Apple AirPods could arrive in stores as early as November 17th

“Are you still hoping to get your hands on a pair of Apple’s delayed AirPods before the end of the year?” Bryan M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice. “You might be in luck, according to German blog”

“According to the site, AirPods could arrive in stores as early as Nov. 17,” Wolfe reports. “The date was mentioned by an employee at Apple reseller Conrad about the new earbuds.”

“First announced in September, Apple’s truly wireless earphones were supposed to arrive before the end of October,” Wolfe reports. ” On Oct. 26, however, Apple announced a delay, with a spokesperson saying the company ‘needed a little more time.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this time, Apple will have an adequate supply on hand at launch.

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    1. My earlier comment on the AirPods was that Apple probably knew all along they would be “delayed”. They needed to show something at the iPhone 7 event to temper the outrage of removing the audio jack. It would have been really stupid to show it though and then say it’ll be available in 2-3 months. “End of October” was still reasonable. Until they scratched that with barely a whisper at the 11th hour.

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