S.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. President-elect Donald Trump accomplishes more every eight days than the Obama failure did in eight years.

      6 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes until this long national nightmare is finally over!

      1. Says you. Perhaps you overlooked the record streak of employment gains, the reduction in federal employees, and the record business earnings?

        Everyone I know from every political corner is doing far better today than they were when Obama took office. I’ll take slow stable growth any day over the unpredictable turbulence fueled by a fact-free egomaniac’s tweets. Trump hasn’t done anything yet. The business community is just holding its breath waiting for the isolationist policies to destroy their profitability.

        1. Worst jobs president ever.
          Most new jobs were part-time jobs.
          Most new jobs (58%) were lower wage.
          301,000 manufacturing jobs lost since Obama took office.
          Young Americans living at home at rates not seen since 1940.
          94 million jobless Americans.
          Doubled federal debt.

          1. Nice try, Duane.

            But you have to understand little Mikey is not interested in facts. Only dogma talking points with a skewed half-truth reality.

            For example, yesterday Obama proclaimed that Biden was the greatest VP in history. Ah, huh. And pigs fly … 😂

    2. Exactly! Obama works harder for foreign dictators than he does for US workers.
      Trump is showing how it’s done. Obama is becoming more and more of an idiot dooosh bag by the minute — and I thought Obama had already achieved maximum dooosh bagginess.

      1. What profound insights Duane. Precisely what has Obama done to earn your amateurish label? What has Trump done — as opposed to take credit for, there is a difference — to earn your endorsement?

        Technology and wage disparity has displaced workers since time began. The only thing Trump can do is talk about it. Businesses are going to do whatever is most profitable, no matter what Trump tweets today.

        1. Perfect example: Carrier.
          Obama was asked specifically about these jobs going to Mexicao and he said there was nothing he could do.
          Trump saved 1000 of them.

          Obama didn’t even try. He was too damn busy golfing.
          Obama is the grand master dooosh bag.

          1. I read that the Carrier situation is far from over.

            I also think this is another example of corporations negotiating special tax deals with states. Ever the slimy politician, Trump just parachuted in after Indiana and Carrier signed the deal for the photo op. Trump didn’t do shit to save anyone’s job.

            If the US president wants to save jobs, you don’t do it by building walls and jacking ip tariffs. You work to make the infrastructure efficient and citizens well educated.

            I suggest you look again through the Obama jobs record. He may not be your favorite president, but he did turn around the implosion that Bush 43 directly caused. Unlike assholes like bottvinnick, Obama faced his detractors with dignity and professionalism appropriate of a president. Obama also golfed less than many presidents, as if that has anything to do with it. Business happens all the time outside the office. One of my favorite presidents, Eisenhower, golfed seemingly every other day.

    3. Hardly. Just in time for OLED display technology to take hold, you are cheering for a foreign company to put up a token robotic factory pumping out last year’s technology and funnelling all profits overseas to the home office which just so happens to be located in a communist country?

      You principles, if you ever had any, are very confused.

        1. Great job taking a small excerpt out of context. That is pure spin and you know it.

          “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.” – Richelieu

            1. I am not a democrat and did not vote for either corrupt major party. The difference between centrist independents like me and radical partisans like you is that I understand the need for checks and balances. You apparently did not learn that in middle school.

            2. You are not only radical, you are delusional.

              Jefferson always regretted the formation of political parties and the fact that the founding fathers were not able to prevent extreme partisanship.

              “The papers tell you there are no parties now. Republicans and federalists forsooth are all amalgamated. This, my friend, is not so. The same parties exist now which existed before. But the name of Federalist was extinguished in the battle of New Orleans; and those who wore it now call themselves republicans. Like the fox pursued by the dogs, they take shelter in the midst of the sheep. They see that monarchism is a hopeless wish in this country, and are rallying anew to the next best point, a consolidated government. They are therefore endeavoring to break the barriers of state rights, provided by the constitution, against a consolidation.” — Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Lafayette, 1822.


              Since you probably can’t be bothered to read facts, let me repeat again: Single party rule is communism. Even if it is your party.

