Ireland to get significant financial boost as Apple shifts assets to Irish shores

“Apple have plans to move $9 billion worth of assets to Cork in a move which will have significant benefit to the Irish Revenue,” Alan Loughnane reports for

“According to Jack Horgan-Jones in The Sunday Business Post [paywall], Apple have decided to move all of the intellectual property connected with iTunes to Holyhill, just outside of Cork city,” Loughnane reports. “The decision comes on the back of changes to the European VAT system which have ended the benefits of housing the intellectual property in Luxembourg, where it was previously held.”

Loughnane reports, “The benefits for Ireland of such a relocation would mean that the Revenue will receive tens of millions in VAT from Apple according to experts.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Tim Cook said last November that Apple was in Ireland for the long haul and expected to expand significantly in the future. Apple has become an important employer in Ireland and is also partnered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland to support research in offshore energy technology.

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    1. They did, to Irish law, not EU. That’s up to Ireland to follow, or interpret and then charge businesses & make deals accordingly. If you need to find a villain then go after Ireland. And of course if you followed the case you know it’s on appeal and true final disposition has yet to be determined. Apple pays a ton of tax, it’s just a matter how much more.

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