Apple’s secret iPhone discount

“Do you fancy purchasing your next iPhone with a hundred-dollar discount?” Ewen Spence writes for Forbes. “Or would you rather feel the security of buying your next smartphone direct from Apple?”

“Now you can do both,” Spence writes, “as Apple puts its refurbished iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models on sale in the Apple Store with one-year warranties and the same level of support as a full-priced handset.”

“The Apple Store’s refurbished hardware section has been a quiet secret for many years. It’s never really been pushed, but it’s well-known enough that anyone searching for deals on Apple hardware should stumble over it,” Spence writes. “Over the years the refurbished section has been especially popular with consumers looking to buy a MacBook laptop. Bringing the iPhone into Apple’s refurb market allows Apple another chance to capture the budget focused consumers without having to rely on third-party resellers or the second-hand market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple certified refurbished is the route we always recommend for someone looking to get an Apple product at a discount. The products offered are basically as good as new. An Apple certified refurbished iPhone beats any new non-iPhone every day of the week!

Apple begins selling certified refurbished iPhones online – November 8, 2016


  1. There are plenty of special offers for the iPhone 7 through the carriers, why would anyone go for the 6 series at any price?

    The 6 was just the worst and least Apple-like iPhone. Get the 7. There are plenty of incentives available for it. Or get an SE. Anything but a 6 series.

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