            3. Translation: botty cites Jefferson as if he had a clue, Mike shows botty how errant his narrative is. Immature botty is suddenly speechless. This is just too easy.

            4. Oh, there will be a two party system again; another one, probably s Socialist Party variation will pop-up. However, the Democrat party is dead forever.

              …and you will just have to accept that “Mike” or continue your dysfunctional cut & paste masturbation. I predict you will choose the latter.

            5. In all fairness, your electoral system has made it possible to have the losing candidate get three more million votes than the winner.

              With all her flaws (the primary one being a woman), Hillary Clinton had won more individual votes than ANY Republican presidential candidate (winner or loser) in American history.

              Saying that the American people have roundly rejected the democrats is basically simply untrue. American system allows minority of votes to elect a president. While this rarely happens, it happened for the last two Republican presidential candidates (Bush in 2000, Trump in 2016); in fact, the last Republican president who entered the White house with a popular vote majority was George Bush senior, in 1089. Many people on this form weren’t even born then. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, but to say that the population roundly rejected by voting in favour of it is simply incorrect.

            6. That may well be true (and not for the reason that I’m not American), but your opinion is just as inconsequential.

              You see, on this particular forum, nothing you ever post is taken to have any meaning at all by anyone, since your track record proves to be of someone profoundly brainwashed by some obscure political activist. More importantly, you come across someone who has wax in his ears and can only shout. The ability to listen to others, engage in debate with those who don’t think (or look) like you is the first thing anyone here will look for before bothering to take anything you write seriously.

              And most importantly, when you use obscenities and insults against people you never met, and especially when you do that just because the person doesn’t think like you, well that is the first red flag, where you immediately get dismissed.

              Unless you take a second to actually listen to what others are saying and engage, your posts will continue to provide no value. They are of no consequence.

            7. No, Predrag is not stating opinions. He is stating facts, and he is correct.

              Sad that botty can’t distinguish between fact and opinion. Worse, he seems not to care. Bluster is power in botty’s playbook. And yet you see the Donald singing the praises of one of the last two significant communist regimes in the world, and botty thinks this is just super. Perhaps if Predrag changed his online handle to Putin’s Puppet then botty would change his tune?

            8. “In all fairness, your electoral system has made it possible to have the losing candidate get three more million votes than the winner.”

              Yes, and we are blessed to have the “system” in place. It prevents the pitch fork and torch carrying mindless masses from mob rule. Brilliant construct made in America.

              “With all her flaws (the primary one being a woman) …”

              No sale and a very sexist remark. The primary flaw was the worst candidate in a presidential race, elitist, aloof, entitled, establishment, dishonest, corrupt and out of touch with mainstream America as her limo passes by the long ignored common folk and working class. There, I fixed it for you.

              “Hillary Clinton had won more individual votes than ANY Republican presidential candidate (winner or loser) in American history.”

              Correct. So? She did not win the coveted and brilliantly conceived electoral college and did not have it where it counts. Except of course, in New York City and a couple precincts around Los Angeles that put her up 2.8 million popular votes. That is how it is done here, foreigner.

              “Saying that the American people have roundly rejected the democrats is basically simply untrue.”

              The Democrat party has just been DEMOLISHED! Devastated! Get your biased head out of your arse! I don’t feel like going into detail how EPIC a Republican win for all time, at al levels of U.S. and state government. Others have already posted the math and it is easy to find. Get a grip!

              “American system allows minority of votes to elect a president.”

              That’s an extrapolation and totally incorrect conclusion. As scholars everywhere have noted, as editorial writers have noted, this has happened going back to the 1800s. It is legal. It is the law of the land. It is the electoral system that you, like many other left losers, can’t grasp as reality and accept. You don’t like it. Fine. I feel your pain.

              “I’m not saying this is right or wrong, but to say that the population roundly rejected by voting in favour of it is simply incorrect.”

              As usual, you are not saying anything that aligns with settled law or facts. Why should today be any different … 💤😑

            9. The post above looks like something from a person whose mind has been thoroughly washed with partisan political dogma. In all fairness, good part of it must be the unbridled giddiness from the squeaking political victory of your party. That’s OK, of course, to winners go the spoils, as they say.

