How Apple’s stock apps will use the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

“The Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro replaces the physical function keys on the keyboard with a touchscreen panel,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac, “but it will take some time for third-party developers to add integration.”

“Apple is leading the charge, however, adding extensive Touch Bar support to many macOS apps with 10.12.1,” Mayo reports. “Using the Xcode developer tools, we’ve gathered screenshots from all of Apple’s apps that already include Touch Bar features.”

Here “is a list of all the Apple apps that support the Touch Bar found in the /Applications folder on a default install of macOS including the iLife and iWork suite apps: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie and GarageBand,” Mayo reports. “This is meant as an overview of what kind of support is available in the system apps for the new MacBook Pro and is not comprehensive as Touch Bar features change depending on the context, not merely on a per-app basis.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Simply by looking at the screenshots Mayo provides, you can see immediately how useful and valuable the Touch Bar will be. It’s groundbreaking and it will change the way you use your Mac.

Now, for our desktop Macs, where’s on God’s green earth is the Apple Keyboard with Touch Bar, Apple?


        1. @ I Wonder. No, if you look at the pics of the Touch Bar, you will notice that generally, the brightness/volume adjustments are always available in the right-hand side of the Touch Bar.

            1. So, only have the touchbar is even usable for devs?
              The other half is a permanent Apple Function Key Only display?

              WHAT IS THE POINT THEN?

            2. Wrong — you fit your online description so well. You can’t discern between astute observation and hate. Your snideness is not an endearing trait, BTW.

              If it is anything like the MS Ribbon, the gimmick bar will only slow down workflow. More clicks and more complicated keystrokes to memorize. Some of us would like full customizable toolbars on every app. Macs have the screen real estate to offer that kind of intuitive efficiency you know.

            3. So what are you actually saying again? Siri makes more sense in a conversation on Dadaism. But I suppose dumb solid keys are to be argued as better until the inevitable incorporation by all the other laptop makers of a similar active bar. Certainly that’s the only ‘logic’ that seems one can take from most of the subjective turdery above.

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