Apple employee No. 3 Mike Markkula puts vast estate on the market for $45 million

“One of Apple Inc.’s co-founders, Mike Markkula, has put his vast Rana Creek Ranch property in the Carmel Valley on the market for a staggering $45 million,” Kevin Truong reports for The San Francisco Business Times. “Markkula was was an angel investor in Apple vital to the company’s early development and also served as Apple’s second CEO.”

“To be sure, buyers would be getting a lot of bang for their buck,” Truong reports. “Rana Creek is the single largest private landholding in the Carmel Valley, making up 14,000 acres and split up into 12 legal parcels. Originally a 19th century Spanish Land Grant, the property includes residences for the owner, manager, guests and staff, along with facilities for agriculture and horse riding as well as amenities like a private air strip and private lake. The ranch also has currently has roughly 300 head of cattle being raised and reared on the property.”

“Markkula told The Wall Street Journal that he originally paid $8 million for Rana Creek back in 1982 and tried to maintain it as a private quiet retirement home for him and his family,” Truong reports. “After 35 years of ownership, Markkula said that he felt that it was time to move on.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Here’s the listing for those interested:

35351 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924
MLS# 81593357, $45,000,000, 6 BED, 6 FULL & 2 HALF BATH, 14,000 ACRE LOT

Apple alumni and how they went on to change the world – October 4, 2012


    1. I think you miss the point…no one can afford to retire in CA, you work there pay your house off then sell and retire to a state with reasonable tax laws and affordable housing. So I guess only the Illegals will remain 🙂

      1. I don’t think there is an outright stampede of ALL rich leaving California, but a top tax rate (federal plus state) of 52.9% in that state is certainly contributing to some departures. In Cailfornia last year there 67 homes purchased that cost over one million dollars; in Nevada last year there were 135 purchased at a selling price of more than one million dollars. Consider the vast discrepancy in the populations of those two states. Hmmm.

        1. 67 homes in all of California that cost over a million dollars? There are *neighborhoods* in San Francisco that have more sales than that. The home sale statistics you gave are not in that article.
          Here’s an example of what $1M buys you in San Francisco:,-122.151146,37.567167,-122.740288_rect/10_zm/?3col=true And check out that awesome back yard and stains in the basement ceiling.

        2. I have know idea where you got that only 67 homes over one million dollars were purchased in all of California.
          I live in Santa Barbara, last year in the FIRST QUARTER ALONE almost 400 homes were sold at an average of over one million dollars.
          This year in just the first 6 months 45 homes were purchased for 4-8 million each!

        3. That article is from over 3 years ago and is about a few pro golfers leaving Ca? I live in the SF Bay Area. Ask anyone living here, any janitor, anyone working a fast food drive-thru window, if they believe only 67 houses were sold in all of Ca that cost a million bucks, and everyone would A) laugh and B) look at you like you are a recently defrosted Dr. Evil asking for “a million dollars”…. obviously you aren’t from around here.

          1. I have lived here for only a little over a year and I already realise that those who don’t live here have little appreciation for California and joke about it in a mean spirit, as if it were a foreign country of fruits and nuts, of deadbeats that live for free on welfare, of unworthy dot-com billionaires who live like kings, of left-wing lawmakers who tax corporations into the ground and hound them out of the State. But I’m originally from back east, where corruption was invented — and stereotypes were originally perfected. I like it better here. Still, I’m starting to think Montana might be even better…less of a political attack vector. Mars would be ideal—no people at all.

    1. I think only John Fogerty might be interested in going there, though. Well, in the 80s anyway!

      If I had my way
      I’d shuffle off to Buffalo
      Sit by the lake
      And watch the world go by

      Ladies in the sun
      Listenin’ to the radio
      Like flowers on the sand
      A rainbow in my mind

      Hey let’s go
      All over the world
      Rock and roll girls
      Rock and roll girls

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