Apple CEO Tim Cook smartly maintained ties to GOP ahead of Trump victory

“Donald Trump had some harsh words for Apple during the campaign, but what will his attitude be toward the world’s biggest company now that he is the President-elect?” Ina fried writes for Recode. “During the campaign, Trump said he would call for a boycott of Apple products if the company didn’t reverse its strong pro-encryption stance. He also criticized the company for not making more of its products in the U.S.”

“Apple, for its part, distanced itself from Trump. It reversed its longstanding practice and didn’t provide support to this year’s Republican National Convention. CEO Tim Cook told Time in March that he hadn’t talked directly with Trump about the issues,” Fried writes. “But, in a clearly prescient move, Cook maintained some ties to the GOP, hosting a fundraiser for House speaker Paul Ryan this summer.”

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump
“Tim Cook’s biggest hope has to be that Donald Trump didn’t mean a lot of what he said, and that it was the rhetoric of a politician looking to get elected,” Fried writes. “The silver lining for Apple (and other cash-rich tech companies) is that they may finally get to bring home billions of dollars in profits recorded and stored overseas. And if Trump follows through on plans to lower corporate taxes in general, Apple and other tech companies won’t have the same incentive to store cash overseas in the future.”

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The press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.
—— Salena Zito, The Atlantic, September 23, 2016

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  1. Oh I think Trump means exactly what he says until he says something different but then again it’s all rhetoric, actions speak louder than words and so far nothing that this bozo has said indicates to me that he is interested in returning to civilized behavior, in fact he probably wants to start a franchise of Guatnamo Trump on the Bay resorts, with new rooms especially for those branded traitors that are going to try to leave the country.

    I warned you, you had your chance Tim Cook, now Apple is stuck.

    I can’t wait to see Donny make G.W. Bush look good, and with this new leader, he’s sure to make that place hate…some more.

    1. Cook himself comes from the south, so he could potentially feel the anti-establishment feelings of his folk. So while everyone else dropped Republican party nearly completely, he has keep the contact, which was smart, indeed. And, the world will not end when Trump will become president.

    2. Except w Eric “Mole” Schmidt and Google now out of the White House, maybe Apple will get a level playing field to play on, and a fair shake from the US DOJ, for a change. Google’s pain could be Apple’s gain.

    3. And once again your tiresome, hate-filled leftist rhetoric on this site shows why you, the media and the pollsters were so, so wrong, and why our friend ‘First 2014….’ was right all along.

      You had 90% of the media on your side, 90% of Silicon Valley, 90% of Hollywood, 90% of rappers and musicians, and that STILL was not enough. You kept telling everyone about Trump’s bigotry and wild eyed hatred of anyone not white and male, but why you did not do is get around to explaining why Clinton was better.

      The polls and relentless media bias were as much an illusion as the viability of liberalism itself. Trump’s win is proof of this.

      I think you’re going to enjoy the chance to hate Trump for at least another 4 years. It’s what you do best.

    4. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

      DErss: Anyone smart would have hedge their bets. I made no prediction on who was going to win, but the trump was the top possibility for me from day one. Between the two candy dates only donny has the potential to make gwbush look good. While hilarious had some good points one has to face the hard fact, the first lady to be sure beats the alternative, the country is just no ready for a first lady who has more balls than the president.

      The foundations of the empire are crumbling and certainly building fortress trump might help, either way the marketing opportunities are incredible, the Gitmo on the trump Bay Resort, the feathered wall, the war opportunities, you know he wants to try out those toys. He’ll need them as presents for all those wins he’s been going on about.

      So good points and not so good points, the guy is human so away you go. You are right DErss it’s not the end of the world, now the end of an empire, well that’s an entirely different matter.

      Except…: That donny guy is a business man, he’ll want to do business with companies from his country and he’ll sleep with anybody. Come on, this is the first and only president was elected without showing his taxes and they are giving the keys to the nukes to this guy, certainly a clear indication of a great salesman exploiting a very stupid market.

      Tired Of The Haters:

      Wow, that’s a real explosive post there. What a big bang. Really missed the target too. I did not vote because I’m not from that country frankly I thought that they had two losers to choose from, the hilarious lesser of two evils, or the glitter, the glam of the trump show, now a reality TV series. I’ve enjoyed the entertainment he’s provided so far and I suspect he’ll be providing, a lot more as he will do what people from that country do best, hate and war monger. It’s in their DNA (Destructive Nuclear Arsenal).

      Now your comments about the media, are freaking spot on. I read a NYTimes apologetic piece on how the media “missed” it. When the dust settled he took 67 per cent of the vote among whites with no college education. If the media did what it was initially set out to do it may have that figured that out prior to the election. The media’s current reason of being however is to sell fear, and they excel at it, and the fear drove them right into the one they were fearful of, kind of a self full filling twisted, flipped, ironic prophecy.

  2. You just need to look at Trump’s acceptance speech today and the response from the markets; the stance against Apple inc. and other companies was purely election rhetoric. Trump is after all a business man and will not want to be seen to kill the golden geese that deliver huge profits that will allow repatriation of billions so that deferred tax revenue can be realised to help renew American infrastructure (a one off repatriation rate to bring the huge amount currently stashed overseas, plus a lower ongoing corporate tax rate to encourage ongoing repatriation).

    Trump will bring sense to a ridiculously broken tax system.

  3. Exactly what is Apple going to do with $200B in cash (after taxes, etc.) in the US? Well, perhaps pay off bonds they foolishly issued to pay dividends for one. The rest will just be invested like it is now – probably in the very same vehicles they invest in now. They won’t spend any more money in the US than they do now as they already generate enough money for all the R&D, etc. they already do. They have bought back enough shares that now sit on their balance sheet, that any large purchase will involve minimal cash and lots of stock. All bringing this money “home” will do, if they even do so, will be to make some cretins happy.

  4. Trump, never having played the political elites game running for office, ran against the elite establishment of the GOP party, then he ran against the elite establishment of the opposing party, and received biased coverage by the elite, crooked media. Yet, against all those odds, Trump won. So, do you really want to deride Trump, especially his intelligence and game plan, when he bested the best of the supposedly best, brightest and smartest amongst us at their own game?!?

    1. I genuinely feel sorry for these people.

      Their leftist teachers, as well as EVERY late night talk show host, movie star and journalist, all coddled them in an illusionary namby pamby cotton wool world of left wing ideology, a sad, make-believe place of self-delusion where polar bears are deified and anyone not leftist is a bigot.

      This “shocking” win is an indictment of the false hopes of liberalism, and if nothing else we can look forward to four solid years of watching them choke on the words ‘President Trump’.

  5. Donald Trump said he was going to force Apple to make iPhones in the US of A. Prepare for a huge increase in price and a decrease in quality and a decrease in reliability. #NotMyPresident

      1. Relax….iPhones could not be made here even if they wanted to…..we don’t have factories with 50,000 employees….we simply cannot build millions of phones in a ridiculously short amount of time….Our new president simply does not know that yet…

      2. 78% of what he said in the debates were not factually correct according to fact checkers. that means that there is a 22% chance of him telling the truth by accident. #NotMyPresident

  6. Clinton didn’t have the strength to stand before her supporters and thank them. Hillary simply left them to stew in her own failure and national rejection. Sad, pathetic, weak, and narcissistic. I’m glad she lost.

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