Three predictions for what Apple has in store for 2017

“Predictions are a tricky business. Suggesting that Apple’s port elimination trend would continue was a safe bet in January of this year,” Erik Eckel writes for TechRepublic. “The forecast proved correct when new MacBook Pros were introduced that emphasize USB-C ports and iPhone 7s hit the scene packing a single lightning port and no audio jack.”

“My prediction that Apple would introduce its own streaming service in 2016? Well, we’re all still waiting for that one,” Eckel writes. “What innovations or changes does Apple have in store for 2017? Here are three predictions…”

“With high certainty, look for Apple to introduce faster desktop computers. I believe Apple will introduce both boosted Mac Pro models possessing faster IO speeds, more potent processors, and even more capable video cards. Don’t be surprised if iMacs and Mac minis receive video processor, CPU, and IO improvements, too,” Eckel writes. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple introduces its own voice-activated, Siri-compatible speaker in 2017.”

Eckel writes, “Microsoft’s generating headlines (if not equally robust sales) with its Surface Pro 4 touch-screen tablets, and that could be all the reason Apple needs to add touch-screen displays to its laptop lineup.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We highly doubt that last prediction.

Apple’s way make sense: Touch onscreen only when there is no other primary input available.

What you really have to see is anyone under the age of 12, largely untainted by previous computing paradigms, using an iPad. That is the future, not trying to turn Macs into iPads.

That said, as we’ve asked many times over the past few years: Anyone in the market for a 12.9-inch device that’s an OS X-powered MacBook when docked with its keyboard base and an iOS-powered iPad Pro when undocked?

Illustration from Apple's hybrid Mac-iPad patent application
Illustration from Apple’s hybrid Mac-iPad patent application


  1. “My prediction that Apple would introduce its own streaming service in 2016? Well, we’re all still waiting for that one,”

    I suppose I know what he means, but I would categorize Apple’s Movies and TV shows available for rent or purchase on Apple TV as a streaming service.

  2. If the new Mac Pro’s (IF there is one) don’t include pro preference options for video cards (specifically Nvidia) I am gone. I can’t figure out how Apple can be so presumptuous as to make that choice FOR us when it’s not a choice we prefer and for a reason. Well and not ultimately pay a price for it with non-sales and pro’s regrettably switching to the Dark Side.

    What part of “pro machines” and “options” don’t they understand? One size does NOT fit all. Neither is excessive miniaturization, seemingly just for the design challenge, a good thing. Nobody ever asked for a smaller Mac Pro.

    1. I can certainly understand your frustration. All those wonderful GPU cards out there and none of them are for Macs. Not the Red Team or the Green Team for Apple. Apple doesn’t believe in giving Mac users any choice of their own. It’s likely Apple will again go with AMD GPUs because of it’s open-source policy. Apple is too selfish to allow a user to select any GPU card and simply stick it into a PCIe slot like Windows computer users do. Instead Apple will give Pro users some lesser GPU option which isn’t even upgradeable over time.

      Apple may simply be protecting itself by forcing Apple users to only spend their money through Apple. In some ways I can understand that. But on the other hand, it would seem to be limiting Pro computer sales to only a few users willing to put up with that type of restriction.

      NVIDIA is growing like crazy but for Apple users the company might as well not exist. No computer Apple currently makes can use an NVIDIA GPU. Any Windows-using consumer can go out and buy a GPU card that even the most expensive computer Apple makes has can’t match in terms of power. That’s a pretty sad statement.

      I like my Macs running OSX and won’t be switching. If I were desperate I’d simply custom build my own Windows 10 machine and put in the best parts I could afford. I wouldn’t waste time building a Hackintosh to run OSX. I’m only pointing out how Apple doesn’t seem to care about the fringe computer users. That’s Apple’s decision and that’s just how it is.

      1. Yes I’ve helped friends jack up their PC’s with the latest Nvidia cards, internal RAID, etc. and it makes me very envious. The thing is if Apple wants to keep everything running through them well for pro’s it will be like Princess Leia’s line in STAR WARS to Grand Moff Tarkin “The more you tighten your grip Apple the more pro computer systems will slip through your fingers.”

  3. That Apple “bravely” made a “Pro” laptop that you can’t even plug its own phone and tablet products into shows how far the “just works” and “Apple Ecosystem” has fallen.

    2016 was the year Apple finally lost it’s cool. The Pros are pissed rather than pleased, and all this supply chain optimisation to get max penny extra per product means nothing if the product isn’t attractive any more. Knowing that the best tunes are made on Mac, best film and TV edited on Mac, best (non-Windows) programming done on Mac, best design done on Mac is essential to “cool” and is therefore marketing; lose these things and Mac is done.

    These last couple of years are starting to remind me of the mid-90s.

    1. The Tim Cook era at Apple will be the worst of all because it will be the longest in duration without correction. The mid-90’s will seem the Golden Era compare to Cook’s time at the helm.

  4. I’ve patiently waited three years for an update to the MacPro line. But have reached the limit. I am currently building my own windows based computer that has far more capabilities then the tired versions Apple currently offers at a far better price. I resisted doing so as long as I could, but felt as though Apple didn’t see the value in supporting the MacPro users. Good Bye Apple.

