Apple: Is a surprise coming?

“When it comes to the stock market, we always hear about stocks being forward looking,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “That is, if a company is expected to do well in the future, its shares should as well. When it comes to Apple, results are down in the current fiscal year as its three main product lines have hit a speed bump. However, there is one item many are not talking about, and it could change investors’ view for the next year.”

“What am I talking about? Well, I’m simply talking the 2016 calendar,” Maurer writes. “Apple’s current quarter, fiscal Q4 of 2016, ends on September 24th, the last Saturday in September. The way the rest of the year falls, December 31st is a Saturday, meaning Apple’s fiscal Q1 2017 should be a 14-week quarter, as opposed to a normal 13-week one.”

“I contacted Apple investor relations last week to confirm this, but have not received a reply yet. If it turns out that fiscal Q1 will be 14 weeks long, then it is quite possible that we will see a return to revenue growth in this year’s holiday period,” Maurer writes. “Apple averaged almost $6 billion per week in total revenues. Even if we say this extra week would be a lighter sales week, say 75% of the average, you are still talking about $4.4 billion in weekly sales. That extra week could account for another million iPad sales, 4 million or so iPhone sales, etc.”

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  1. We’ll see a “return” to revenue growth if they’d release some new Macs dammit! I’m “surprised” that someone isn’t getting fired over the fact that there are no new Macbook Pros for the back to school crowd. That seems like a crazy miss.

    1. Spot on Tom – moron TC and company will save all product(s) announcements for a single month – unlike of course what the brilliant SJ used to do – release a new iteration every 4 months or so to maintain a level of interest and timing of the season.

    2. This happened just three years ago when Haswell MacBook Pros were late for back-to-school season. Now, it is happening again.

      Tim Cook doesn’t even learn from his mistakes.

  2. I just realized something… (Hey, get enough coffee into me and at least two brain cells will fire!)

    MDN has been posting many more Apple financials related articles (and MDN’s comments focusing on Apple’s financials) for the past several years. MDN used to post many more Apple product and services articles and articles about other companies providing products and services to the Apple user community.

    Seems to me that this coincided (or nearly so) with Apple’s shift to focusing more on the company’s financials and on taking care of Apple the company rather than focusing on making great products and services for their users.

    If MDN’s is right in its attitude, then — dare I say it? — it may be the slow decline into another dark age for Apple. I hope not, but I’m a bit concerned.

    1. Unfortunately, when you have the most widely held stock on the planet with the highest market cap, focusing on the financials is not really a choice. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, AAPLs market cap was $2.3 billion. You can get away with an “I don’t care about shareholders” attitude with a company that size. You can’t when your stock is part of everyone’s 401k or pension.

  3. Maurer neglects to mention that the nearly 6 million unit sell through rate is the average of the past two years, and fails to address the bulk of iPhone owners (4″).

    Apple now has the iPhone SE that is addressing that segment of the iPhone base that has not upgraded to the large format iPhones. During 2015 Apple sold 30 million 4″ iPhones. That equals 13% of total unit sales. Cantor Worldwide research indicates that the iPhone SE now accounts for 25% of iPhone unit sales So, in addition to an extra week of iPhone 7 sales, Apple is going to enjoy a significant increase in 4″ iPhone sales. The combination of the two growth factors will generate, at minimum, 87 Million iPhones during the December quarter. I am modeling 91 Million iPhones during that period.

  4. It’s meaningless. No matter how you spin it, there are only 52 weeks in a year and any alteration of reporting periods due to quirks in the calendar will be accounted for. Add a week to this quarter? Lose it from the next quarter.

    Only a bunch of moronic clowns would actually think this would make a difference and affect the stock price.

    1. My understanding of it is that the stock price is affected variously by economic trends and rumours which are independent from the calendar but are nevertheless factored into the price by the emotional responses of traders and investors, who are the moronic clowns you referenced.

  5. I see the Surface Pro 4 ad running at the top of this page. Either MS paid MDN an exorbitant amount of money for that or MDN is selling out on us. I prefer the former…stick it to them MDN, make them pay big bucks.

    1. There are other possibilities. Perhaps MDN is just too lazy/greedy to screen ad companies that they use. For all the bluster about Apple security & privacy superiority, MDN’s site shows nothing but disrespect to user info. And they still don’t offer comment editing. You are the product.

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