Sure looks like people want to buy Apple’s new MacBook Pro

“Proving its critics wrong to the point that you have to wonder why its competitors continue paying them, Apple has managed to introduce a product customers love, the new MacBook Pro,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“How else do you see the news that Apple has raised its part and component orders with its supply chain partners, telling them that it expects strong shipments to continue until at least the end of 2016?” Evans writes. “The company also seems optimistic that demand will continue into 2017.”

“Now it looks like Apple will sell around 15 million plus of the new Macs by the end of the year,” Evans writes. “Apple’s Phil Schiller has gone on record to say the Mac is selling better than any pro notebook the company has previously introduced.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course, people are lining up to buy the world’s best notebook computers regardless of scribbles from a handful of hit-whores.

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  1. There’s been some “slippery” language spun out this week.

    The real proof won’t be until the Quarterly SEC filing

    Case in point, from 29 November 2006, as reported at (article by Amy Gilroy):

    “Port Washington, N.Y. — Microsoft has won a 9 percent unit share of consumer portable digital audio players in the week ended Nov. 18, according to The NPD Group.

    The research company reported a 13 percent dollar share for Microsoft’s new $249 Zune, making it the No. 2 portable digital audio supplier for the week.”

    1. Well the difference is that these organisations have and always will be, at least for the foreseeable future, mouth peices for the Windows World with little concern for the realities of the situation. Whereas the same organisations tend to take the opposite line wherever Apple is concerned. Even when Apple was on that amazing streak of unparalleled success they continually concentrated on and exaggerated the bad aspects and predicted imminent self destruction and a return to the status quo. So comparing a peice on the zune delusion with any apparent similarity to what may or may not be happening with reports of MacBook Pro sales is like comparing Kim Jong-Un’s expressed views on Western decadence with his expressed views on the glories of North Korean Industrial might.

      1. “So comparing a peice on the zune delusion with any apparent similarities…”

        Apparently my point was a bit too subtle.

        0. Yes, we know that there’s always media spin in their ‘reports’.

        1. The current media ‘reports’ on the new MBP is that its initial sales are good.

        2. The inference is that this good sales trend will continue.

        3. Historically, the FACTS are that the Zune’s initial sales were actually quite good.

        4. Historically (again), the media reports on the Zune’s initial sales also were implying that its good sales trend will continue.

        5. Historically, the Zune failed, which also means that all of that media spin we saw in (4) was wrong.

        Contemplate what (5) means in regards to (2).

        Or as I said:

        “The real proof won’t be until the Quarterly SEC filing”


  2. Why would you pay over $2500 for something that takes away useablity? I use my Sdcard slot and I usually have something USB plugged in. Now I have to. Always carry a dongle with me or if I don’t I can’t connect even power.

    This is crazy. I know good and well most PRO buyers won’t touch this as it wouldn’t fit their needs.

      1. Any you sound like a paranoid nutcase. If your intention is to drum up last minute support for your candidate, then you failed.

        This is not a political forum, despite the fact that a few people continue to attempt to hijack it for political purposes.

    1. Sure, buy a USB-C flash drive…and give it to nobody.

      If I brought a USB-C flash drive to the others in my office, or in other groups in my company, they couldn’t use it.

      Kinda defeats the purpose of a flash drive, eh?

    1. Pent up for sure, but there is no non Mac portable alternative if you’re a Mac user, so, like the man says adapt and accept that the times and the prudts and the consumer users are rapidly changing…in a dumb down strange things count.

  3. I am just thankful that my 2014 MB Pro is going strong. The one with the virgin SD slot. My 2008 MB Pro is still serving my daughter and her kids. I’m looking forward to next year’s version, in which I hope Apple will have the put some of the Pro back into the Macbook Pro. I don’t agree with MDN calling all critics “hit whores.” I know many on this site have legitimate gripes.

  4. Well, let’s see…start off with a lower-than-necessary component parts order in case it’s a dud…sell a bunch anyway because you’ve made people wait for so damn long…up your component order to what it should have been in the first place…claim Victory!!

    1. Yep, it’s kinda hard to support the stupid decisions being made these days.

      I guess that makes me a “troll” though…Mac owner since 1989, Apple Certified technician for many years.

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