Marathoner tests Apple AirPods on 10K run

“Apple AirPods wireless headphones are now being delivered to customers and the usual bevy of real-world tests have started hitting YouTube,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5 Mac. “One interesting test is from Daniel Garcia, who takes the AirPods on a hilly mountain run to see how they work as earbuds for fitness workouts in terms of comfort, secure fit and battery life.”

“He came away impressed; the AirPods stayed in his ears throughout the jogging and sprinting in windy conditions,” Mayo reports. “The AirPods stayed in his ears across the entire journey; at one point he says it doesn’t feel like they have moved at all.”

Mayo reports, “His run/sprint lasted a little over an hour with continuous music playback; the AirPods reported 84% battery life at the end which is inline with Apple’s claims of 5 hours use on one charge without using the case to top them up.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, they’re not likely to fall out of your ears and, for those with bigger ear canals, there are various aftermarket “skins” you can easily add to make them fit more snugly.

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  1. Ear anatomy varies quite a lot, so this may or may not be entirely true for everyone, but for majority of people, this should answer the question that Apple haters have been trumpeting for the last three months.

    I wonder what will it take to get people to record video in horizontal, rather than vertical mode? It was bad when the cameras were VGA (standard def) and the image was 3:4, but with the wide-screen HD image proportions, when one records this vertical video and then puts it on YouTube, we get a narrow vertical strip of content, bracketed by wide black bars. Embed this video on Facebook and, when you watch it in your FB app on your phone, that narrow vertical strip becomes so tiny that you can’t really make out the faces in it anymore.

    Apple would be wise to modify its camera app to encourage the user to flip the phone sideways before pressing “REC” for video.

    1. “Man Tests Apple AirPods While Chewing Gum”. About half-way through the accepted time (5 minutes) the tester’s left Airpod fell out. Soon after, the right fell out as well. The tester was told about the man testing the AirPods while running a 10K and he replied in a self-effacing way, “some have what it takes, but most don’t.”

      1. I’ve never had my wired EarPods fall out. In fact, they’ve prevented my iPhone from falling out of my pocket on to the floor several times. The first time it happened, I was surprised that they could hold the weight of an iPhone 6 Plus swinging from my ears!

        1. The only time I have earPods fall out is when the wire gets snagged on something, which is too often. But everyone’s ears are a little different and it won’t work for some people.

  2. Interesting results. My concern is not that Apple earbuds (or now AirPods) might fall out, it’s that the fidelity diminishes as they lose their snug fit. Bass falls away and one is just left with a thin treble-only sound.

    1. I was inclined to agree with you until I tested your theory on my new AirPods (just got them today). The bass does not vary much as I loosen the pods, which surprised me. I did my workout today and forgot they were in, they’re so comfortable. The pods don’t seem to fit as snugly as the silicone or foam tips on my Westone W60’s. Those IEMs require a snug seal for extended bass. I was delighted with the sound quality of the AirPods.

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