Would-be buyers still waiting for Apple’s AirPods

“Black Friday pulled in more than $10 billion in sales last year and with just one week to go until this year’s promotional holiday, Apple’s AirPods are curiously absent from the guest list,” Giovanni Bruno reports for TheStreet. “The new Apple AirPods were the tech titans answer to removing the headphone jack in the new iPhone 7, by offering customers a wireless solution and de-tangling the world. However, Apple has yet to release the product to the market.”

“‘It’s a problem. Apple is struggling with some sort of technical issue; I don’t think its production. If it had been there would have been a limited run in sort of their limited rollout they usually do,’ Wall Street Journal tech columnist Joanna Stern said on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Alley’ today,” Bruno reports. “The other significant issue with Apple not releasing the AirPods yet is that the iPhone 7, she expects, will be a ‘hot’ holiday item. ‘This is something that really pairs well with it,’ she said.”

Bruno reports, “Both Stern and New York Times tech columnist Farhad Manjoo received review models of the AirPods and raved about the product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes Apple runs like a well-oiled Holstein*.

Interns: What are you waiting for?! TTK!

*Which is to say: Not very well at all.

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    1. Bose does not make real wireless earphones. The wires are still there, they just go around your neck. Therefor calling them wireless is just a scam in my opinion.

  1. This will be the first year Amazon will have personal control over a good portion of their own Shipping and Air transport reducing their ever increasing shipping costs that match their increasing revenue. Looking forward to seeing how much they can increase their overall profits as a result this Black Friday.

      1. Those that only see the retail ‘tip’ of the iceberg that is Amazon.com are doomed to truly underestimate them. I’d say that in a year or so they will surpass WalMart in how deeply and widely IT is integrated into their entire business let alone just the retail and fulfillment part. Imagine the USPS merged with Apple and WalMart and you’ll just begin to see the picture. They are now a far cry from their beginnings as an online bookstore.

        1. Amazon will be expanding into China and considering a 30% stake in souq.com an eCommerce giant in the Middle East. If you plan on getting out of AAPL, AMZN looks like a pretty good bet now. In the U.S. 1 in 5 are Amazon Prime subscribers now (over 65million people). That’s about $6.5 Billion in revenue per year before anything is ordered by those members which average $1000/yr in purchases.

    1. You really aren’t serious right??? Apple barely has any damn products today. That’s why this is such a serious issue they have a few things and they can’t make any of them.

      1. Would it not be possible to use PCie chips in future SSDs? If so designing the device to use modular components easily handled like SSDs may have been intentional.

        1. Chips can be the same, its the SATA and PCIe bus difference. Latest SATA 3.2 is 16 Gbit/s, while PCIe 40 is 31.51 GB/s. HP’s decision to use large SATA drive has to implications – space and speed.
          Another story is that Intel chips are faster than Samsung etc, but my main problem with this box is decision to use SATA.

  2. Thought about the AirPods, but why in the world would I want to interrupt my music every single time I need to increase or decrease the volume?!? Or have to take one out just to pause the music?

  3. I was looking to purchase these headphones when I bought the 7+ phone for the novelty and the lack of wire cords–I like to have my phone charging while I listen to music at work. But since Belkin came out with the $39 dual lighting port dongle, which allows for listening and charging, there is no need to wait and certainly no need to spend $169. You were a miss with me, Apple.

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