The pundits are wrong about Apple – again

“I really should expect this by now,” Jared White writes for Pygmy Nuthatch. “As an ardent enthusiast for all things Apple over the past fifteen years, I have been constantly taken aback by the level of hostility and vitriol directed towards Apple every time they come out with a major new product or significant upgrade.”

“The pundits and forum-dwelling nerds hurl accusations of all sorts: Product XYZ is underpowered. It’s pretty but can’t get any real work done. It’s incompatible with (fill in the blank). It’s overpriced. Apple’s gouging. You can buy a (PC/Android/whatever) for $500/$1500 less! Apple doesn’t care about professionals,” White writes. “Nobody’s going to buy this thing. Jony Ive has lost his mind. Apple’s CEO should be fired. And on and on and on it goes… The latest case of Apple-fueled angst of course is the recently-announced 2016 MacBook Pro.”

“Why does this startling disconnect between the punditry and the actual behavior of most Apple customers remind me of another notable disconnect in the news lately? I’m talking, of course, about our recent U.S. presidential election,” White writes. “Listening to the pundits throughout the entire campaign season, over and over again we were assured Donald Trump had no chance of winning. He was a buffoon, an ignoramus, a total jerk. Maybe even Hitler. No way was he going to win the Republican primary. OK, well he just did that. But don’t worry folks, no way is he going to win the general election. OK, well he just did that. Oops.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve written many times:

We’ve seen this type of reaction to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar more times than we can count. It’s called “change” and, by the way: The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

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    1. @penisblood72

      All you have to do is look at AAPL. It’s low value is a harbinger of exactly where Apple stands today. They have an incompetent, greedy CEO, as well as unbuyable, underpowered yet overpriced products. This greedy c*cks*cker has the nerve to sell you a machine without a charging adapter… THAT’S EXTRA!

      The new MBP will sit and rot with the rest of incompetent Cook’s other worthless products. And if you got your mouth off Cook’s wrinkled sack long enough, you moron, you would already know this.

  1. The new MBP is fine. I don’t have a problem with most of the changes and like a few of them. Not including at least one legacy USB type A connector means that 99+% of all USB devices will not work with it. Really Apple? All they had to do was include a single port for a couple years and then go all-in with USB3.

    Why can’t I buy a new MBP and a new iPhone and connect one to the other (out of the box)?

    1. I guess I should have said that if I buy Apple’s newest computer, I cannot connect its newest iPhone to it (without an extra purchase).

      If I go buy the newest Dell, or whatever, I ~CAN~ connect Apple’s newest iPhone to it.

        1. I think they mean physically connect without the need for dongles. If it’s not the way they want it to be then Apple is said to be in the wrong. Some people are not even aware they can sync to iTunes over WiFi. Besides, it’s easier to slander Apple because everyone does it. I believe there’s a growing cottage industry of slamming Apple products. Youtube is filled with irate posters of Apple fail videos. I see far more Apple iPhone fail videos than Galaxy Note 7 fail videos. It’s possible there are simply a lot of people craving a need for attention and slamming a top company is a good way to get it. It would be interesting to find out if other companies’ products get such a huge amount of criticism.

          1. Exactly. I once had to put my iPhone into Recovery Mode to use it again. That requires a cable. I also mass load photos from the iPhone via the cable and perform occasional local backups via the cable. It is set to sync via Wifi.

            I have jpg and RAW images from the phone, a good P&S and three DSLR cameras. My Pictures (for Photos and Lightroom) total 161 GB. I am not putting that in the cloud. Some photographs are way too valuable to not maintain some control over them. $$$

            If they simply kept one legacy USB port, my phone would connect, my printer would connect, my Time Machine would connect, my external drive, flash drives, card reader, my iPad, the remote from my Apple TV (to charge), the Apple TV itself (if needed, to restore), my Superdrive, etc. Dongle needed.

            This is for a system with a 1 TB SSD, 1 TB carbon copy HDD and a 2.5 TB Time Machine. My data is important.

        2. Wifi sync has been horrendously buggy. I’ve talked with AppleCare reps and Apple Geniuses who’ve said they gave up on it years ago and only back up via USB. They also say not to use iCloud for backups because lots of data is not actually backed up that way (and not just apps that can be re-downloaded). If you live much of your life on your iPhone, relying on the slimmed-down iCloud backup is not sufficient.

  2. like I said before:

    as an aapl investor I really hope MBP sells well.

    but we’ll never know if Apple had kept some feature, somehow enabled more than 16 GB RAM for those who want it whether it would have SOLD MORE… (or on the other hand if it cost more sold less)

    others have pointed out that some are upgrading from the MB AIR (critics saying the new MBP is a lux MB AIR) and MB (as they want more ports) to the MBP . So we have to look at quarterly reports on total sales and profits of all MacBooks together.

