Apple and U.S. President-elect Trump: Can a tax cut for overseas cash heal wounds?

“The good news for Apple Inc. under a Donald Trump presidency is it might finally be able to use its hoard of overseas cash for things like R&D and share buybacks, instead of issuing more debt,” Jennifer Booton writes for MarketWatch. “The bad news: The world’s most valuable company might be pressured to bring some production home from cheaper places like China, and faces uncertain immigration policies that could impact its ability to recruit and maintain new talent.”

“The Republican sweep of the White House and Congress increases the chances that some of President-elect Trump’s proposals will see the light of day. A number of them, such as a reduction of the corporate tax rate, might benefit Silicon Valley’s big tech businesses,” Booton writes. “His views on immigration and globalization have elevated uncertainty in the tech sector, however.”

“The most immediate effect on Apple, though, could be the billions it is holding overseas and an opportunity to bring it home. Apple is one of many tech companies hoarding increasing levels of cash overseas, avoiding repatriation taxes should they try to bring that money home,” Booton writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn’t been an outspoken supporter of Trump, but he has said that he would gladly repatriate the billions of dollars Apple has overseas if it were being charged a fairer tax rate… While Apple and other tech companies could find a windfall from a tax holiday, other parts of Trump’s platform could cause issues. His policies on immigration still carry a huge question mark that could put a kink in the way tech companies recruit, hire and maintain international engineers and developers through the use of H-1B visas.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We hereby nominate “Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn’t been an outspoken supporter of Trump” for Understatement of the Day.

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  1. The only wounds this will heal is the uber rich’s insatiable lust for more and more and more and more money.

    Those tax dollars are NOT going to be spent on hiring more people, it will NOT be spent on higher wages, except for those at the upber top of the food chain, and if it won’t be taxed, it won’t be used for much needed infrastructure repairs.

    1. I am no Trump fan and 100% believe the election was rigged, but his tax plan will significantly reduce taxes. It is projected the number of jobs will increase by 5 million over 10 years.

      The other part of his economic plan is to increase investments in infrastructure and bring overseas cash back to the US. This $2.5T in oversea cash will be taxed, and that money could be used for infrastructure spending. The rest of the money will be used to purchase companies, invest in manufacturing, given to investors (the owners of the companies), etc. Each of these activities will spur the economy and increase jobs.

      1. You do realize that that would be the lowest rate of job growth in years, right? That’s adding less than 50,000 jobs a month, and we’ve been growing at generally 150,000 to 250,000 a month for a while now.

        1. You are correct. The job numbers stated would be much lower than what the economy is already experiencing.

          1. My understanding is the 5.5M would be attributed to just the tax decreases. I would assume that the growth we are currently experiencing would continue, especially if the US doesn’t curb overall spending, which is the Trump plan.

          2. I don’t believe the 5.5M number includes the job gains from bringing home cash.

          3. If Trump plans on taxing all imports by 35-45% then all the gains from the lower taxes and cash would be nullified. As some have pointed out on other blogs, this could be currency negotiating tactics, and even if those draconian measures were enacted, my guess is they would be spread over multiple years.

          Last time I checked they are shooting for 3.5% GDP, which is higher than what it is now.

          1. All this could go to crap if the population uprises against the government. As I stated before, the election was clearly rigged. It is statistically impossible for ALL the polls to be so wrong, especially in each battleground state and with Big Data knowledge. Also, the Hispanic early voting was up by like 115% in Florida. There were MANY new Hispanic voters. Last time I heard there was only a 1% increase in overall Hispanic vote in Florida. The US election was clearly illegitimate.

            But, it seems “The Democrats” have conceded, and the transition of power has begun. As of 7:20 PM on November 10, 2016 I don’t see any stories of protests. It appears the bloodless coup d’état is going as planned. Yesterday was the saddest day in America. I played Taps a few times.

            The future is unknown. Former heads of the CIA and NSA said Trump was an unknowing agent of Russia. Russia doesn’t have a real democracy, free press, etc. Does this mean Putin is now the real new President of the United States, and does this mean the 1st amendment will be shred to pieces? Or is the CIA lying? It should be noted that Russia has a weapon called the Satan 2. This weapon can destroy the area of an entire state. Or do they have another weapon? Mandella Effect? Can they control multiple universes and/or time? Did our generals give up? Did the US finally lose the 70-year-old Cold War? And if Putin is in control of the US what does this mean for Europe? Are their democracies finally over too?

            There is a lot of uncertainty, but my guess is most that care about country and democracy will do nothing. The gears will continue to turn. I’ve spoken with some younger people in Europe and the US. They don’t care if Putin is the leader or not.

            1. In the contrary: With Trump, NSA and CIA will get much more money than ever. When rule by a paranoid, societies always invest more in controlling people.

            2. Trump benefitted from this rigged election, just as GW Bush was handed the presidency via a corrupt process.

              You know very well how gerrymandered both corrupt political parties have made the election districts. Rigging of elections takes place in the electoral college every 4 years.

              Any conservative who demands that big bad evil government get out of your individual freedoms should advocate that the president be elected by popular vote and the vice president is the runner up of the popular vote.

              But we all know why the entrenched political parties don’t want to support a more pure democracy. All I hear from the usual assholes on this supposed tech forum is partisan hackery, not a single principle or pragmatic argument to explain why the corrupt status quo is the only way to proceed into the future.

  2. Are you drinking some serious Kool-aid or what?? It’s simple.
    Millions of people needed health care. Obama gave it to them by re-destributing money to them by massively increasing the already existing healthcare premiums of middle class working males with families. Those are the people who voted Hillary out. The rural and suburban working middle class people simply outspoke the liberal, city folks. Those who criticized Trump for saying the election was rigged are now the ones who are saying the election was rigged. Obama took care of his voters by taxing his non-voters. Hillary lost because Obama pissed off the wallets of working class folks…plain and simple. Creating repatriation windows is the only way to get usable money into this country to help solve this problem. It will require channeled stipulations toward stimulating the economy and not stimulating the elites wallet. The lower the tax rate, the better deals Trump could make with them.

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