References to ‘Apple Watch Victory’ model spotted on Apple’s website

“When a few 9to5Mac readers noticed references to ‘Apple Watch Victory’ on Apple’s website today, which seemed to hint at a previously unknown Apple Watch model, we were obviously intrigued,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. “Is Apple Watch Victory indeed an upcoming Apple Watch model, or something else?”

“One possibility is that Apple Watch Victory is an early name considered for the recent Apple Watch Series 2 refresh and was simply on some webpages as a placeholder that someone forgot to remove,” Kahn reports. “More specifically, it looks like it might have been an early name considered for the new Apple Watch Nike+ model.”

“After some digging, it seems Apple’s website for some countries lists the ‘Apple Watch Nike+’ model in place of where the ‘Nike Watch Victory’ name appears for others,” Kahn reports. “The ‘Victory’ name also of course aligns nicely with Nike’s branding, with Nike being the goddess of Victory…”

Apple Watch Nike+
Apple Watch Nike+

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MacDailyNews Take: Our “victory” will be when we finally get our Apple Watch Nike+ orders to replace our original Apple Watch “Series 0” units. Our Apple Watch Nike+ orders are currently slated for delivery on October 28th!

Apple and Nike launch the perfect running partner, Apple Watch Nike+ – September 7, 2016

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