“Apple raised prices in a number of overseas markets on Tuesday, a move precipitated by the U.S. dollar’s continued rebound and designed to minimize the effect of foreign exchange headwinds,” AppleInsider reports.

“Prices in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and other European Union nations increased by as much as €600 ($669),” AppleInsider reports. “Canadian consumers will see prices rise up to CA$400 ($327), depending on the product in question.”

AppleInsider reports, “Tuesday’s moves come just over two months after the last round of increases.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Expected.

Of course, we expect this headwind to continue. And on a sequential basis, when we look into the June quarter, we expect to see another 40 basis points of negative impact from currency. We’re dealing with these headwinds as — they are part of business. And so we’re dealing with them in many ways. We are looking at, in some cases, the potential to increase prices in certain markets. We’re looking, of course, at our cost structures and we tried to remain as competitive as possible.Apple CFO Luca Maestri, April 27, 2015