Apple leaks photo of new MacBook Pro with OLED Magic Toolbar

macOS Sierra 10.12.1 includes “hidden Apple Pay images that depict the brand new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch panel that’s set to be announced by Apple on Thursday, October 27,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“In addition to confirming that such a product is in the works, the images give us our first full look at the redesigned MacBook Pro ahead of its launch,” Clover reports. “An OLED touch panel is located on top of the keyboard, where the function keys would normally be placed, and it very clearly supports Touch ID, as it is seen used with Apple Pay.”

Clover reports, “As has been rumored, the touch panel, which may be called the “Magic Toolbar,” appears to be contextual, changing based on what’s on the screen.”

The OLED touch panel on Apple's forthcoming MacBook Pro
The OLED touch panel on Apple’s forthcoming MacBook Pro

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MacDailyNews Take: Oops.

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      1. I’m finding that official Lightning cables are proving to be very durablel for me. They’re doing much better than 30 pin cables used to do and massively better than the old cabled clear Apple mouse.

        The only third-party Lightning cable that I use is a 2 meter one with a right angled connector, which I use in the car to keep the iPhone as low above the dashboard as possible. Otherwise the normal Apple Lightning cables are all doing fine here, including the one I keep in my rucksack, which comes in for a lot of mechanical abuse.

        1. I’m glad someone is having success with the Apple provided lightning cables, because I’ve never replaced as many cables ever in my life as I have had to with the Apple lightning cables. Between my kid and I, we’ve easily each gone through 4 of the Apple lightning cables. I gave up and went with one of the more durable third party options orenkoto referenced above. Haven’t had to replace any of them since.

          1. I wish Apple would buy out an extension cord maker so Apple can be shown how to make a connecting cable that has some oompf to it. My 2010 MacBook Air Mag Safe connector’s cheap ass plastic coating has worn off near where the connector attaches to the laptop and is exposing wire and, get this, the exact spot where I reach over to where the MBA is placed and bring it to me (power cord attached) and where the cord rests across the wooden arm of my recliner rocker, the plastic coating there has gone, again exposing wire. I took it to an
            Apple store where the genius said the cord had been traumatized by some tension force. Excuse me?!? The cable is not taut and it rests upon the arm rest. There is no rubbing, friction or tearing action. If you can take a feather and strike it against an Apple power cord 1000 times where it wears away the, again, cheap ass plastic coating, then Apple needs to be shown how a durable cord is made. They obviously don’t know how to make a quality charging cord or, for that matter, a practical mouse!

            1. Not flaming you bro, but 6 years of cable being wrapped, used, heated up, cooled down, put in a bag, taken out of a bag, unwrapped…

              Cables wear out, it’s a fact of life. 6 years is a good run for a cable IMO.

    1. Tim and company are completely inept with respect to keeping new product(s) announcements secret until such day of unveiling – yet another example of a very poor executive team, also way too late to the party with these hardware upgrades, should have been executed prior to back to school, yet another dropped ball in my opinion, I’ve been a shareholder for a very long time but lately I too am loosing a little faith, why even have an announcement on Thursday – everyone will already know what it looks like and how it works – hahaha !!

  1. I have a feeling we might get a new Apple Keyboard with Touch ID for our iMacs.

    With Magic Track Pad 2 and a hopefully new keyboard, this would be a welcome addition to anyone’s Mac setup. But if it’s only the rMBP that gets it, that’s okay. But a shame. I am not due for another MBP until 2020.

  2. I’m fearing the new will excomunicate all the useful ports in favour of 3 C ports and the rquirement to carry a bunch of leads and adaptors instead of a casing that is 1mm thicker.

  3. Yet another thoroughly underwhelming new Apple product.

    I remember the days when it was Microserf that was lazy and sat back; leveraging their legacy product lines and wringing every last cent of profit out of old ideas. Meanwhile Apple were churning out brilliant ideas every other month, or so it seemed.

    I never imagined that the tables would turn so completely and Apple stray once again, back to the business model of the Apple ll.

    Hyperbole? Yes probably, but also disappointingly close to the truth.

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