No, Apple, do not simplify, get better

“Critics say both Mac Pro and Mac mini are already dead and won’t see a refresh in 2017. That’s too bad. The Mac Pro has a crazy price tag and can’t easily be upgraded,” Wil Gomez writes for Mac360. “Ditto for the Mac mini. Change that, Apple. The company’s product line elsewhere seems cluttered with a mishmash of models. Take the iPad line. Please.”

“There are two iPad Pro models that use Pencil, but nothing else iPad does,” Gomez writes. “There’s an aging iPad Air 2 not updated in a few years, an iPad mini 4 with Touch ID, also not updated in awhile, and a very aging iPad mini 2.”

MacDailyNews Take: What’s the codename for the iPad family, “None?”

“This is easily fixed. 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Pencil. 10.9-inch iPad Pro with Pencil. iPad Pro mini with pencil. That’s the high end of the line,” Gomez writes. “To attract the budget hungry crowd, add both a 10.9-inch iPad and a 7.9-inch iPad mini. That’s it. Oh, and make them all micro-bezel and running the latest Apple designed A-Series CPUs. Stop shortchanging the customer by selling old products as new.”

“Apple sells a few hundred billion dollars in gadgets each year. Name another company that does that. Apple’s product line is full of profitable products. All of them make money, despite the extensive variations and inventory nightmare. Kill the Mac? That’s stupid. The Mac is hugely profitable. Dump Watch? Why? It’s like owning Rolex,” Gomez writes. “Instead, simply improve each product on a timely and consistent basis.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple fans sure seem to be enthralled with Tim Cook’s “leadership” as of late.

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  1. Who’s Wil Gomez and what’s Mac360? Why must you guys post some unknown writer and source with nonsense. How many times do people have to say that Apple knows it’s business and customers better than any writer or random people on the Internet.

  2. Gomez is a well known writer and critic from New York and has posted over 1,000 articles; all Apple based. Ma 360 has been around since the early 2000s and publishes thousands of articles, reviews, and editorials on Apple.

    Apple only knows that portion of its business and customers that it pays attention to, and with over 1-billion users cannot know what everyone wants. Apple screws up. Deal with it. How do you explain a Mac Pro model without an upgrade in more than 3 years, or a new MacBook Pro line roundly criticized by faithful customers, or the facts that revenue and profits and unit sales of nearly every product the company makes Are. Going. Down.

    It’s good that we have experienced Apple followers who are not afraid to buck the market speak and corporate drivel from executives who have become too fat and sassy to pay attention to customer needs; they eat well, but the ship is taking on water.

    1. Exactly. It’s pretty odd that “we” haven’t screamed louder that Apple, in its current state, thinks it’s OK to sell the pro for the same price three years after it’s released. That is batshit crazy!!! Can you even buy, for example, a Dell model that was sold 3 years ago? And if so, is it the same price now as it was at release? No changes in 3 years..none..for their top of the line computer.

    2. Hello Tim? Are you there? Unlike what some people think, companies don’t always know their customers better and it’s not wise to be deaf to voices saying otherwise. As we know, once successful companies do falter and fail. Sometimes b/c of financial errors and sometimes b/c of misguided direction. Tim, can you hear me now?

  3. Apple, simply make the best expandable desktop available for both your own internal use and for the rest of us in business.

    Yup, most consumers will never need one. But a lot of influencial people in business and in their families will recommend Apple as long as it keep expanding the state of the art.

  4. I’m so tired of people being super critical of Apple and it’s management. I’m sorry, Apple is a huge multinational company with critics, consumers, and every freak’n blog writer expecting and demand more than ever before.

    All you critics need to get a life or better yet, go start your own damn multinational company and compete. Everyone seems to be masters of the universe and know better then the people who built and help develop products and services that have changed the world and moved man-kind. All the while fending off hate mongers who write crap about them, governments trying to take their money, or every failed competitor and building full of attorney’s.

    Flame me if you want but what I see are a bunch of armchair quarterbacks thinking you have all the answers.

    I’m tired of the bitching. You don’t like it, move on and go buy another product. MDN, lighten up a bit before you become

    There now I’m done. Instead of being critical, try to be understanding for a change.

    1. Please be specific as to what current criticism isn’t warranted. The hardware is woefully behind competitor’s specs for higher prices, and the Apple products recently can’t be counted on to “just work”, negating the justification for the premium price.

      You are on a site that is followed by about the most loyal Apple customers in existence. When you start seeing numerous posts saying that people have bought their first non-Apple computing product ever/in many years because of the poor value proposition you know there is a serious problem.

