“Just a week ago, £2,499 ($3,039) was enough to buy a Brit a brand new Apple Mac Pro desktop machine,” Sara Sjolin reports for MarketWatch. “But overnight Thursday, Apple quietly raised the price to £2,999 for its British customers, marking a whopping 20% increase for a product that hasn’t been updated in years.”

“The price rise comes as a response to the almost 20% slide in the pound against the dollar since the U.K.’s Brexit vote in June, which has eaten into Apple’s British profits,” Sjolin reports. “And the tech giant isn’t alone in addressing the sterling plunge. Other international companies are also hiking prices in the U.K. and the moves are starting to squeeze British households and crush their optimism about the future.”

“Talks of a so-called hard Brexit — a deal in which the U.K. gives up access to the EU single market in return for complete immigration control — have seen the pound’s drop accelerate over the past month,” Sjolin reports. “The pound fall can be great news for big multinational companies that make most of their money overseas, but it’s bad news for local consumers as it makes imported products, such as food, clothes, fuel and electronics more expensive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple, of course, adjusts prices in response to currency fluctuations.

Now, regarding this brand new Apple Mac Pro desktop machine: WTF is that and does it have anything to do with Phil Schiller’s ass?

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