              However, that win does not validate the system that is clearly wrong on so many levels. Yes, it is not only legal, it is enshrined in the law of the land at the highest levels. That fact does not by definition make it perfect; certainly NOT better than what true representative democracy would be.

              You see, while there clearly were reasons for which the current American presidential electoral system was so awkwardly (and uniquely) designed, it is quite impossible to argue that those reasons persist in 21st century. I know that you disagree and have no intention to argue that point now. However, one other point does stand out: out of dozens of truly democratic nations around the world (and I’m not talking about the ones that nominally have elections, such as Cuba, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe, but are realistically dictatorships), literally all of them have one thing in common: they elect the head of their government (president or prime minister) by counting the votes of the population. The system in which some votes count less than other is simply impossible to justify. Why is the vote of a New Yorker less valuable than the vote of an Idahoan? Who has the right to make it so?

              Your statement is entirely correct: the democratic party has, in these elections, been quite demolished, devastated, destroyed. And that happened because the electoral system has been rigged in such a way that makes it possible for one party to win even with fewer votes. To say that such outcome reflects the prevailing view of the nation is disingenuous (i.e. wrong). When three million more people prefer democrats (complete with their flawed candidate) over republicans (and their populist one), it is very painful verbal gymnastics to argue that the people have rejected democrats.

              Look, I’m saying this again: to the victor go the spoils, republicans have won in a historic manner (a trifecta), so you are every right to relish in your victory. However, you are spoiling that victory by claiming things that are simply untrue.

              Americans wanted democrats, but the system gave them republicans. Take that victory and use it to convince those three million that they were wrong, and lucky that the system worked against them. You have at least two full years to do this (until next mid-term, when the senate will more than likely flip), and perhaps even four (when the presidency will likely change). And if you can convince those three million, you have a chance for a legitimate victory next time.

              Have a great weekend!

              (p.s. does anyone notice how people like GoeB, Botvinnik and others can’t seem to post a message here without using obscenities, insults and profanity? Why is it so difficult to argue like an intelligent person? If I can do it, surely everyone else can?


              Now who won the popular vote? That’s right, you lose again.

            11. Much LESS than that. The statistics I read show if you remove four voting precincts around El-Lay, Trump wins by almost two million votes.

              Yes, the non-politician out played the 30-year career politician to win an unprecented victory.

              Trump outsmarted everyone starting with 16 professional career politicians, the Democrats, the never Trumpers and my favorites — Hollywood and the mainstream media. Remarkable … 🇺🇸

            12. Hahaha. Seriously? Remove every state where Trump didn’t win when looking at the results and wow he’s better than Reagan!!!! 😀

              Hahahaha. What an idiot you are.

            13. Laugh all you want.

              Trump won more counties (land mass) and more votes in the Electoral College, which is ultimately what counts.

              @Facts are stubborn things suggested removing California. Actually, if you look at the math you only need to remove four precincts around El-Lay. That would be the dim bulb overpaid Hollywood celebritity districts.

              No one wants such a small area deciding the national election. Correction: Unless you are a Democrat or voted for Hilliary. Correction two: In my home swing state where Democrat registration is 2-1, Democrats voted for Trump.

              Thank the maker, thank the maker, thank the maker — the brilliant construct of the founding fathers — created a voting system to prevent a small CONCENTRATED AREA from dominating the rest of the country.

              Facts are not on your side … 🇺🇸

            14. Pre: The discussion of the popular vote is old and moldy…the election is complete and operated as designed…for safety/equalization across the populace. Majority “rule” is another country’s procedure. Re: the favor/leanings of the country, don’t you think it’s instructive to look at what happened to elected offices across the country during O’s reign? By my estimation, the voters have roundly rejected the principles/pursuits of the left…namely the (fundamental change) of Obama. As he proclaimed, a vote for Hillary continues what we’ve started. Meanwhile from ’08 to present, “During Obama’s eight years in office, the Democrats have lost more House, Senate, state legislative and governors seats than under any other president” (NPR). To say the Dem Party is dead is a stretch, but spanked, yes. Single party rule…what and who’s for that? Our country ebbs/flows with one party dominance and for the 1st time since 1929, the Repubs are driving. Our constitution is our safe-guard and it’s worked as designed for a few yrs.

