Stuff magazine reviews Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar): Fabulous; 5 out of 5 stars

“All of the ‘old’ MacBook Pro’s other connections have been replaced by Thunderbolt 3 ports that double-up as USB-C. And on the entry-level model we’re looking at today, there are only two of them, unlike the four you get if you step up to the next model in the range,” Tom Parsons reports for Stuff. “And that’s not the only sacrifice that’s been made for this version of the Pro, because it also does without the sexy, headline-grabbing Touch Bar of the rest of the range. It’s down on power next to its more expensive siblings, too.”

“Blimey, it’s not looking good for this version of the new MacBook Pro, is it?” Parsons reports. “Here’s the thing, though – this is still a really fabulous laptop, and for many people will be the pick of the range.”

“A 2015 MacBook Pro looks practically prehistoric next to this,” Parsons reports. “On balance and having now used the Pro for a little while, I know the ports issue just isn’t really an issue for me. Only you can decide if it is for you… The Touch Bar version of the new MacBook Pro is understandably the one getting all of the internet attention, but this less glamorous entry-level model is actually a real gem in the overall MacBook range. It’s got more power than most users will ever need and crams it into a beautiful shell that’s more compact than a MacBook Air. The power to portability ratio is strong in this one.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re still not sure who this non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro is for, but, those who get one will likely be very pleased indeed.

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    1. You do understand that one single port can charge the MacBook whilst it delivers 4K display and accesses a hard drive array? Just one of those two ports can simultaneously offer all the inputs and outputs that whatever machine you currently have has available. And there’s two of them.

  1. Buy the previous model if you can. Tested the new side by side with the previous model at the Apple store on Sunday. The older model is $300 cheaper and it smoked the new one in boot tests.

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