What Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could learn from Apple CEO Tim Cook

“Donald Trump never asked the chief executive of Apple for leadership advice,” Emily Peck writes for The Huffington Post. “Still, Tim Cook could certainly teach the Republican presidential nominee about the art of the apology, telling The Washington Post in an interview published over the weekend that it is important for a leader to admit mistakes and move on. ‘The classic big-company mistake is to not admit their mistake. They double down on them,’ Cook said. ‘Their pride or ego is so large that they can’t say we did something wrong. And I think the faster you do that, the better — change gears to something else.'”

Peck writes, “Cook wasn’t asked about Trump, but it doesn’t take much deep analysis to find the parallels here.”

“Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has also been criticized for taking too long to own her mistakes: not apologizing for her vote to approve the invasion of Iraq until 2014, for example. She also was called out for waiting too long to admit that her private email server was a mistake ― and then for diminishing that decision,” Peck writes. “Of course, CEOs are operating in a different world than politicians, who are beholden to the more fluid meter of public opinion. An apology could be construed as a sign of weakness. In the business world, that sign could well be eclipsed by bottom line financial results.”

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    1. Perhaps not. Perhaps you’re just a little anonymous coward rat with nothing better to do all day but HATE on Apple and Cook.

      I do so enjoy pointing out that you’re nothing more than a vulture wearing a mask. Please reply so I can HATE you back some more, ‘Joe’.

            1. Geez, you’re such an insensitive little twit. And a Trump supporter too. Kind of like the oozy stuff from an ear infection.

              Trump, his ideas, and neocons are losing badly. It turns out that nobody really subscribes to your point of view. Your neocon ideas are in shambles and your followers are all assholes.

      1. And again, exactly whom do you deem worthy to run the company? Pulling someone with an already high profile is a bad move, they’ll do whatever they always do wherever they’ve been. So then, who?

    1. Allow me a clarification: I was referring to the two presidential candidates “walking on water” and NOT practicing the art of the apology after many clear blunders.

      Certainly, not making serial blunders in the first place is — preferable.

      But when you do, as with the Maps debacle, the art of the apology is the correct course.

      My biggest concern with Apple under Cook is serially releasing too many half-baked products and buggy releases that I don’t recall happening with Steve in a compressed couple years …

  1. What Apple (and Tim Cook) could learn from Donald Trump is the art of monopolizing media attention. Remember when Apple had all the tech headlines during CES week, and Apple wasn’t even at CES (at least not officially). Steve Jobs was very good at keeping Apple in the media’s spotlight, sometimes for a “bad” reason which he often manipulated into a positive. Tim Cook’s Apple is efficient and competent, but less interesting.

    Good or bad, Donald Trump is ALWAYS interesting…

  2. DJ is always interesting in the same way that trainwrecks are interesting. He may be a good businessman, but politicians are to be critiqued on a different level. For business, it’s profit and loss; for public service, it’s justice and peace. They aren’t (or shouldn’t be) for sale. Liberty and justice for all!!!

    1. Unless your name is Crooked Hillary. Haven’t you heard… She’s above the law and always for sale.

      The ones who owe an apology are the RINO’s and every person who voted for Obama, our wonderful Race-Baiter-in-Chief.

    2. Yes, Trump is always interesting, and I see many people anxiously looking at the morning news for the next controversial thing Trump had said the day before.

      I think the most interesting thing will be his concession speech. I am truly curious to hear what that is going to look like… Under normal circumstances, the losing candidate gracefully congratulates the winner and then tries to (re)build the bridge, calling for country unity and for support for the new president. I can’t imagine Trump bringing himself to saying anything that even remotely implies that he did anything other than win.

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