Quark releases macOS Sierra Update for QuarkXPress 2016

Quark Software Inc. released today the October Update for QuarkXPress 2016. With the new update, QuarkXPress 2016 now officially supports the new OS version 10.12 (Sierra), released by Apple on September 20th. In addition to supporting macOS Sierra, the new update to QuarkXPress addresses additional known issues.
The update is for both Mac and Windows versions of QuarkXPress 2016 and free for all current QuarkXPress 2016 users. It can be downloaded using the built-in Auto Updater in QuarkXPress or downloaded here: http://www.quark.com/Support/Downloads/.

QuarkXPress 2015 will also run on the macOS Sierra and users will have access to customer support. Users should check for known issues on Sierra before using QuarkXPress 2015 on Sierra.

Attention QuarkXPress Users on Versions 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
Please note that due to the extensive changes in the OS X 10.1x releases, Quark does not provide support for versions of QuarkXPress prior to QuarkXPress 2015. QuarkXPress 3-10 users who plan to migrate to El Capitan or Sierra should upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 prior to migrating their OS X.

Special QuarkXPress 2016 Bundle Offer – Customers Save More than $290
Quark is offering the new Productivity Bundle which saves customers more than $290* when upgrading to QuarkXPress 2016. The limited-time bundle offer allows users with any** version of QuarkXPress – even versions 3 through 10 – who upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 to receive a set of powerful productivity tools worth more than $290 for FREE. The bundle includes:

• IDML Import XT (worth $69.99 – Mac only): Import and edit InDesign IDML files with QuarkXPress
• JoLetter Mail and Merge XT (worth $129.00 – Mac/Win): Create mailings and personalized layouts in QuarkXPress from external databases
• PDF Importer XT PRO (worth $19.99 – Mac/Win): Automatically import and convert PDFs to multi-page QuarkXPress layouts with native QuarkXPress objects
• PortraitPro 12 Standard (worth $79.90 – Mac/Win): Retouch portrait photos in minutes

The Productivity Bundle is available until October 31, 2016 with every new full version ($849*) or upgrade ($179* from version 2015; $349* from versions 3-10) to QuarkXPress 2016. To find out more or to purchase please visit: http://content.quark.com/productivity-bundle-us.html.

To upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016, contact Quark Telesales, visit the Quark eStore, or contact an Authorized Reseller.

Note for Existing QuarkXPress 2016 Users
Though the bundle is designed for new purchases and upgrades of QuarkXPress 2016, from the start of the promotion through October 31 the bundle is also available to customers who have already purchased QuarkXPress 2016. As recognition of their continued commitment to QuarkXPress, existing QuarkXPress 2016 users can order the additional software bundle for a handling fee of $49*. For more information please call our telesales team 1.800.676.4575 – option 3 (registered QuarkXPress 2016 serial number(s) required).

*All prices not including tax.
** Education and non-profit licenses are excluded from this offer

Source: Quark Software Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: For Quark’s Mac users. All three of them.

Quark got what Quark deserved.

Ignoring – or worse, dissing – the Mac, especially when you’re a maker of publishing software, no less, is suicide.

We are Mac users. We never forget and – call us crazy – when all is said and done, we will be the last ones standing. Take that to the bank. — MacDailyNews, January 22, 2014

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  1. I agree Quark effed up when they dissed the Mac. On the other hand, Adobe InDesign (revamped Pagemaker) is now a subscription services only so eff them too. Not paying Adobe perpetually. I rather buy Quark than do that.

    Some grudges aren’t worth it.
    Quark not so much.

    Samsung & Google betraying and ripping off a sick and dying man, stressing him out in the last months of his life….

  2. I was an avid Quark user until they refused to update for OS X. I jumped to InDesign, which was not completely “smooth” at the time, and never regretted the change.

    The Adobe subscription package is the best quality/value out there. Amazing software, rock-solid, and as professional as you can get, for only $50/month. I used to spend more than that, annually, on Adobe upgrades.

    If you hate Adobe products, I suspect you don’t use Adobe products.

    1. The same with Adobe Creative Cloud; for only $10 a month I have Photoshop and Lightroom with upgrades, and I consider that a real bargain. Sometimes people here get carried away with the hate.

    2. I have to agree. The Creative Suite was never a cheap update, and you only got a 5 or 6 applications with it. $50/mo is not inexpensive, but Creative Cloud provides almost all Adobe applications for the one price and you can run two seats for that, which helps. It’s actually a good value for me, who heavily uses Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Bridge, Lightroom, and many of the other apps more lightly.

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