Google’s slow, shaky, underpowered, overpriced Pixel XL cannot compete with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

“Google’s latest effort to show off its vision for ‘Pure Android’ hardware costs the same as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus but is half as fast, lacks Optical Image Stabilization, a telephoto lens, weather resistance, support for wide color gamut and stereo speakers,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Perhaps even more remarkably, the ‘first Phone by Google’ lacks support for SD Cards and removable batteries and lacks the extra RAM and processing power needed to run Android. ”

“In a departure from previous Nexus phones that aimed to deliver Android on a budget, Google’s HTC-built Pixel XL demands Apple’s price, starting at $769 for the 32-gigabyte version,” Dilger writes. “It offers the same 128-gigabyte option for $100 more, but lacks the largest 256-gigabyte storage tier available on iPhone 7 Plus.”

“The Pixel XL also 4 gigabytes of system RAM, vs 3 gigabytes in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. That’s an issue because Android does a far worse job at managing memory. In fact, third party testing has shown that Android software, particularly games, routinely use up four times the RAM as the same software running on iOS,” Dilger writes. “On top, Google bragged that the Pixel phones don’t have a ‘camera bump,’ as if less capable optics were an aesthetic feature.”

Tons more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: The general media’s coverage of Google’s latest “first phone by Google” seems slanted in favor of Google for some reason. Perhaps it’s because Google controls the vast majority of online advertising dollars?

When the media seems to be selling you a narrative that simply does not match the facts, follow the money.

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  1. All of Google’s new devices have two things in common: 1) None are leading edge 2) All are capable of and have only been made to collect information about the users. That is Google’s prime focus – data collection pertaining to its users. Dah!

  2. Say what you want about Daniel, but he’s always very well researched and usually correct. Very good article, and echoes my thoughts as I’ve been watching review videos and reading articles about these devices. The camera thing really bugged me too, if it’s taking worse photos and lacks features that iPhones and Galaxy cameras have how could it possibly be better unless the company is worried about its advertising space with google. The slanted coverage is also screwy as hell, and very disingenuous. Some people are even acting as if google invented the concept of mesh networking with their new router…. there are many products on the market that do that very well including apple’s airports which have been doing that since 2004 when the extension panel was put into airport utility.

  3. “When the media seems to be selling you a narrative that simply does not match the facts, follow the money.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. Watching the Google Pixel phone event, they focused on one main feature as beating the competition. They deliberately deceived the audience:

    Google pointed out the Pixel phone’s DXOMARK MOBILE camera score of 89. The presenter then stated: “That’s the highest rating ever for any smartphone!”

    Except DXOMARK MOBILE never rated the iPhone 7 Plus camera!

    And when/if they bother to, we KNOW the iPhone 7 Plus will kick the Pixel phone camera’s butt. QED.

    Deceit in marketing.

    1. Other favorite moments at the Pixel phone presentation:

      1) The resolution of the Pixel phone camera is 12.3 megapixels. That let’s them brag that they have a higher resolution than the iPhone 7 series… by 0.3 megapixels. BFD yawner. 😴

      2) Presenter: “Finally, my favorite feature, the incredible video stabilization.” Except, if you watch the very brief comparison clip, you’ll notice that image jitter is removed only from the center. At the image frame you get to watch everything still shaking. It’s poorly done, cheapskate programming. 😝

      Actually useful: Google provides Pixel owners with “Free unlimited storage for photos and videos at original quality.” Presumably that’s forever. AHEM APPLE! iCloud doesn’t do that! 😾

          1. If you knew it was never spoken, why then did you imply that Google did so, and go on to sideswipe Apple’s iCloud in comparison? Was it unattributed sarcasm? I didn’t read it that way; hence my addendum to your claim. Please clarify what you meant by ACTUALLY USEFUL.

      1. You, bigoted-Drumpf-voter, made no sense. Did you notice? Or are you regularly taken in by con-job marketing speak? Apparently so. The confidence game is one of subtlety, apparently too subtle for you.

        Google: Confidence trickster.

    2. Blah-blah-blah, you apple fanboys are a waste of humanity (android too).

      Both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+ are rivals to samsung S6 in camera department, not to samsung S7 not to mention Pixel XL, which is a bit better.

      I have crapsung S7 and I HATE this lagging piece of junk. But its camera is excellent. And the camera in IP7(+) is a disappointment: “zoom” feauture is idiotic and their longer lens focal imager has tiny sensor, i.e. its IQ is subpar.

      There was a blind test between IP7+ vs S7 (and vs IP6s) and the crapsung humiliated both iphones for photo.

      1. Branded yourself a troll with the first sentence. And you expect me to read the rest? I think you’re attempting to compare cameras. Read a review of the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Google dared not compare it to their new Pixel camera. Very telling.

        I do appreciate the competition going in smartphone cameras. If another manufacturer can kick Apple’s ass, go to it! Apple always requires competition to be at their best, just like most other businesses.

        Sadly, Apple doesn’t apparently care about competing in the PC market at this point. Note how we ‘waste of humanity’ Apple fanboys are BLASTING at Apple over their blatant negligence. That’s what Apple fanatics to. There is no koolaid.

