1. Actually she is. She’s put out a statement forgiving Clinton. But that’s real news so none of the knuckle dragging Trump chuggers around here would know about that. If it’s not on Fox News, Breitbart or Alex Jones you don’t want to know about it.

        1. Dude, we’re not your Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing. It’s a public fairly well-known thing.
          The famous quote is “extraordinary assertions demand extraordinary evidence.”
          Everyday facts do not mean the person informing you needs to do more work for your lazy ass.

      1. The fact that you are able to write that without any real repercussions should speak to how good you have it currently.. and ironically, showing you are seemingly unaware of how that type of talk would be treated if it were by a Russian against Putin.

    1. Based on your eloquently phrased support for Mr. Trump, I’m thinking that maybe ONLY women should vote. Your IQ (or lack of) and single wide trailer should be grounds to remove you from the voter rolls.

  1. The rabid infusion of politics into this Mac-Centric site is ruining a useful forum for discussion. The utter hatred that comes through is simply amazing and destructive to both the value of the website and to our country. It is highly improbable that election of either candidate will result a ‘Samsung-Inspired’ conflagration of our constitution or government.

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