            15. The electoral college actually worked its gold standard intended purpose in the 2016 presidential election. Amen. 🙏🏻

              And as you pointed out, the arguments only come out in years when a difference appears between the two totals. If it had worked out in the Dems favor, likely not a peep from anyone. The issue has been settled for centuries. Move on whiners.

              It is unbelievable to me how horrible Hillary campaigned. As you pointed out, Obama campaigned more for his ego legacy, than for Hillary.

              And the “deplorables” comment cemented her demise. Textbook study for years to come how someone with so much name recognition, billions of campaign cash and a long experience resume — BLEW IT.

              Or did the Obama years debacle, felt by voters everywhere, but not in elite circles, create an insurmountable hurdle? Yes we can!

              MAGA. 🇺🇸

            16. You continue to argue something else; that’s not what I’m talking about.

              Once again (for the fourth time): yes, democrats lost badly (perhaps historically), republicans are now in the drivers seat after many decades, and the result is final, irrevocable and clear. And perfectly legal and constitutional. I have certainly never disputed any of those statements, and you have every right to take as much pleasure as you possibly can in that outcome.

              The point that I am making is that the system, as such, clearly seems to favour one side over the other. You obviously have every right to defend it (after all, it favours your side), but it is clear that when the last republican president entered the White House with a majority of popular vote, half of the readers on this forum weren’t even born (hint: it was in 1989). Since then, two more democrats and two more republicans entered (or are about to enter) the White House; two won popular vote, the other two didn’t and those who didn’t were the republicans.

              This may simply mean that the republicans campaigned smarter and allocated their resources in a way that would give them the white house, rather than the popular vote. But it may also mean that the system doesn’t correctly reflect the will of the people anymore.

              Nobody has answered my question: Why does the vote of an Idahoan count more than the vote of a New Yorker?

            17. I really don’t care what your alternative arguments are saying.

              What I am saying is Trump won fair and square according to U.S. federal law.

              Get over yourself foreigner, with no skin in the game. Correction: Except for advancing Libtard policies worldwide.

              You should remember that.

            18. Do you not read what I write? You continue to argue inconsequential and irrelevant points.

              Both of us agree that Trump won fair and square. It seems to me that you have this strong need to defend his victory, as if it were somehow questionable. Trump won the election in accordance with the US law and the constitution. As you said it, fair and square.

              And for the third time, could you please answer my question: why is the vote of an Idahoan more valuable than a vote from a New Yorker? I’ll keep asking this question because I genuinely want an articulate, reasonable argument that will properly defend the seemingly illogical and unfair system that you have. All you have said so far actually tends to confirm that it is unfair: you keep repeating how the victory was legal, fair and square, as if to remind everyone that it is the system that’s unfair, and not the victory itself.

              So, one more time: can anyone here explain to me, why is the vote in Idaho worth more than a vote in New York. Aren’t Americans supposed to be equal? Or are some more equal than others? I don’t mind posting the same question until I get an actual answer that reasonably argues the benefits of the system today.

      1. Exactly! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

        The shocked, angry and depressed voters are blind to Trump’s gifts, which there are many. He will be a good president for ALL people, unlike the identity group mob rule of the Democrats.

        I spent almost 15 years working in Washington, D.C. Ground zero and have met politicians from both major parties in my line of work.

        To explain your post a little differently, the first thing you learn about politicians: don’t watch a politician’s mouth — watch their feet. 👣👞👠

  1. Liberals won’t like this one bit, especially if the “workers” are not unionized. The libs would rather not have any persons hired who are not union members. Libs can’t extract and extort money from non-union coffers.

