Apple’s new MacBook Pro is wiping the floor with the so-called competition

“Like it or not, it seems that Apple’s new MacBook Pro is pulling in stacks of cash,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

“According to data collected by e-commerce tracking firm Slice Intelligence,” Kingsley-Hughes reports, “MacBook Pro revenue for its first five days has hit 78 percent of all the revenue generated by the MacBook 12-inch since it became available in April 2015, and has accumulated more revenue than any other laptop this year.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “This means that it’s already wiped the floor with laptops such as Microsoft’s Surface Book, Asus’s Chromebook Flip, and Lenovo’s Yoga 900.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Winning! No antiquated ports or slots required.

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  1. The new machine are nice, but Apple held off from updates for a very long time.

    Its a little early to tell the difference between pent up demand vs sustainable marketshare gain. Hopefully we see both, but for now we are just seeing the former.

    1. I agree. Mac users have been holding off purchasing while waiting for an update fro years now. If you own a 2011 15″ or 17″ CD/DVD model you are probably still using it and will keep using it until it dies. If you own anything newer (ie. retina), there has been no incentive to upgrade until now.

  2. No surprise. People have been waiting for a new MacBook Pro for a VERY long time.

    They need a Mac. This means they need macOS. I guarantee if they could run macOS on many of the more powerful, more flexible Windows machines with support from Apple, they would.

    If you could buy a better computer for less money that ran macOS, of course you would.

    Hardware-wise there is nothing special about the MacBook Pro. Last year’s processor, sub-spectacular GPU, 16 GB limit on RAM, and a port/expansion quagmire. It is arguably its ahead of its time with USB-C, but I bet most people would have been happier with 2 USB-C ports, a USB 3.1 port, and a thunderbolt 3 port. Get rid of the older ports over time.

    The way Apple has done it, people are stuck building a bridge between the two generations with hundreds of dollars worth of dongles.

    ( Or, as in my case, spending even more to upgrade to USB-C peripherals as well. )

    It’s an ok computer and a solid update over the previous model, but hardware-wise you can easily do better.

    Software-wise you cannot. Software is what makes it a Mac, and software counts more than hardware.

    I just hope Apple doesn’t take the success in sales to be some sort of repudiation of critics and approval of their overall strategy.

    1. not even ahead of its time with USB-C TB3… just in the fact that its the ONLY port on there…

      lots of windows laptop manufacturers have included at least 1 TB3/USB3.1gen2 port for over a year now. Just not the cheap flagship models from dell and m$. only thing cutting edge is the side of the uni-body..

      1. Got a windows 10 laptop with 2x NVe m.2 drives in raid 0 that complete utterly blows away the macbook pro. + it has a 2TB drive..

        faster cpu, 32GB of ram and a fully CUDA supported GPU.

        sure, its a little thicker.. and a little heavier.. but it gets my pro work done better then the mac pro I was running.


        wish I could have upgraded to a macbook pro though, but its just not enough.

        1. No, you made the right choice, you went where Apple pointed and you’re better off for it. Apple will continue to push “Pro’s that need heavy laptops that run on 3 hours of battery” crowd out. It’s not that Apple doesn’t want them as customers, but Apple will NEVER again make a laptop suitable for them. So, losing Pro’s money is just going to be the cost of doing non-Pro kind of business.

          And, if they sell a comparable number of them year over year, then that means for each Pro that left, they picked up a new customer that LIKES Apple’s direction.

          1. This is very true. I just makes me sad. Because now i am much more likely never to buy an Apple computer again.. Because I will be using a completely different pipeline… a pipeline that.. wait for it…. THINKS DIFFERENT…

    2. The Macbook Pro has (4) TB3/USB-C ports. So you’r basically think Apple should have included one USB3 Type A port? BTW, USB-C to USB3 Type A adapters are about $5

      Lets start off with the obvious The TB1/TB2/Mini-DP port/cables suck. So the USB-C port for TB3 is a welcome change. Even before we include the benefit of built-in power.

      TB3, does DP2, HDMI2, USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt all over the same port. No Converter required, you just need a cable with the correct connector on the other end.

      Mobile hardware is about efficiency not pure clock speed anymore. You’d be hard pressed to saturate these cores for more than 5 seconds unless you’re transcoding video. These newer cores are already incredibly fast. The new Memory bus (Which does effect Integrated GPU performance) is faster.

