Oh-so-innovative Samsung to unveil Jet Black Galaxy S7 next month

“Samsung Electronics is pouring new hues into its Galaxy S7 smartphone possibly to fill up sales loss following the discontinuation of its bigger-screen sibling, Note 7,” Lee Ji-yoon reports for The Investor.

“According to industry sources on Nov. 21, the Korean tech giant plans to launch a new glossy black version of the flagship smartphone early next month,” Lee reports.

“Together with the Onyx Black with a matte finish,”Lee reports, “the company aims to take on the hot-selling variants of Apple’s iPhone 7 — the shiny Jet Black and the Matte Black.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How did they ever think of that? Suwon is such a mecca of independent thought. Samsung employees and, indeed the whole of South Korea, must be so proud.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Jay” for the heads up.]


    1. Oi… astroturfer… where was Samsung’s Glossy Black phone BEFORE Apple’s Jet Black?

      Oh right… “the company aims to take on the hot-selling variants of Apple’s iPhone 7 — the shiny Jet Black and the Matte Black”.

      Sounds like copycatting to me 😉

    2. Well I guess in that case why don’t manufacturers just make phones in one colour then? Your comment makes a fool of itself really. Actually why do we bother to have more than one choice of paint for that matter, all our cars and houses should all be the same colour according to your lame logic because no one cares a rat’s ass apparently.

      1. @ spyintheskyuk:
        Actually, it’s your comment that is beyond foolish, bordering on facile. The simple fact is that Scamsung didn’t have a jet black phone yet, though they had already copied all of Apple’s other iPhone colours.

    3. Microsoft looked at where Apple built their stores and built their MS stores near them. No research involved.

      So, Whats the problem, it is only a building.

      But seriously, why are we surprised? Samsung looks at the market to see “what” is selling, and gets the inspiration to produce what is selling – be it design, new color, shape, color etc. Oh, its been said – copy cat!

  1. Srangsung needs ta manke a pranduct taht is anctualliy annovative insteand of congpying Ample at Avery turn. Yas I knows Ample daznt have a campyright on dthe calar Jangt Blakc butt it is strartring 2 luk shramless on dthey’re parnt. Ingnnrovrat plaez!

    I wald naver bi a prandruct fram Sorngsum evan if it was came in Jack Blank! Thayre damvices R known to angsplode cuz of the bangerries blawing up! Alrways chuze the ornranginal- Ample iPrang 7 Plas

    Sory Anglisk is nat my frirst Langague so I am make a garmmer mistank?

  2. Samsung will soon find out it’s not so easy to make a highly durable phone with that sort of finish. Want to know why Apple didn’t do this before? Because it’s difficult. Samsung will simply take shortcuts to make something that looks glossy at first but almost instantly loses it sheen and gets scratched.

  3. Samsung is the Donald Trump of the tech world, they will do *anything* without morals or scruples to assert their dominance and control over the industry. Like Melania Trump and her husband, they will slavishly copy and steal ideas from others, and then threaten a libel lawsuit if someone catches them in the act.

    And like Hilary Clinton, it’s only a matter of time before Apple is swept away by more ruthlessly vicious competitors. Samsung, after all, invented the iPhone…

  4. Yes, a bit like Apple copying the waterproof and dual lens feature of the competition.

    When Sammy does, we hear howling from the Apple fan boys, but when Apple copies other, there’s total silence.

    Funny how that works.

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