Jim Cramer: Two reasons why President Trump could save Apple billions

“Ever since President-Elect Donald Trump won the election, Jim Cramer has spoken with many investors who are confused on what to do with Apple’s stock,” Abigail Stevenson reports for CNBC. “Going into the election, Apple had a remarkable run. The stock immediately fell to $105 from $111 in the wake of Trump’s victory. It has since slowly climbed back up to $110.”

“‘People may be confused about what a Trump administration means for Apple, so let me dispel the confusion — the positives far outweigh the negatives,’ the ‘Mad Money’ host said,” Stevenson reports.

The negatives:
1. China
2. Trump’s crackdown on the issuance of skilled worker visas
3. Call for a boycott (Cramer doubts this would happen)

The positives:
1. Trump and the Republican Congress want a lower corporate tax rate. Since Apple’s U.S. tax rate is 30.5 percent, this could bring billions in savings.
2. Repatriation. If Trump and Congress create a tax holiday to allow American companies to bring cash in tax free, this would be huge positive for Apple and great for the U.S. if Apple reinvests that money or returns it to shareholders via a buyback or special dividend. ‘I think this tax holiday on the repatriation of foreign earnings is close to being a done deal,’ Cramer said.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is the first we’ve heard talk of a “tax free” repatriation holiday. President-elect Trump’s tax plan calls for “repatriation of corporate profits held offshore at a one-time tax rate of 10 percent” along with lowering the business tax rate “from 35% to 15%, and eliminating the corporate alternative minimum tax.”


  1. Nice article and Cramer’s got a nice overview of the snippets but Cramer’s might have gained some insight from a deeper probing investigation of what the head chump has said and more than likely will deliver, specifically bringing back water boarding and new and exciting techniques to torture innocent people cause frankly. It’s going to do more than save money, it’s going to make money for Apple.

    Now you know why Tim has been saying for a while there are some new and exciting products coming down the pipeline. Product and service potentials like the iprod, eyewatch, iwack, iran and the ishroud are bound to come out over the next few years.

    It’s going to be a real scream.

    1. Aw, widdle pansy Lib is upset that there’s going to be law and order again.

      Tough shit, snowflake.

      Real men are soon back in charge.

      President-elect Donald Trump has picked Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general and Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, signaling a sharp rightward shift in U.S. security policy as he begins to form his Cabinet.

      Trump’s initial decisions suggest a more aggressive military involvement in counterterror strategy and a greater emphasis on Islam’s role in stoking extremism. Sessions, who is best known for his hard-line immigration views, has questioned whether terror suspects should benefit from the rights available in U.S. courts.

      Pompeo’s nomination to lead the CIA also opens the prospect of the U.S. resuming torture of detainees. Trump has backed harsh interrogation techniques that President Barack Obama and Congress have banned, saying the U.S. “should go tougher than waterboarding,” which simulates drowning. In 2014, Pompeo criticized Obama for “ending our interrogation program” and said intelligence officials “are not torturers, they are patriots.”Associated Press (leftist-leaning outfit whose reporters aren’t even allowed to say “Islamic terrorist” in cases of Islamic terrorism)

      Time to clean up the messes made by the feckless Obama failure once and for all.

      1. Wow what a blast. I see that you are still using that “aim for Bin hit Saddam” guidance system for your attacks. Great explosions, but can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

        By all means clean up your mess, round up all those libtards in your country and bring them to the new and improved Gitmotrumpo on the Bay Resort. Don’t forget to hilarious into the mixx.

        After all torturers may be real gutless bullies and real yellow bellied cowardly men, but for your pathetic country they’ll make great real patriots.

      2. Clearly you don’t know how the U.S. Intelligence Community works.

        Once upon a time (pre Patriot Act) the CIA Director was also (99% of the time) the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) (NOT the same job or responsibility). The DCI was over the vast majority of the Intelligence Community back then.

        Since the Patriot Act a new position has been in effect: the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). The CIA director reports to him. There is no DCI anymore. The entire Intelligence Community either directly reports to the DNI or is a dotted line reporting to the DNI.

        So while no one should say that the pick of Pompeo is completely irrelevant, that specific pick has much, much power and authority than most people think.

        And, guess what? The current DNI put in his resignation this past week. Who was that and why did he resign?

        The current DNI is Lt. Gen. James Clapper (ret.). He was appointed the DNI by Bush. He has served as DNI through Obama. He has been in the Intelligence Community for most of his adult life. He knows what is what. He knows the details of what has been happening in the clandestine world for the past few decades, and he understands how those things affect both the U.S. military and our civil government sides. He’s great at working with BOTH Republicans and Democrats.

        But he didn’t wait until 20 January 2017 to offer his resignation to the new president, which is standard procedure. Why? Because he is 100% sure that the soon to be President Trump is not someone with whom he can work. The soon to be President Trump does not care about the details and nuances and realities of the clandestine world or how that world affects everything else. Jim Clapper waited to see how president-elect Trump reacted to his first few full, in depth security briefings after he became the president-elect, and he made his decision based upon that hard information. Jim Clapper wanted to let the entire community know that he has no faith in the incoming regime.

        Think about it. The fact that Jim Clapper, who worked for both Republican and Democrat presidents as THE MOST SENIOR intelligence officer, resigned two months early — and didn’t even give president-elect Trump a chance to turn down his resignation — should send a cold shiver up the spine of everyone on the planet.

