Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts on turning stores into town squares

“Apple’s retail chief Angela Ahrendts has spent the past two years revamping the technology company’s retail stores, where it sells iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Watches,” Leena Rao reports for Fortune. “That’s no small business—there are nearly 500 Apple stores worldwide, and retail sales are responsible for some 18% of the company’s $233.7 billion in sales, amounting to $42 billion in yearly revenue.”

“But Ahrendts views the company’s newly redesigned retail outlets not just as stores, but as the company’s next big products, she explained at the Fortune Most Powerful Women conference in Laguna Niguel on Monday night, in her first interview about Apple’s retail redesign,” Rao reports. “In fact, she and Apple view their stores as potential town squares within each of the cities they reside.”

“‘The store is now the biggest product we produce and we have five new features [for iPhones and iPads]. Accessories are avenues, and the huge digital screen in each store is the forum,’ Ahrendts said,” Rao reports. “By the end of this year, 95 stores will be fully redesigned with this vision…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Ahrendts back in September 2015:

Cook’s best hire to date. Plus, if he, God forbid, ever got hit by a bus, she could slide right into the CEO position. Of that, we have no doubt. Ahrendts’ track record is stellar. Having two world-class CEOs in the executive suite should give Apple shareholders a strong sense of security. Just as Jobs had Cook, Cook has Ahrendts.

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  1. Well, if you don’t have many new products to sell, then it makes sense to turn your stores into public meeting places.

    Or, Apple, you could actually give us a reason to visit your shops. Sheesh….

    1. Rumor has it you have to have at least three tats to get hired at the Apple Store these days, but they will waive the requirement if you have at least 7 piercings, a ponytail (men) or a hair bun (men). You must also be completely clueless about anything to do with the Macintosh.

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