      And you can run (2) 4k Monitors @60hz without a discrete GPU !! This is cant be understated.

      All While being less heavy to lug around.

      Not to mention an EVEN better Retina Displays (color and antireflection).

      Seems like quite an upgrade to me. But then again I don’t mind purchasing a few new cables every 3-5 years.

    3. You can always looks at individual specs and claim there is another machine that is better at that one thing. However, what you can’t do is point to a machine that is of an overall better design and better balanced. That is, yes, you can get a gaming laptop with a faster GPU and perhaps more memory.. but it will also weigh a couple pounds more. That’s a trade-off, not a better design.
      For that matter, what other laptop is shipping with anything near Apple’s SSD performance?
      For that matter, the customizable tool bar looks pretty interesting to me. I plan to try it out and see how well it works. Reaching out to touch the screen is not the answer. Touch works best on a flat surface. You mention “last year’s processor” as if the Kabylake version of the type of processor Apple needs (in volume) is available now. You make it sound as if Intel comes out with a new architecture and all variants of that design are available on day 1. They’re not. If you don’t understand this point, then you really don’t know what you’re talking about.
      The point being, mobile design is all about trade-offs. The design decisions and trade-offs that Apple has chosen resonate well with me.

      1. I get your point about the Macbook Pro being a more well rounded computer. Unfortunately there are lots of people that want or require a specific part of the computer to be the best of class for the task it will be put, and that will be a market Apple does not in the near term want to serve.

        1. Agreed. That’s the point though. Mobile design is all about trade offs. The percentage of people that need more extreme specs like 32gb memory or even higher graphics cards are very few. If they need that power, they should be using workstations anyway. Apple is clearly addressing the sweet spot that meets the majority of users needs and is making the thinnest, lightest yet powerful laptop as possible within those design constraints. This is going to be a popular and successful laptop that perhaps won’t appeal to both the budget conscious or the people that want a mobile high end workstation.

    4. If a PC manufacturer really wanted to make a killing they would make a laptop with the same specs and parts as the low end MacBook Pro throw some crap OS on it and sell it for $899, then people that want a Mac could buy it and install macOs on it and not be screwed by Apple. I have always purchased Apple PCs from my Apple 2c to my current MacBook Pro 15″ But this latest Price JUMP is ridiculous. My guess is Apple is making us pay for the new campus and wants to do it in 1 year. I feel sad that Apple is in the hands of a yes man. It’s bad when the management teem are yes men but when the CEO is a yes man that leaves no one in charge,

      Steve Jobs greatest attribute was being able to say no to crap and bad ideas.

    1. Pumpkin Head did not wipe anything except shit all over. He did not win the popular vote and only won the electoral vote because, as Pumpkin Head has pointed out, the system is rigged. Pumpkin Head has no mandate and we will be lucky if his incompetence does not lead us into a major war and/or worldwide recession. Of course you Pumpkin Head supporters will figure out someway to blame that on Obama. By the way, where is Pumpkin Head’s birth certificate?

      1. I’m not sure ‘winning’ the popular vote by a margin as small as 0.3% (about 100k of 53+M) constitutes something to brag about especially when Hillary was expected to win by a MUCH larger margin.

      2. Obama who?

        His disasters (Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, Iran fiasco, TPP, etc.) will be repealed, erased, nullified and cancelled. Oblahblah’s eight years will have been nothing but the waste and stagnation that I told you Dem/Lib/Pro idiots they would be before the 2004 election of a feckless community organizer.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

      3. Leftists are ugly, ugly people.
        No point even explaining that the press ALL had Slick’s wife winning by a good margin, and now are all trying to explain to us why they were so wrong….

  3. Ion our family we have four laptops with an assortment of ports extending to the days where one of the laptops actually has a DVD drive. All , with the exception of the power port, the headphone jack and the SD card slot are used NEVER. And the SD card slot I believe was used once every blue moon. For so called pros, use the damn converters!

    Apple is right about the port on offer.

  4. How on earth do these other companies stay in business? Surely they’d be toast by now.

    I’ve been waiting for the likes of Acer, Asus and Toshiba to bite the dust. Mind you, Toshiba has pulled out of consumer notebooks here in Australia so that could be a sign of things to come.

    1. They are probably supported by customers that know just how much computer they want/need for the price they are willing to pay. Toshiba is well known for being some of the best rugged computers out there out of the box.

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