Apple AirPods may be delayed into 2017

“Thanks to orders for Apple’s AirPods earphones, Inventec’s revenues are expected to grow 7% on year to reach around NT$754 billion (US$23.83 billion) in 2017,” Joseph Tsai reports for DigiTimes. “Its EPS will also grow 35% to reach NT$2.10, up from NT$1.55, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report citing market watchers.”

“Apple originally planned to release the AirPods at the end of October, but has postponed release,” Tsai reports. “Inventec is expected to begin shipping AirPods in January 2017, the paper noted.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If true, AirPods will be missing Christmas.

Somebody really screwed the pooch on this one.

Apple’s now commonplace penchant for announcing things and then not having product to ship is not a virtue.

Real artists ship. – Steve Jobs

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  1. I would have been more interested in these things if:
    a) the case had been made waterproof.
    b) there was an elegant way to attach some kind of lanyard (ideally by magnets), because sometimes you just want that extra feeling of security. And an option for a battery-containing, magnetic lanyard for extra run-time on the road would be a bonus as well.
    I’m probably going to buy a pair anyway, but those are my wishes.

    1. Totally useless suggestions. When are you going to get the case wet? A lanyard around your head is by definition inelegant. The extra battery is in the case, you don’t need to wear headphones for 5 hours straight under any circustances unless you’re some time of pilot, military or special forces operator. 15 minutes back in the case and you get 3 more hours of charge. Good reminder why Apple doesn’t focus group what people want, clueless.

  2. Cook, your time is up. Too many promises for innovation, too few products delivered on time with features people want. Airpods are the answer to the question nobody asked, and Apple can’t execute.

    Perhaps it is time to admit that the all wireless future is not here yet and you need to spend time building things that just work. Like Apple used to do.

  3. i went to an Apple store yesterday… could not find anything i wanted to buy. ( Grove, LA, CA)

    i wanted a series 2 watch… not availible…. 3-4 weeks.
    i wanted iphone 7 pluse.. not available….. 3-4 weeks any color
    i wanted to play around the new macbook pro with touch strip.. not a single one on display ..couple weeks the sales person said.

    i ended up being directed to the Nike store a few doors down and where i bought the nike version Applewatch. They had a few there. ( I absolutly loved my original Applewatch… and i love the new one i just got even so much better )

    i dont know if i should see these as postive signs of great demand….
    timing screwup by Apple on so many fronts…..

    and now the rumors of airpods being delayed ….

    no new imacs or macpros in 2016….

    i hope Apple is in control and they know exactly whats up…. (if not exactly at least to a reasonable level )
    their Guidance was ok… !

      1. remove Tim? really.. ?…. that easy?
        and who takes his place withouth the stock crashing by 50%+

        Name the person who will be just as qualified and who will do a better job…..and is availible ….
        then i may condider your patition.

  4. As usual MDN nailed it. Damn! I love the concept of the AirPods. I LOVE the idea that they are small. I am so tired of looking like a dork (OK “more” like a dork) with the big LG Infiniums around my neck. Oh to look normal and professional again! Set the AirPods free 

  5. Apple Insider – “Apple’s AirPods will ship before the end of this year, AppleInsider’s sources have confirmed, dismissing a bogus supply chain report that surfaced early Tuesday.”

    No comment needed.

  6. This lateness routine is becoming a habit. I’ve blahblahed possible reasons for delays already this week. In the end it does come down to Apple keeping track of what’s real versus what’s pretend and keeping it real with the public. If Cook is being handed bad info, it’s time for some discipline…

  7. Apparently nobody knows because other people are reporting that it will still ship this year. So now I think it’s better if you just wait and see instead of listening to all of these people guessing.

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