More than 1 million fools are still using Samsung’s potentially explosive Note 7

“The Galaxy Note 7 has harmed people and caused tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to users’ property. It burned furniture, floors, cars and even a house,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“The phone has officially been recalled and discontinued, with Samsung warning all owners that they should power down the device immediately and return it to a local retailer at once,” Epstein reports. “There has never been a more serious problem with a smartphone in the history of the industry, and yet many people refuse to turn in their handsets and insist on putting themselves and those around them at risk.”

Epstein reports, “More than 1 million people have yet to return their potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7 phones, according to [Korea JoongAng Daily]’s sources.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Now, to be fair, this is only because Android users simply aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack. They populate the left side of the bell curve and therefore should be expected to frequently make poor decisions and arrive at faulty conclusions.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Applepostle” for the heads up.]


  1. Self will run riot mixed with stupidity. The goverment should direct all prividers to deny any and all service to these phones. The have the tech to sort it out. Now is the time to use it for the common good. Make the phones useless and most of the anti-vaxxer Samsung users will heed the madate.

  2. I know people who buy a very crappy car that even directly form the dealer, is entering the shop every few months for a repair or stops working during a travel or in a hot day. Even with all those problems, they still buying the same brand every time. It is the same with some 1diots and their android devices, they are in love with the company that treats them like crap, Stockholm syndrome??

  3. And alot of Android / Samsung customers (not the Note 7 keepers) a perfectly fine and intelligent folks who just don’t follow the technologies rabidly like the fanboys and enthusiasts on this and other tech sites (Apple or Samsung or Sony fanboys etc.). A lot of people prefer Android, I know people who got fed up with iPhones and switched to Samsung or other Android and they honestly think Android is better and ahead of Apple’s OS, BASED ON THEIR EXPERIENCE AND PREFERENCE, not relying on MDN style propaganda who reducing them to being idiots because if the phone they prefer.

    1. I agree with you to an extent about broadbrushing ALL Android OS users as idiots. Where I depart on your opinion is about these Note 7 users though. The idea that these people still want to keep a phone that MAY potentially be a health and physical hazard to them and people around them is idiotic. This after a recall and instruction by Samsung to return the phones to the carrier.

  4. Samsung should employ Apple style nag-ware, broadcast messages to Note 7 owners that their phone is a risk and might explode etc. Maybe that would get their attention.

  5. How many of these 1 million deplorables will be on the receiving end of vigilante justice? Will it be acceptable for people to protect their friends and family if one of these bomb phones comes near their sphere? These situations could be just as contentious as when Google Glass users wore their devices in bars.

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