macOS Sierra: How to use Apple Watch to unlock your Mac

“Apple’s ecosystem of devices has always worked really well together, and macOS Sierra doesn’t buck that trend,” Luke Dormehl reports for Cult of Mac. “In fact, the upcoming operating system lets Apple Watch owners automatically unlock their Macs using the wearable device — no lengthy password needed.”

Dormehl reports, “It’s a small, but incredibly useful, new feature that rewards Mac owners who have taken the dive and invested in an Apple Watch.”

“After these instructions are followed, whenever you wake your Mac up while wearing your Apple Watch it will automatically unlock,” Dormehl reports. “Hey presto: No more passwords!”

Easy instructions in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: On paper, it seems insignificant, but in action it’s actually quite powerful to unlock your Mac automatically just by wearing your Apple Watch!

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  1. I use the Knock App to unlock my Mac with my watch. But it doesn’t work 100% of the time due to Bluetooth connectivity issues every now and then. I hope this solution has a better success rate.

    1. It definitely will because it’s integrated into both systems. It should work as well as your iPhone unlocking your Apple Watch, which is to say, quite well indeed.

      1. If only it were that simple. I have a 2015 iMac and a 2015 Macbook. When turning on Airdrop on both computers, the Macbook NEVER sees the iMac, while the iMac sees the Macbook maybe 50% of the time. Nothing I have tried (and I tried extensively) works to fix this.

        1. That’s much different. In that scenario it’s Mac -> Network -> Mac.

          With unlock it’s iPhone -> Watch or now Watch-> Mac… and all working over Bluetooth only.

  2. I use this from my iPhone to 10.11 Mac. Note….I had to recompile it using xcode to get it to run under 10.11.

    I asked Apple to natively support this in iOS and OS X a couple of years ago! Glad to see it come to be, but it’s for the Apple Watch!! Not iOS!… Don’t have an Apple Watch yet, waiting for version 2!

  3. yeah maybe Apple Watch thingy is sort nerdy interesting

    BUT some of us are more concerned with the disaster in the Mac Pro and headless Mac line.

    I’ve shown before a six year old 2010 cheese grater mac with upgraded video can be near 3 Times faster in GPU than a current top of the line D700 cylinder Mac costing over $4500 (that’s 3 TIMES not 30%… ). This is absurd. That’s your flagship Mac. PC and tech blogs are laughing or shaking their heads.

    the Mac Mini has been neutered and not updated for ages and the Mid Tower between the Mini and Pro that many have clamoured for is ignored (Mid tower PCs outsell all in ones like iMacs).

    get your PRIORITIES right Apple on Mac.

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