“The good news: Apple has finally updated its Pro laptop line with some genuinely new and powerful options,” Vlad Savov writes for The Verge. “Even better, the new MacBook Pro has been shrunken down to the degree of serving as the MacBook Air’s spiritual successor, which is what many of us had been hoping for all along. The bad news? Apple isn’t just giving, it’s also taking away.”

“At first blush, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, sans fancy Touch Bar, looks like the perfect replacement for my aged MacBook Air from 2013,” Savov writes. “It’s the thinnest and lightest Pro ever, and it provides the display and performance upgrades my three-year-old laptop has been in desperate need of. Costing $1,499, it sits right in the middle between Apple’s $1,299 MacBook and the new $1,799 MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and four Thunderbolt ports. It’s like the Air, in that it bridges the gap between Apple’s most portable and most powerful mobile computers, but it does so in an interesting new way.”

“This more basic MBP is essentially the professionalization of the 12-inch MacBook. It’s a bigger and significantly more powerful version of that super-thin machine. More of a pro MacBook than a MacBook Pro,” Savov writes. “To Apple’s credit, there’s no single Windows laptop that yet matches all of the MacBook line’s key strengths — touchpad ergonomics, battery life, display, and industrial design — but Apple’s changes have now created an opportunity that didn’t exist before. All a Windows vendor needs to do to convince me is to build something as good as a MacBook and then top it off with a simple SD card slot.”

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MacDailyNews Take: I’m not buying one because it doesn’t have a SD card slot and I’ve never heard of or can’t muster up the pocket change to pick up a wireless SD Card or bother to use a simple USB-C SD card reader like the rest of the world with IQs above 70, so I might subject myself to – gack! – Windows PCs instead.

Puleeze. Spare us.

Enjoy your next MacBook or MacBook Pro, Vlad!

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