Apple’s $1 billion data center in Ireland faces High Court appeal as locals plan march in support

“The never-ending saga over Apple’s European data center in Ireland appeared to be over when ‘final’ planning approval was granted back in August, but no: three residents have filed a new appeal that will now go all the way to the High Court,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac.

“One resident, however, wants to demonstrate that these objections represent a minority view, with most locals glad of the jobs and money the center will bring to the area,” Lovejoy reports. “He is organizing a march in support of Apple.”

“The March sets off from Athenry Church at 11:45am,” Lovejoy reports. “At the time of writing, a little over 100 people have said that they will be attending.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The key to life is understanding that there are always three assholes who’ll never get it.

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    1. Jobs are important and being out of work sucks. But other things are important, too. Sometimes other considerations are more important than jobs.

      Situations are generally much more complex than people care to believe. Many people seem to prefer the simple, binary, right/wrong type of situation that requires no research or thought, even when the oversimplifications are misleading.

      People need to learn to question the “common wisdom” that is often generated and propagated for the benefit of others. I will get down voted on this forum and very likely hit with name-calling and such. But the irony is that these negative responses will come from people who thump the Constitution and vociferously defend the rights of the individual in terms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, I suppose that only applies to *you* and not other people…

  1. What is wrong with you people? Do you actually have any detailed knowledge of the situation in this area of Ireland? Those three people have the right to protest the decision using official channels even if the for/against ratio is 100:3 or far worse. I have seen many instances of NIMBY in the U.S., especially when it comes to putting “ugly” or “undesirable” stuff near wealthier sections of the country. Sometimes it is an issue of environmental preservation or the simple preservation of natural beauty. Money and jobs are not the only considerations, and sometimes should not even be major ones.

    This is not a great analogy, but the situation illustrates the point that the many should not always outweigh the few, or the one.

    I recall a government action in the U.S. in the New England area in which eminent domain was abused to take away private property. The property was then sold to developers who made “better use” of the land, meaning that it provided more tax money. This is in a country which claims to value individual rights. And this is only one example of many in which the power of many is used against the few, even when it violates the Constitution and our commitment to individual rights of self and property.

    So don’t get too self righteous about this situation in Ireland, particularly if you are not conversant with the details. And, if your ego is still a little too swelled up, consider where the factories and salvage yards and dumps and mental health facilities and rehab facilities (etc.) are located in the U.S. The people with money and power routinely push them into lower socioeconomic areas. Out of sight, out of mind…pollution, noise, and ugliness.

    1. Can you tell us what these three people are protesting?

      I’ve been to Galway, near where this is located, and it’s nothing but farmland and golf courses, as far as I can tell. What exactly is the issue? Sure there is lots of natural beauty in Ireland, but the land around Athenry, is as I’ve said, farmland, golf courses and an airport. This is not a factory, nor a salvage yard or a dump or a mental health facility. I get your point as do just about everyone, but your analogy is silly without any more details on what exactly these people are protesting.

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