TomTom extends Apple mapping agreement

TomTom has renewed and extended its global agreement with Apple for maps and related information.

No further details of the agreement will be provided.

Source: TomTom International BV

MacDailyNews Take: Terse. This one makes Apple PR seem verbose.

Reuters reports, “The renewal of the contract comes as Nokia reviews strategic options for its digital mapmaking arm HERE, the largest seller of mapping technology to carmakers.”

“Although analysts see Uber or a group of German carmakers as the most likely buyer of HERE, along with private equity firms, Apple had also been considered a candidate,” Reuters reports. “TomTom shares were sharply higher Tuesday.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. I have to honestly say I have had more luck with Apple maps than with Google Maps. I still go on today and 9 times out of 10 the markers are way off. Lots of fun when house shopping too, although I’m not sure who’s fault that is.

  1. One of the bonuses of Apple using TomTom is Apple gets to use their traffic updates and add them to Apple’s Maps.
    Otherwise traffic is a subscription when in the TomTom App.

  2. It took 9 months for Apple Maps (meaning TomTom) updated their maps to show a new bridge in my city (until then, directions would’ve detoured you 15 minutes to get to a point right across the bridge), and over a year to show nearby permanent road closures. Google Maps had the new bridge within a day of the bridge opening.

    I really hope Apple, when renewing this lucrative deal, told TomTom in no uncertain terms to get their sh** together and incorporate major updates into their maps faster, or they’d be dropped next time the deal is revisited.

    1. Although it was not the case originally (the old days with Apple maps) recently I have had better luck seeing the changes when sending in road updates using the maps app.

    2. On the other hand, I can see the house my mother has lived in for five years on Apple maps. Google maps just shows a cleared site ready for building to begin.

      1. That’s satellite data though. Nice to have (like Street View) but not as useful as the underlying map being accurate enough to give directions that make sense.

        Until the permanent road closures (which used to connect two main roads together) I mentioned were finally recognized by TomTom, Apple Maps would’ve directed you literally through someone’s living room and kitchen.

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