    3. IP7+ “telephoto” is a toy. The larger sensor for WA lens is the same as on IP7. They (Apple) did wonderful job and photos taken on IP7(+) looks almost competitive with industry leaders (these are S7 and Pixel) in good light but small sensor on IP7 cannot provide high enough IQ in low light.

      1. “Toy” comments trigger ‘FAIL’ in my head thanks to it being one of the lamest comments to ever escape a troll’s back orifice. But I shall overcome and consider…

        Owning a real digital camera with a real optical zoom I can control by hand, I don’t personally care much about the dual lens on the 7 Plus. But what I hear in the professional chatter is that they love it and don’t want to be without it.

        As for the ‘industry leaders’ comment, I just have to laugh. I’m glad there’s competition in that field and I’m going to continue to point out that Apple is remarkably an ‘industry leader’ in smartphone cameras, like it or not. The pictures iPhones take are astounding. Let the competition continue.

        Regarding incident light, f-stop, aperture, sensor size… Do you use ‘IQ’ to mean image quality? I haven’t taken a look at the ‘IQ’ in low light between the various ‘industry leader’ smartphone cameras. Therefore, I can’t comment. But I personally wouldn’t bother using a mere smartphone to take images in low light if I could help it. I’d haul out my Canon for that purpose. But it’s a fine point worth considering.

  5. I’ve seen some of the reviews of the Pixel on YouTube, and they do seem to bend over backwards to praise it. If Apple made a phone that was as ugly and cobbled together looking from the back as that thing the media would crucify them.

  6. “When the media seems to be selling you a narrative that simply does not match the facts, follow the money.”

    I got an email alert from Cnet with the story headline “Google releases super phone to compete with Apple”
    When clicked on the link there was no mention of why the Pixel was a super phone, nor was there any evidence from the hands on video of what made it better than any other smartphone.

    1. Because headlines form ideas in our heads, and ossify, and never get scrubbed, and PR guys know that, and use it to control our collective minds, and we never catch on, and vote wrongly. Wonderful process, and it explains why the world is forever f**ked up.

  7. My review. Decent phones. However they are two (2x) times the price they should be. SHAME on Google for becoming greedy shysters. They sell your data AND charge top dollar now. This is treason against all of us Nexus loyalists. Also the obsession to prevent full experience with rooted devices by Google is disgusting. Next phone may be time to switch. No waterproofing, no IP67, no expandable storage, massive bezels and no removable battery. Pixel (non-XL) is just stupid price- over twice the price of the phone it replaces. Disappointed by a google which is getting more and more greedy and determined to fragment the Android OS until its so bad they are the only “game in town” with apple-priced devices? I spit on them for this….

  8. Sounds like a great toy for Android fans. Doesn’t even compare to an iPhone 5SE as far as power and camera goes. Looks like they are starting to play the Samsung lying game and make stuff up like about there camera being supposedly better then the iPhone. Wishful thinking Google.

  9. I agree on pixel being overpriced underperformed (except camera) piece of hardware, but lacking support for wide color gamut?

    Is he serious? AMOLED destroys any legacy LCD tech in gamut coverage, no matter IPS, MVA, TN, etc.

  10. I was considering an iPhone 7 over the pixel tbh, but I work as a Quality Assurance lead at one of the foremost Testing houses in the UK. When it comes to mobile devices we have EVERYTHING and often before it hits the market.

    After a few weeks of using the standard size iPhone 7 and Pixel devices side by side to test apps from a host of developers I couldn’t resist any longer and got myself the Pixel.

    TBH, the device is over priced (just like the iPhone, although it certainly seems more so as very few manufacturers charge the kind of premiums apple do so the market just isn’t used to it) but I find this article very misleading, the pixel actually has better image stabilisation because its software stabilisation is literally the best on the market and everything is very fast and responsive. You have to remember that apple gives the OS 100% of its available resources when you touch the screen, where as to conserve battery most Android devices (Pixel included) only power the cpu as much as it thinks it needs to. This leads to a rather fake impression that apple OS is better when actually it is draining your battery a significant amount more. As for the apps, apple will always be king for that because of stricter submission guidelines for their store and better testing (this is why there is a market place for things like the Amazon store on Android). This convinces developers to put more work into their iOS builds vs android builds. It isn’t the OS or the device, it is actually the application developers optimising more for iOS devices. The only thing which will ever turn that around is if google do an apple like store separate from their less exclusive store. Plus side though is massive range of applications by comparison (although less tech savy people will get lost in there a lot easier and download less good apps).

    Lets be honest though… the iPhone 7 not worth the upgrade from the 6 even slightly and that probably has a lot to do with it being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone next year (you know they must be holding all the big improvements back for that). Conversely, the Pixel is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Android devices, pretty much the only good competition is the the Samsung S7 Edge and in most ways the pixel beats it.

    Must say I am disgusted by how misinforming and biased the article above is. The writer needs to learn his facts and be real about stuff instead of fangirling over apple products all the time. But alas, this is MACdailynews, anyone visiting a site whose bias is in the URL should expect badly informed articles such as this.

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