    1. Libs know they are powerless to gain more union jobs; they can’t even gain non-union jobs.
      But they will fight tooth and nail to protect existing government union jobs that make taxpayers pay for exorbitant salaries, early retirement and gold-plated pensions nowhere to be found in the private sector.

      1. “During a video conference Wednesday with the Laborers’ International Union of North America, the Democratic nominee asked why she isn’t ’50 points ahead!?’ in the polls right now.”

        even the union members rejected The Clot.

  2. Trump and his entire cabinet should be dismissed and jailed for treason and conflicts Ct of interests; the election should be a do- over or the USA as a democracy and respected world presence is over. At the very least, we are headed for Civil War. Literally. If not annexed by Putin.

    1. Once again, the United States is not a democracy, you is a constitutional republic whose design is the defend the rights of the individual over the collectivist whole.

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting what is for dinner.” – Benjamin Franklin

      1. Goody for you for pointing out those exciting technical details. You take great pains to highlight distinction without making a difference.

        The Liar-Elect will discover that presidential privilege have limits and his big mouth will get him in trouble.

        House majority leader Ryan, not Bluster-In-Chief Trump, is the most powerful man in Washington DC.

        Finally: if you didn’t like the last 8 years, perhaps you should have taken that up with the idiots in Congress who publicly declared that their primary goal was to undermine the president at every opportunity, and to make him a one-term president. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Are you working for the betterment of your country or for unhinged one-party rule like China now enjoys?

          1. How eloquent , botty. You really know how to inspire people to rally to your cause, whatever that is. All you represent is hatred and intolerance.

            My guess is that you’ve never even thought about what the definition of the labels you parrot might mean. Please define for us what Sorosian means to you. Profiteering? Political? Gutsy? Offensive? Sounds like Soros and Trump must be cut from the same cloth. The difference of course being that Soros spreads his wealth and The Donald’s wealth is inflated and unverifiable since he hides his private business dealings and unlike any prior presidential candidate refuses to release his tax returns, which proves he has much to hide.

            It will be interesting to see how you defend your hero as more things come to light about the idiot. The report Buzzfeed published is just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until Trump’s prostitutes actually come forward with the real evidence. Someone will pay for the full story. Will your team get Ken Starr on the case? If only a tiny fraction of the allegations are true, Trump’s extracurricular activities makes Bill Clinton’s affairs look insignificant. No wonder Trump has gone through so many trophy wives.

            1. Buzzfeed didn’t invent the report. They published it. You honestly think Trump is squeaky clean? Not likely. That is why all intelligence officials are on edge trying to calculate how many compromised situations Trump has. Political, personal, and financial.

              If it isn’t abundantly clear to you by now, Trump is an egomaniac who doesn’t consider the effects of his actions. At some point those actions will have reactions. Enemies of the USA are just letting Trump have enough rope to hang himself.

            2. Trump rules!

              Too bad you’re having trouble swallowing that FACT, snowflake. Whether you give him credit or not is really inconsequential.

              He WILL MAGA! 🇺🇸

          2. I find it appalling, and in particula,r having been in the presence of many of them, that you would abuse the iconic emblem of such a great organization and the players of the New York Yankees with your foul language!

  3. No matter what your political leanings are, the fact that for the past eight years, one side has been determined to reject virtually everything that Obama has fostered.

    And the one that I find in particular disturbing is his efforts to help improve the education of all of us, that has so vehemently been denied.

    No doubt that Foxconn and the likes are “STUDYING the possibility” is a step in the right direction, no matter how small it may be.

    However, to manufacture LCD’s, as in this case, won’t require the hundreds of thousand of jobs required to build an iPhone. In fact, I would suggest that the plants will be robotic, and if Uber and Amazon have their way, the only significant personnel needed would be crossing guards.

    They, and more importantly, the hundreds/thousands of professional university/college/trade graduates/foremen, managers, etc., will be a necessity to design, create, organize and manage the building of the robots, the facilities, and the products, etc., they manufacture.

    And it is that group of professionals that President Obama, in particular, has endeavored to help Americians take advantage of these opportunities.

