Apple’s new MacBook Pro expected to have Intel Skylake chip, 2TB SSD and Magsafe USB-C adaptor

“According to well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple might launch a USB-C adapter with MagSafe functionality to return easy-on, easy-off functionality to a fully upgraded MacBook lineup, expected for unveiling at next week’s ‘Hello Again’ media event,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Kuo in a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider predicts the MagSafe-esque adapter will either be rolled out by Apple or a third-party, citing supply checks and continued customer interest in the venerable breakaway design,” Campbell reports. “Apple began migrating its laptops toward an all-in-one USB-C charging and data transfer solution with the 12-inch MacBook last year, a design shift expected to continue with revamped MacBook Pro models announced on Oct. 27. ”

“In addition to the MagSafe adapter, Kuo predicts Apple’s next-generation MacBooks to incorporate processors from Intel’s Skylake family,” Campbell reports. “Other notables include a new 2TB SSD storage tier and displays featuring an oxide panel for better image quality and energy efficiency.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MagSafe-esque USB-C adapters are not new, but they are a great idea, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Now, we would love to see a tiny MagSafe adapter cap (or very short corded adapter) that sticks into the USB-C port for MagSafe power cords. That way we don’t have to regress in the name of progress.MacDailyNews Take, March 11, 2015, two days after the new MagSafe-less MacBook was unveiled

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  1. Reliance on external adapters completely nullifies the supposed superior design for which Apple used to be renowned.

    Breakout boxes might be fine for some desktop users, but it’s just pure inconvenience for people who work on the road. One more thing to break or lose.

      1. I use my laptop 70% of the time at work. I have to plug in ethernet, 2nd screen, power and thunder. I have a MacBook Pro, not an Air. I understand the Air having fewer ports. But the MacBook Pro should have as many as possible. It’s a “Pro” after all.

      2. My laptop is currently plugged into an hdmi display, a trackball, a usb3 memory stick, power, and when I close down i will backup to an external hard drive. I need ports.

    1. It is understandable on the small MacBook, but on the MBPro it is an ENTIRELY different matter as Jean noted above.

      One other thing, not mentioned, is that 2-3 years down the road when a USB port fails (many times now) you move to the 2nd port.

      It is a pain dealing with only 2 USB ports, but mandatory for the ability to keep up and running w/o instant fixes.

  2. A USB-C MagSafe Adapter would make absolutely no sense in every way, too bulky, no more safety for the usb – c jack and inconvenient to connect and disconnect.
    The only elegant way is to keep the MagSafe Connector for the regular power supply and to offer optional charging via USB-C for a single cable solution while connected to a dock environment.

  3. I can’t believe that Apple wait so long for this update to offer then fading out Skylake CPUs, while Kaby Lake Processor are just around the corner. And if they want to keep 2 Thunderbolt connectors and upgrade to Version 3, they will depend on the next Kaby Lake chipset 200 series, which offer 4 more PCIe lanes.

  4. I’m totally maxed out currently with the top macbook pro and the add ons needed just to run what i need all add to the baggage so i need direct plug and play with the least amount of white adapters to have to bring along.

    Being mobile is a way of life as i travel all the time and work in different places i need loads of things to be professionally mobile and every adapter is more junk to travel with.

    Some power users can not do what is needed with just on the macbook pro alone. I have to carry my UAD satellite which is lightning plus external lightning ssd drives to run all the sounds I need to access.
    The 2 TB internal drive and mag safe are very much needed I have saved my machine from damage countless times thanks to magsafe and the additional terabyte inside my laptop will help pack more inside my laptop but only if i can keep my ssd card slot which holds an additional 128GB so losing that just compensates against a bigger internal ssd which will no doubt cost as much as the machine?.

    I’m hoping the speed bump is significant also as my laptop can cope but it runs very hot when I’m tracking the maximum amount of tracks with many plugins running. I feel Apple are hitting the ceiling that is possible for such a small machine but losing ports or having to carry multiple adapters for the sake of design is not about making a Pro machine its more a compromise machine for someone who uses photoshop. A pro machine need to be super fast and with as many ports as possible no adapters then its truly portable in one unit without a clutter of adapters that once fitted make it un movable and a monster of cables and potential issues.

  5. Quote an analyst when it suits your mood. Criticize when it doesn’t.

    Besides, if you look at Apple stock prices, you would realize that investor guidance is nonsense anyway. The stock will move in relation to the market.

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