        1. Clapper was a liar and an Obama tool.

          In March 2013, James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, falsely stated under oath that the NSA was not gathering data on millions of U.S. citizens. In June 2013, after it was reported that Clapper had lied under oath, Obama defended him, instead of firing him.

        1. Next: The Liberation of France:

          Front National leader Marine Le Pen has taken a substantial lead in the latest French presidential election poll, eight points ahead of her nearest rival.
          Le Pen secured the support of 29 percent of those surveyed by Ipsos, placing her a commanding eight points ahead of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, representing Les Républicains, and a decisive 15 points ahead of Parti de Gauche’s (Left Party’s) Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the Independent has reported.

      1. If you like your Guantanamo, you can keep your Guantanamo.

        Yet another Obama failure in an amazing string of failures:

        We win. You lose.

        Like I said: First 2014, Then 2016.

        1. I have to agree with you, when it comes to failures for your country, it’s mission accomplished, you are the great winners at being failures be it repubikkan of demoncrat, after all, all you terrorists look alike to me.

          Enjoy the torture, it’s your patriotic duty.


            1. Hey botvinnik, long time no talk. Congrats by the way, I see your candy date one.

              I agree I should reassess the loser. As it turns out First 2014, Then 2016 is absolutely right that the failure to close Guantanamo is “yet another Obama failure in an amazing string of failures:” but as he never points it it’s nowhere near the failure to have instigated torture there in the first place and that’s a G.W. Bush failure in an amazing string of failures.

              So it doesn’t matter, repubibkhan or demoncrats, both losers or the moral high ground, face it, the nation no longer has it, certainly not after 8 years of the Oh Bummer.

              I am keeping an open mind about the chump because I truly believe he has the potential to actually make shrub and oh bummer pale besides his performance.

              I’ll assess the chump when the time comes but my reassessment is the same, that nation is going right down the tubes, and they certainly have the right leader now to take them all the way to rock bottom.

              Now your bit on anustralia, keep it going. Check out the life expectancy between whites and aboriginals there and compare it to your country. Wow, pretty astonishing, and one of the many reasons they are such an important ally to your country, they are one of the few that can actually make you look good.

              I look forward to seeing the new and improved Gitmotrumpo on the Bay Resorts develop. I would not be surprised if it’s so successful that it becomes used for domestic purposes, may hilarious can be a guest.

              Take care.

  2. Real men. You have no idea what real men are. Your sad excuse for a leader is doomed to epic failure. Epic failure. The bad boy in school is no more a real man than you are. It’s hilarious how people like you can even operate a computer. YOU are why Islamic terrorists exist in the first place you fool.

      1. After Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the presidential election, the 53-year-old comedian addressed the outcry from the left over Hillary Clinton’s loss with a single tweet Friday.

        “I haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves!” Schneider tweeted.

    1. The article is discussing Apple under President Trump, dumbass. We all know we’re stuck with the overbearing, sanctimonious Oblahblah for 61 days, 11 hours, 3 minutes, and 20 seconds.

  3. People without a soul- destroying the world. And no- Apple products are going to be Way more expensive- thanks to the POS who publicly condemned the company and switched to Samsung. How quickly the fascists forget…

    1. Feelings, nothing more than feelings,
      Trying to forget my feelings of looooooove.
      Teardrops rolling down on my face,
      Trying to forget my feelings of looooooove.
      Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it.
      I wish I’ve never met you, girl; you’ll never come again.

        1. Hi there good botvinnik,

          Your clear Trump prognostication was right on the money.

          Let’s just hope Trump learns fast and, despite the condition and debt the country is currently in under Obama, and makes the next 8 years the most unbelievably freaking successful ever, built on the solid foundation of serious debt reduction, deregulation and elimination of agencies like the EPA, Dept Energy, Dept Education, Dept IRS, to shrink the size of government and drain not just the political swamp but the burgeoning public service swamp too – across state and federal.

          And gets rid of common core in education, dramatically reduce the influence of unions and just the enormous amount of waste that massive governments accumulating barncales that are like parasites feeding off the system while showing the ship down.

          I guess it’s utopian for him to achieve all that, but it is theoretically possible, and if he starts by actually achieving his list of 100 thins in his first 100 days in office that he already claims he wants to achieve, or at least a very large number of them, and it could well make you want to break out in song.

          Who knows, maybe he could ask Tim Cook to hurry up and release the new Mac Pros, Mac Minis and any other Macs that are yet to be released and just aren’t ready yet to launch, for whatever reason.

      1. Trump,Palin,Giuliani, Gingrich??? 300 million people in the US and this is what you come up with. If I was Palin I would hate to be Ina room alone with those womanizers although it seem like women republicans must like it……like your girlfriend.

  4. @Roadwarrior…you’re no road warrior…it’s ok they’re cutting off heads of Christians, but you can’t say “Christian” or “Islamic Terrorist” because you might offend somebody. Libs take one instance and make it the way of the highway. You should change your name. If you have your way, soon we’ll all be fighting for their lives like in Mad Max, mr. roadwarrior. Keep watching your CNN.

    1. Context is everything. Back then the democratic party took the positions that the republican party does today. Trump’s appointees appear to be very much in line with the financial and social positions of Jefferson Davis.

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