  4. The report says that Hai Hon is considering a plant in the USA.

    But it’s already in process of building a 1 trillion yuan ($8.69 billion) facility in Guangzhou. It would be interesting to see what kind of giveaways and tax breaks the USA would have to offer to compete. Especially since wages in the USA are ~20 times what they are in China.

      1. Trump promised everything under the sun on the campaign trail. He won’t do a fraction of them.

        15% tax rate sounds great except one thing — how are you going to pay for the trillions of dollars in spending Trump has promised for military buildup, infrastructure building, Great Wall of Mexico isolationist measures, increased anti-terrorism personnel, increased anti-drug personnel, increased healthcare spending, and social security restoration?

        I know the usual partisan republicans on this forum don’t actually care about fiscal sanity, but the government is not a business. And even if it was, you can’t cut your way to deeper debts without long-term pain. Dubya already rang up the credit card beyond acceptable limits.

        The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has all the details here:

        They project that the Trump presidency would cause the 10-year debt projection to be $5.3 trillion greater under Trump. THIS PROJECTION ALSO ASSUMES GDP GROWTH THAT IS FAR MORE GENEROUS THAN THE CBO CALCULATED DUE TO TRICKLE-DOWN EFFECTS. Assuming, of course, that Putin allows Trump to do what he promised.

        Here’s a clue: If you are fiscally responsible, first cut spending and tame the debt before you slash government income.

        1. One year of Obamacare costs taxpayers more than the total cost of the wall.
          Obama is the king of wasting money. Just killing Obama’s money-wasting programs will save hundreds of billions.
          No more tax-payer funded Obama vacations saves us $90 million.

          1. Yes, Obama is without a doubt the king of waste and the undisputed champ of record deficits.

            Anyone remember the shovel ready stimulus package that added trillions to the deficit?

            Roads better? Infrastructure better? Schools better? Medical expenses lower? Taxes lower? Poverty lower? Home ownership higher? Labor participation higher? I could go on but you get the downward drift …

            The absolute worst president in U.S. History will be FIRED in one week.

            MAGA! 🇺🇸

          2. A balanced budget is Greek (literally) to both parties…current/elect. Unless someone like Rand Paul is voted in, there’s little hope in this realm. Both operate with a Keynesian mentality…Dems with a more regulated, centralized (socialistic) framework. Trump has never advocated small govt, or financial responsibility. His plans for infrastructure/military spending are a prime example. It is known that fewer taxes translate to increased spending/investing. This could have an equalizing effect on the infrastructure spending, but with all his other spending intensions, I believe we will be deeper in the hole in the end. Per the Trump effect: I do believe that the individuals that take chances (entrepreneurs/small biz) will be rewarded though…because of reg and tax reductions.

        2. Mike: your points/questions are pertinent, but you don’t help yourself when you quip with things like, Repubs (even partisan) “don’t actually care about fiscal sanity” and “Putin allows Trump…” I hope they’re just figures of your speech.

    1. “the communist sympathizing”

      You mean like Obama in Cuba and Cook in China?

      “trumpanzees are out in force”

      Cute, but no such thing. The fact checkers are out in force is more accurate.

      “on this one.”

      Many more to come …

        1. Well, laugh all you want CX. Pitiful that’s all you got. I expected more from you.

          Move aside kiddies, we have a self made successfull businessman in charge. Not an inexperienced community organizer with a gold leaf degree in theory. The real world is not the same.

          MAGA! 🇺🇸

            1. You probably only listen to like minded fellow Democrats, for example, when Elizabeth Warren claimed NOBODY is self made.

              Forgot the exact quote because she is as far out a vapid ding dong as you can get. But is was something like you didn’t build that.

              Tell that to every small business person who secured a seed loan from a private source, venture capitalists or a bank and went on to build a great business empire.

              Keep on underestimating the Don, CX. Certainly if it makes you feel better.

            2. “Rambling” code for put down.

              “What the hell are you talking about” no code here, clueless reading comprehension skills.

              I made the mistake of assuming you were up on current political events. But since 99% of your posts are name calling put downs, not at all surprised, sorry. 🤔

              Informed tRumpanzee … 😆

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