Check out the futuristic $17 billion Battersea Power Station project, home to Apple’s new London campus

“We learned a few weeks ago that Apple would be opening a major new UK campus inside the iconic Battersea Power Station building,” Ben Lovejoy reports for 9to5Mac. “A developer video has now given us a sneak preview of how the $17B redevelopment will look once it is complete in 2021 – and it’s pretty spectacular.”

“Apple will be leasing around 40% of the office space in the building, amounting to a total of 500,000 square feet,” Lovejoy reports. “The company will be relocating around 1,400 employees to the site in 2021, but the campus will be able to accommodate up to 3,000 staff, allowing plenty of room for future expansion.”

Lovejoy reports, “One of the chimney stacks will be turned into a viewing platform, with an elevator running up the interior of the shaft.”

Battersea Power Station project
Battersea Power Station project

More info, photos and link to video in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats again to the UK in general and to London in particular!

Now, would it be so bad to let Algie fly* above Battersea?

Pink Floyd Animals - Algie the pig

*Tethered strongly, of course. 😉

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  1. All this “stuff” about Apple. Leasing lavish space in London. Hiring 1000 people to work on a car that may end up being a Unicorn. The massive increases in R&D spending. The increases in spending on acquisitions.

    Yet the pace of actual product output has significantly slowed compared to when Jobs was there (iPhone stagnent and got thicker when Apple
    launched iPhone 6s vs iPhone 6 with no net battery gains); Apple Watch Version 2 launched some 1.5 years after the first gen, and it’s thicker than gen 1!…). And the new products are half-baked (Apple Watch, Apple TV…). We also have confused product lines (e.g., Retina based MacBook with one screen size alongside last Century screen technology MacBook Airs alongside MacBook Pro 13″s). We still don’t have Retina across the board and we’re in 2016. iPods have been left to rot (wearables are a big market, iPod could be an all-in-one wireless wearable). Mac line is way overdue…

    This is what happened to Apple under John Sculley. And he nearly bankrupt Apple.

    It is remarkable that you fanboys and MDN, who constantly contradicts itself about Tim Cook, support Cook.

    1. You got that right. The rabid, drooling fan boys will ALWAYS support Apple, no matter how incompetent they become. By almost ANY metric, Apple is a company slowing down, producing less and less.

      Just look at how utterly abandoned the Mac line is. Absolutely AMAZING that Apple has allowed the Mac to become so pathetic that even Apple web sites will NOT recommend a SINGLE Mac to buyers.

      Pathetic, but the rabid, drooling fan boys see no problems with this.

      1. True mac fan boys wait patiently until the product is ready, and are generally glad they did. Remember all the bitching and moaning about how long it was taking for the iPad to come to market?. The chipsets are the primary reason for the hold up…yes i would have like a new retina MBPro last year- but it wasnt ready. 1st world problem. Got my iPhone 7, iPad pro and a kick ass espresso maker instead. When the new MBPro is announced its gonna sell like hotcakes. Turn that frown upside down birdseed and buy some Apple stock now- you’ll be glad you did.
        Written on my iPad pro, beeyoch!

    2. In this I have to agree with much of what you say, it really does may you wonder what all those employees are doing doesn’t it. The Mac Air situation as I have stated before is a total embarrassment that just shouts confusion and delay. slow progress of other Macs is simply inexcusable.

      What infuriates me is that the dying iPod could have been totally rejuvenated, if it had only been developed as a home controller being at the the heart of home kit and an instant echo competitor (in truth the original) giving not only control at home but considerable access to controlling the home away from home too. Seriously, how much of a leap would that have taken somewhere in R&D? It is concerning that the company might be becoming monolithic in its thinking more concerned at taking a misstep than innovating on existing products let alone new ones.

      1. That’s a great idea about the iPod as a home controller. Too bad Apple isnt taking advantage of that.

        thousands of new employees, R & D centers ringing the globe, no new Macs.

  2. Yeah. Thanks for the artist’s renderings of imaginary buildings. But even with all the nifty wiggly architecture and greenery, there sits the ugly (IMHO) power plant like a dirty old albatross that fell out of the sky onto the picnic. IOW I remain unimpressed. Oh and the old smokestack with a view idea sounds as credible as a monorail. This all comes off as a lazy attempt to squeeze money out of one of the ugliest eyesore buildings to haunt the Thames river. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. You have no clue or understanding of what is going on. They are dismantling all four chimney stacks and are rebuilding them and will paint them a bright white. I have been watching since they started the work and it is a huge project…far bigger than doing all the new buildings combined but which unfortunately will hide most of the former power station.
      The building will be cleaned but of course it won’t look like new bricks but then again that would actually remove the appeal if it looked too new. Apple are very fortunate to take residency there in such a significant landmark rather than let it decay and let it go to ruin.

  3. Apple has committed billions to their Cupertino campus, but they are clearly positioning themselves more globally. Perhaps they are hedging their bets as the economic future and overall stability of the US becomes more uncertain.

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