    2. Haley, agreed about the armchair qrt-backs. Few things can be more irritating than one who barks, but has no idea how hard it is to move a big ship. With that said, Apple has set a high bar, both in respect to performance/results, but also as it’s claimed DNA/paradigm. Of course there’s some barking with the hope of a new rabbit jumping out of the hat, but I’d say most of the voices are “barking” for pretty standard Apple fair…timely/historically consistent product upgrades, Apple-like (again related to history) “user-friendliness” and design excellence in/throughout. Things of course are different with SC at the helm, but it’s more that just different…somethings amiss and I personally don’t attribute it to the lumbering of multi-national company. I still have hope the tipping point hasn’t been reached, but if an OLED/curved iPh screen are Apple’s most noteble releases for ’17, I know my criticism will be gone b/c the tipping point will have been reached.

    3. “critics, consumers, and every freak’n blog writer expecting and demand more than ever before.”

      Which is as it should be. Make the effers earn OUR money.

      “I’m tired of the bitching. You don’t like it, move on and go buy another product.”

      And this bothers you why?
      I see you’re a fan. Okay. The answer is no.

      “There now I’m done. Instead of being critical, try to be understanding for a change.”

    4. Sure, lets all hold hands and stick our heads in the mud, and keep buying overpriced obsolete un-upgradable hardware.

      Now that is some solid advice.

      I bet you simply don’t have the need for a solid workstation class computer that your livelihood depends on.

  5. Hey Tim, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!! I have bought my last damn Apple Computer. When my iMac 27″ is wore out I’m looking at a damn Windows Computer. I hate saying that word Windows, but what the hell do you do. 🙁

    1. I have loved apple for over two decades, but I’m telling my brother, who needs a computer, to buy a windows. I’m going to buy my niece a windows laptop next year. The mac is kamikaze by being extremely underpowered and overpriced.

      1. See you later, lastMacAttack. My advice to Brent applies to you, as well. You can chase the grass that is apparently greener. Doesn’t bother me a bit. One less anonymous critic around here. But, if you actually follow through, then you will probably be kicking yourself in a couple of years. Your brother will probably be pissed off at you, too. That is the price of poor advice.

  6. Didn’t one recent article say that some Mac is expected to get a new Xeon processor in 2017? I can’t believe a Xeon would go into an iMac and certainly not a Mac Mini. So, if the Xeon rumor is true, I’m thinking there must be a new Mac Pro or some kind of high-end Mac in the works. I sure hope so but this might just be wishful thinking.

  7. If Apple wants to deemphasize the Mac Desktop, fine.

    1. Just give us a new Mac Mini–minimal expandability
    2. Then give us a new Mac tower–maximal user expandability/upgradability

    And throw in new CPUs/GPUs as they are available everywhere else or allow me to do the same!

    They don’t need a to be as light as helium or as thin as a sheet of paper.
    Don’t even need some radical new-super-kewl form-factor every six months. I can live with a well-designed form-factor for many years.

    Don’t minimize the Mac by giving us a ridiculously expensive and tiny computer that clutters up my desktop when I “expand” it. And BTW, how do you know that I actually want it on my desktop? And don’t neglect it for several years while the price remains at nose-bleed levels—that simply becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of the Mac’s lack of importance at Apple.

    1. botty and his,like-minded pals…

      It doesn’t matter what you call Tim Cook, he isn’t going away anytime soon. You disparagement will not hasten the process. This is not an election where you can sway just enough of the electorate with oft-repeated falsehoods and slander. Apple and its supporters has dealt with FUD for a long, long time and we follow our own direction based on fact and reason. Your bullshit can’t and won’t change that.

      Should Apple do better? Yes.
      Can Apple do better? Yes.
      Will Apple do better? Based on its corporate history, Yes.

      Far too many people on this forum appear to be oblivious to Apple’s past. The grew up in the late-1990s or 2000s during Apple recent Renaissance period and seem to thing that things should always be like that. There is too much entitlement mentality and too many holier-than-thou botty-type critics who appear to have massive superiority complexes. If label and disparage is the best that you can do, then you are all noise and no substance.

        1. Now I’m more confused than what my congenital condition warrants.

          Politically, I agree with Melvin, though I’m perfectly capable of being online “friends” with the likes of you.

          On computer politics I disagree with both of you.

          What an effing nightmare! 🙂

  8. On that note, can we get NONE as an option in the survey on this page about Mac models we are in the market for? I’ve been curious to see the results but I don’t want to skew them by making a selection just to see them.

  9. It’s actually quite cruel to make the best class of OS and then not offer up the best gear to go with it or offer the options & design model your customers actually want instead of Apple telling us what we can HAVE. (Running it through the Ives filter – Has Jony even bothered to ask pro’s what they want?)

    I tire of being envious of the many options, towers and prices available for my PC workstation brethren.

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