Apple CFO Maestri: What the EC is doing here is a disgrace for European citizens, it should be ashamed’

“When I described the European Commission as a ‘premier source of fake news’ in yesterday’s post, I knew from a Bloomberg tweet that the Commission’s €13B ‘state aid’ decision on Apple’s Irish taxes was going to be published before the Holiday Season but didn’t know that today was going to be the day,” Florian Mueller writes for FOSS Patents. “In order to counterbalance Commissioner Vestager’s claims, the Irish government and Apple have just launched pre-emptive strikes.”

“Apple’s General Counsel Bruce Sewell and Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri gave Reuters’ Brussels competition expert Foo Yun Chee (a reporter I’ve been in contact with for many years and whom I regard as very thorough and objective) an interview in Cupertino,” Mueller writes. “Apple’s executives pointed out, among many other things, that their Irish operation ‘doesn’t do any engineering, doesn’t generate any intellectual property.'”

“In parallel to the Reuters interview, Apple’s CFO also gave an interview in Cupertino to Die Welt, a well-respected German newspaper that belongs to Europe’s largest newspaper publisher, the Axel Springer group. That interview has only been published in German, so let me translate Mr. Maestri’s strongest statement here: Maestri accuses EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager of pursuing a political agenda. “What the Commission is doing here is a disgrace for European citizens, it should be ashamed.”,” Mueller writes. “Mr. Maestri, an Italian, is a European citizen himself. This statement is similarly tough as Apple CEO Tim Cook’s initial reaction to the decision, calling it ‘total political crap.'”

“In the Die Welt article, Mr. Maestri then argues that Europe’s economy will suffer massive harm at the end of the day, given that many companies must make decision on where to set up research and development,” Mueller writes. “And in light of how the Commission is dealing with Apple, they may prefer such places as Singpore or Hong Kong.”

Read more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Mueller’s take on this is exactly right. The whole piece is worth the read.

As we wrote earlier today: Now, to be fair, this is only because poor Margrethe is an idiot politician. Go back to Denmark, you’re in over your head – unless your agenda is to destroy the EU from the inside out, in which case: Carry on, you’re doing a hell of a job!

Anyone who decides to set up a business in a European Union vassal state today is insane.

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  1. I am glad. When all the companies take their jobs from Europe….again. Then the socialists will have to explain how the people’s government, screwed up the people’s economy pursuing, their personal economic class envy agendas.

    1. It’s actually Ireland being “punished” here, but Apple is expected to do the paying. Apple should pay and then sue Ireland for making representations that as an EU member nation they did not have the authority to make.

      Ireland does not have the right to waive taxes for monies earned elsewhere in the EU.

  2. I followed Mueller’s writings on Apple patent suits and he has been wrong 95% of the time. Just because he is a self declared Cretin supporter, MDN thinks he has some credibility. I don’t agree with essentially rewriting laws after the fact and think the case against Apple is bogus, but I certainly am not going to give his arguments any credibility. And as far as the EU is concerned, a careful study will show that on a whole it has benefited the involved countries far more than it is has hurt. Certainly individual areas of economies have not benefitted but as whole, it has been a positive thing.

    1. And as far as the EU is concerned, a careful study will show that on a whole it has benefited the involved countries far more than it is has hurt.

      OH, Really? You might do yourself a favor and educate yourself jimg.


      iPonder your entitlement lame ass, was the first into the wagon getting free sandwiches from your messiah Oh Blah Blah. Pathetic.

      Some people you just can’t reach.

      1. Tsk, tsk. These nations are merely exercising their political rights. I applaud them. Socialism requires participation of all its constituents. Apple should be proud to contribute to the leftist causes it espouses.

  3. Given Apple’s legal teams track record over the past 33+ years (since winning the appeal on the Franklin case) I don’t have much faith that Apple will win this.

  4. I’m an Apple guy
    But I hate when Apple is so **** LGBT PC , but evades tax like some Trumpo,
    As an European I say: pay you f**** tax , and 0.01 % tax is not tax and you should now better!
    But in the end it’s because Ireland didn’t play by EU rules and gave Apple an illegal tax break.

    It’s not a question of crazy socialist Europeans wanting some tax €. Would you like Apple to pay 0.01 % tax in the US?

    1. AVOID, not EVADE.

      Educate yourself.

      Yes, they DO pay their fucking tax. Changing laws to apply retroactively, as the EU wants to do, is ILLEGAL.

      Their is no ILLEGAL tax break.

      1. Legality is determined by elected representatives following the constitution of each nation, not you. Welcome to the real world, Paul, the vast majority of people do not think like you.

        1. You poor deluded fool. These are democratic nations of free people exercising their national rights. These are not nations under tyrannical rule. Please, educate your own self. Free people can make their own rules and governments. Stand by.

        1. iPonder your entitlement lame ass, was the second after jimg into the wagon getting free sandwiches from your messiah Oh Blah Blah. Pathetic.

          King Klown is “THE” problem, NOT, part of the solution.

  5. What’s really shameful is a leftist complaining about how much he has to pay in taxes. Everyone knows that the common people pay taxes not the elites. STFU, Luca, hypocrite. You and your ilk only espouse leftist policies when you don’t have to finance them.

    1. Why don’t you STFU King Kong. Go and get an education first before blabbing on about who should pay taxes. Just because you are on the left doesn’t mean you should be the ONLY ONES paying tax.

      EVERYONE has to be included in the tax code. If Apple doesn’t take the SAME advantage that other firms are taking then they would be uncompetitive and out of business in no time.

      Make everyone pay the tax you want them to pay. That requires a change in the laws to make that clear for all.

      1. You prove my point. Leftists claim of fairness only means someone else pays the taxes for liberal programs. Again, leftists are only generous with other people’s money.

  6. Oh yeah Maestri, well it’s nothing compared to what your terrorist government is doing. Let’s see one the EC wants to tax Apple and it’s going through the EU so that justice can be served. On the other is Apple’s country that has been restraining, detaining, denying justice and torturing people for over a decade.

    And the EU should be ashamed, sure it should.
    No you people, you are so above the law and when it comes to denying justice and freedom for others, it’s mission accomplished.

    The courts will figure this out Maestri, cause it won’t be run by your country and you’ll get a chance to defend your fine company in court and you will be vindicated. I know it’s scary for you to actually have to play on a level playing field with others, but that’s what happens when you use superior weaponry to defend a total lack of morality and ethics.

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