1. Actually she is. She’s put out a statement forgiving Clinton. But that’s real news so none of the knuckle dragging Trump chuggers around here would know about that. If it’s not on Fox News, Breitbart or Alex Jones you don’t want to know about it.

        1. Dude, we’re not your Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing. It’s a public fairly well-known thing.
          The famous quote is “extraordinary assertions demand extraordinary evidence.”
          Everyday facts do not mean the person informing you needs to do more work for your lazy ass.

      1. The fact that you are able to write that without any real repercussions should speak to how good you have it currently.. and ironically, showing you are seemingly unaware of how that type of talk would be treated if it were by a Russian against Putin.

    1. Based on your eloquently phrased support for Mr. Trump, I’m thinking that maybe ONLY women should vote. Your IQ (or lack of) and single wide trailer should be grounds to remove you from the voter rolls.

  1. The rabid infusion of politics into this Mac-Centric site is ruining a useful forum for discussion. The utter hatred that comes through is simply amazing and destructive to both the value of the website and to our country. It is highly improbable that election of either candidate will result a ‘Samsung-Inspired’ conflagration of our constitution or government.

      1. Nigel, the drunkard who resigned in July and still can’t find a person in the Independence/Infighting Party with a spine to succeed him? Yeah that’s a huge endorsement. Meanwhile even former Clinton enemies are declaring Trump is unfit for office.

        I remember when Dubya Bush proclaimed, “You may not agree with me, but at least you know where I stand.” And he surrounded himself with chicken hawks who told him where to stand. At least Bush was intelligent enough to listen to his advisors. Trump isn’t even that smart. He has no plan. Even the most right wing economists declared his proposals to be impossible and, if attempted, devastating to the USA. The bitter people who feel slighted by international trade would lose the most. Someone should tell them that if you want to stick it to the establishment, you don’t elect a game show star to elected office. You stop shopping at Walmart.

          1. Farage was kept as out of sight as possible by the Leave campaign. Gove and Johnson were the frontmen. Not Farage.

            Farage will tell you otherwise of course, because he’s a con artist.

    1. As someone who lives in the U.K., it’s understandable if you don’t know what’s going on… You might not even understand the U.S. election issues, really. Here it is in a nutshell: The United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (they do go together). These two documents are the bedrock of our society. Whichever candidate is going to uphold them, protect them and abide by them, more than the other – should be President of the United States.

      That person is clearly NOT Hillary Clinton.

      To say that a person would be ‘dumb enough’ to vote for Trump is completely opposite of the truth. A vote for Trump reveals that the voter is aware that Freedom, Liberty and the sovereignty of this nation are at stake, here. To understand this – requires rational thought, intelligent filtering through the false and misleading and a hell of a lot of research for the truth.

      This election cycle has been about the obfuscation of truth, so much so that intelligence is ‘dumb’ and treasonous behavior is considered virtuous.

      1. Donald Trump says double-digit amount of things that are obfuscations of the truth on a daily basis. He has threatened to jail his political opponent. He wants to ban people based on their religion. Without bringing up Hillary, how does any of that jive with saying he would be the one to understand the Constitution.

        1. It doesn’t. Trump is a Democrat. A shill. Trump is not necessarily always lying – it’s more like he’s a used car salesman and embellishes too much and can’t remember all of the big important words and details enough to make coherent statements during debates, press conferences, rallies and pretty much all the time.

          He doesn’t need to understand the constitution. He only needs to uphold it better than her. And he will, or he will be impeached, gone. And fast. He has little or no clout or influence in D.C. Whereas Hillary, has too much. She can do what she wants and flout the Constitution to the detriment of our nation and our children’s futures.

          1. No lie – that was a completely different response than I expected (so shame on me for assuming otherwise). I disagree that Hillary would be a detriment to your nation and the future, but that’s a whole other discussion that I would imagine neither of us would convince the other to change.

      1. What recession? The economy has rebounded steadily since the Little Shrubbery ran it off the rails. Hate Obama as much as you want, he wound down major foreign wars, kept the US safe from further attack, and provided enough liquidity to the banks to keep the economy from complete implosion. Oh, and the Affordable Healthcare Act is actually working. More Americans are healthier than ever thanks to preventative care that they previously would not seek due to lack of any insurance. I can support a candidate who wants to continue to seek reforms that make the US healthier. Trump on the other hand wants to bankrupt the US (something he does often) by slashing taxes for himself and 1% of his richest friends, and then blow billions on military excesses and Berlin Wall 2.0 projects.

        Anyone who supports Trump’s absurd proposals has been brainwashed by too much Breibart and Faux propaganda.

        Nobody is saying you have to vote for Clintin either. If consecutives had a shred of principles left, they would write in Pence for president and dump Donald. You know it’s the right thing to do.

        1. It was the collapse of the mortgage bubble (created by Democrat policies) that created the Great Recession.
          Obama hasn’t kept us safe. Muslim terrorists have killed a lot of Americans on U.S. soil and Benghazi during his watch. His whole administration pushed the Benghazi video lie after the called ISIS a “jayvee team” and they turned around and killed Americans.
          Obama has been printing money to pump up Wall Street. This creates another bubble which will probably ultimately give us the Great Depression II.
          Obama has been bankrupting us by doubling the debt with his crony capitalism.
          Anybody who believes Obama had done a good job clearly is not paying attention and has been brainwashed by the yellow journalism at the NYT and the WaPo.

  2. I am not enthused by either candidate, but to be honest and transparent, the Red arrow should be pointing Left. But honesty and transparency are traits in short supply for Hillary.

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