    I have 12.9 iPad Pro (besides an older MBP and Mac Pros), at that time of launch the iPad Pro was hit, backordered etc. yet at the end (unfortunately) the TOTAL iPad sales for several quarters DROPPED. because the other iPads weren’t updated.

    so I hope the new MBP does really really well but as usual I want Apple to focus more laser like on products, too many Macs like Pro, Mini , iMac need updates and better features (no soldered RAM in the Mini, upgradable GPUs in the pro , more power video in iMac so you can put a second monitor with better fps etc).

  3. I wonder just how many of those negative posts are from the competition? Anything to make the perception that Apple appears wrong would benefit them tremendously and of course the troll to be recognized.
    Just wondering……

    1. If the MBP needs no more than 16GB of RAM I expect Apple to come forward publicly and explain how and why from an engineering perspective they did it and obviously I expect Apple or any other company with such a big claim to provide enough numbers and case scenarios where Pro users on mayor and most areas won’t benefit from having more than 16GB of memory in a mobile computer or on any other system designed for professional use.

      Also, if true why stop at 16GB and not at 8GB?. What justify 8 or 16 also justify 32 and more. The MBP has no a major new improvement or trick on memory use. Those swap tricks have been used in the pass and also on PCs but to this day no company says the computer world won’t need more than a certain amount of memory in the present or in the future.

    1. Apple has not abandoned or ignored their pro users, not quite. Far worse, they have insulted us by rolling out products they deem to be adequate for pro use, but which do not pass muster. They ought to have checked with us first before finalising the specs. That they did not, indicates that they do not value us, or trust us. Thus we have come to feel as though we were kicked to the curb.

  4. I feel if we can remove Tim Cook from the leadership role, the company will thrive as a faster pace… at least maybe they will start to pay attention to their customers… their LOYAL long-term customers, who make a lot of their content they like to appease their eco-system. Help remove Tim as a CEO and let’s get a better CEO in office – sign this please –

  5. Wrong target. If (and I repeat, IF), anybody needs to go it’s Ive.

    He had a home run with the original iMac and some of the later ones, but his obsession with ‘thin’ is ruining what was a good product. Try to use a current iMac for anything other than simple word processing or internet work and you run up against heat issues. Throw in the non-upgradeable form factor and the obsession with ‘thin’ laptops and for many people Macs are no longer a value proposition.

    In my view it’s only Win10s cavalier approach to individual privacy that keeps a lot of people from switching as there are plenty of decent quality reasonably priced machines around.

  6. I don’t have any problem with change I’m just waiting for it to happen in a substantial way so I can really get all i need done in one major purchase rather than the long gapes between slow and minor refinements and i don’t see enough improvement on the hardcore power processing. I know its not Apples fault but the mac pro could fill this gap easily if hey upgraded it.

    The mac pro could do massive processing leaps (if it was upgraded) where as the Macbook Pro as cool as it is, is at its design and processing limit right now and the thinning and the current refinements are just that ; refinements!
    Is it enough to upgrade? maybe for pre 2013 macbook pros users but next years Rev2 will have the ability (via the new processor) to take more ram and hopefully be more powerful for pro users that need it.
    The grape is updating the Mac Pro would fill the gap and allow Pro users to still buy and get on with serious work in one big purchase and still buy a more ramped up mac book pro when its actually more ramped up in the power department.
    my 2013 is not that different from this 2016 version its 1tb 16gb 15″ and so i need something like a Mac Pro that can blow away in processors and faster ram which you can not do on the current laptops.

  7. Yes, the new MBPs are selling well. There was pent up demand. Once that pent up demand is satisfied and sales have to rely on people who don’t *need* to upgrade a 2-5 year old Mac laptop what then?

    These people claiming that the new MBPs are great machines that everyone should buy and must be buying because first week sales are great don’t remember one simple thing: the Power Mac G4 Cube. That sold very well it’s first few weeks. Hell, it sold reasonably well its first month or so.

    Let us know what the sales figures are for the new MBPs next February after the rest of the personal computer community starts announcing their Kaby Lake based systems.

  8. I have no problem with the new MacBook. They’re not a product I will buy, but they seem great. I’m not a Mac Pro customer either, and even if it is only a niche market there is a market for such a machine and those customers have to make a decision between sticking with outdated hardware to keep the MacOS environment or switching to Windows to get the latest specs. The longer it goes the harder it might be to justify staying with Mac for many of them. With all Apple’s resources it should be easy to put together a machine designed purely for being top spec. Those customer don’t need it to be the smallest, the lightest, they want it to be the most powerful AND they will pay for it.

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