    1. It’s a shame. Apple is losing people who want to give it money for good hardware. Too bad they are not making the hardware that those people want.

      Perhaps their new slogan is “There’s a dongle for that”.

  5. Here’s mine.
    Tim – “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”

    Months later – a Apple Stapler

    Bad press, pissed off customers, slow sales, lack on inventory
    for the stapler

    A month after that – Tim – “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”

    Annouce a “new” Mac Pro, comes without a power cable, no I/O, it’s thinner, flasher, has a hologram of Tim Cook on it, available in 3 years, but get excited over it… meanwhile samsung rips the idea off and has 4 versions out before Apple has it’s first one out.

    Bad press, pissed off customers, stock declines

    A month after that – Tim – “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”, We’re gonna give a higher dividend to make investors happy with our smoke and mirrors clueless trajectory.

    Back to school season, Apple acquires “eraser” for $5 Billion. Slaps a Apple logo on it and insists “this” eraser is better than any other eraser, available in November for the “back to school” release.

    Bad press, pissed off customers, slow sales, lack on inventory
    for the stapler

    Customers pissed off, Tim replies- “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”

    Christmas season comes, Apple book v2, this time in a thinner and faster book, which reads amazing is released for the Christmas season… but in 1 second is sold out, due to them printing 5 copies, of which Tim’s parents purchased the first 4, so now it’s shipping in 12 weeks (8 weeks AFTER Christmas) Tim – “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”

    Apple decides to let samsung make the phone now, selling on Resurrects Dell to make computers, now on Amazon take over the Tv ecosystem. Sells all software divisions to other companies. Focuses all energy on iWatch and books. Book now comes with a cover, but you need to buy each page individually (see dongles) if you want the book. Watch now comes without bands, without hands, without batteries.

    Tim – “We got some amazing things in the pipeline”

    ya know what Tim Cook, ya know what I want in the pipeline?
    YOU to be FIRED and REPLACED
    If you understand my post and feel the pain, take 1 second to agree with this and help gain more awareness to this clueless leader to be replaced ASAP!

  6. Just remember – we’ve reached the reality I’ve been concerned about for the last 2-3 years. Could we finally be getting enough critical mass of understanding that the problem is Tim Cook. Always had been, is now, and will be. Until he is gone, Apple’s best days are well behind us. Where the hell are the new Mac computers? I fear we have what we will ever have until he’s gone. Then, maybe its too late. Very sad. Very.

    1. So sad to be boldly prophetic, and have it all come true, and then be out of a job after Apple, MDN, and all the rest decline into insignificance. There is no justice. Hold on to that day job as a teacher.

  7. Mac user since 1988

    It’s the best out there, but has more issues than ever. Those two ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    Time was when things like the Apple Human Interface Guidelines were the basis of how well Mac operating systems AND software worked, and that made Apple what it is.

    Now, the apps that are built for both Mac and Windows generally work equally well.

    it’s now the app developers that determine how well things work, not so much OS developers. Apple could get that advantage back by going back to those guidelines in the OS and ESPECIALLY Apple apps.

    Will they? My guess is that the developers at Apple are so young that they might not be aware of the guidelines, and heaven forbid they could acknowledge something created when they were 3 years old. Didn’t the history of the world begin the day they were born?

    1. Jony Ive reissued the human interface guidelines. That is why a new window opens on top of the previous one, why icons are turning into badly drawn abstract symbols, and why we have colors such as luminescent blue, invisible ink teal, lipstick red, and snow blind white. It’s why Apple TV has a search box with white text on a white background, and why everything seems to be in circles.

      Maybe they need to update the guidelines. If so, they should throw Jony’s out and use the previous version as the base. It’s as if Jony is flying by the seat of his pants and had beans for dinner.

  8. I would give advice rather than make predictions:

    Set up organizations within the company that are responsible for each product line, so that iPhones iPads, software, Macs come out at regular intervals and none are neglected. In other words, chase more than one butterfly at a time.

    Do not discontinue products or software abruptly. Never assume that no one is using it.

    It’s perfectly okay to improve a product without adding extraneous features. Eventually a product matures to the point that the only feature you can add is cupholders. Don’t add them and you’ll be fine.

    Do not assume that because you invented a new interface device, everyone will abandon the old ones. People need a choice. For example, a keyboard has two advantages over Siri: no one can overhear a keyboard, and the keyboard doesn’t care about your pronunciation.

    (I’m glad you no longer subscribe to the sexist belief that only women should be in helping professions, and have given Siri masculine voices.)

    Base your user interface on research and usability texting. Again. Go back to what made you a leader. Look into appropriate color choices as well degrees of contrast and color saturation. Accommodate people with normal vision.

    Stop putting miniature symbols in rounded squares or colored circles, such as in Apple Watch’s bubble-bath user interface.

    We don’t need a new version of macOS every year. Put it out every two years so you can improve quality and reduce the number of bugs. Go one step more than beta testing.

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