Under no circumstances should you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

“No one could have known back in August that the release of Samsung’s best ever smartphone would end up being the worst thing that has ever happened to the company’s smartphone business,” Zach Epstein writes for BGR.

“Under no circumstances whatsoever should you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 7,” Epstein writes. “For Samsung and for its customers, the Galaxy Note 7 has been an absolute nightmare… Yes, as we all now know, an unknown number of Note 7 handsets were equipped with faulty batteries that could explode and catch fire. The true magnitude of this safety threat was realized when exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones caused personal injuries and car fires. One exploding Note 7 even ended up burning down its owner’s house. But the worst was yet to come.”

“The unthinkable happened: a ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 that had been issued to a customer as a replacement phone exploded and caught fire. On an airplane,” Epstein writes. “Consumers cannot and should not be confident that Samsung’s replacement Note 7 handsets are safe. So, until Samsung and the CPSC complete their investigations, do not purchase a Galaxy Note 7.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Under no circumstances should you buy a Samsung. FTFY.

That goes for washing machines, too.

Jet plane full of Apple iPhone users (left) and a jet full of Samsung Android phone users (right)
Jet plane full of Apple iPhone users (left) and a jet full of Samsung Android phone users (right)
(parody juxtaposition)

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  1. Lady Karma please be merciful and let these Samsung phones explode at a Crooked Hillary convention. After she lied about putting the Akaka Bill into effect, she does not the forgiveness of the Hawaiian people. Please spare no mercy onto our enemies.

  2. Have read technical articles that point to poor battery control software, largely due to fragmented, outsourced engineering and short cut quality control… i.e. not just faulty manufacturing, a serious design flaw which has been accumulating and reached a serious threshold. Apple avoids this issue with complete, consistent design/engineering integration and world class QC throughout the pipeline.

  3. I don’t think it’s the batteries. I think it is there crummy quick charge that is putting to much power at one time into those batteries and making them so hot they catch fire. The fires are always started while the phone is charging. They have a bigger problem then just there batteries.

    1. Guestimating from the OFF replacement Note 7 that blew and caught fire: Putting the thing into one’s pocket is sufficient to trigger the malady. That points to both crap batteries AND crap device engineering. Apparently, Samsung has solved neither.

      So have a party. 💥🔥💀👼

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